‘Days Of Our Lives’ not yet renewed, now is there a future on @PeacockTV ? #DAYS @nbcdays @TVLine

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On Wednesday, TV Line reported that NBC’s “Days Of Our Lives” has stopped production after wrapping up episodes of its 56th season on-the-air, now there’s doubt about “Days” future as the long-running NBC soap opera has not yet been renewed for a 57th season, but sources say talks are on-going, and writers are hard at work for another potential season.

As many veteran cast members have exited the serial, it’s evident that production costs are being cut, and the COVID19 pandemic stopping production in 2020 for several months not helping as the TV industry suffers insurmountable ad revenue losses, Daniel plus Lauren wonders now if the soap opera even has a future on any platform, and if it does, then Peacock TV may be the gateway for the rest of the casts who are cost-efficient for a streaming platform.

Daniel plus Lauren went into great detail from NBC’s standpoint back in November 2019 with possible scenarios on how to make “Days Of Our Lives” on Peacock TV work as there are still a substantial amount of viewers watching “Days” on TV that can watch on Peacock TV, plus “Days” is still a pop culture reference to use when needed, like Daniel plus Lauren did with “A Sketch Of New York” in March 2019.

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