Kristin Cavallari #doitlive w/ @UncommonJames #summer & #uncommonbeauty #skincare ~ @KristinCav #uncommonjames #kristincavallari

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Great Summer, Great Skin

Kristin Cavallari went live today to go more into detail about her new Uncommon James Summer 2021 Exploration collection that had it first drop today also, inspired by all the destinations we encounter during our summer travels, as well as shedding Winter for Summer canvas, Kristin was up close and personal with heart pendant necklaces, dainty pieces, rings, and bracelets that spell Summer with just a glance.

Kristin also gave a sneak peek of her new Uncommon Beauty Skincare line due out May 13, 2021, Uncommon Beauty are skin products formulated for all ages, it hydrates your skin and fills your skin with key vitamins like Vitamin C to keep your skin healthy, plus your skin is free of harsh chemicals from conventional skin products that can age you over time.

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