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Advice For Success

Fashion Mingle supplied would be entrepreneurs today with valuable aspects in their Mingle Mastermind Sessions about becoming a fashion consultant, understanding what you can do for your client and their path to success in “How To Create A Consulting Business”.

When a retail store, a designer brand, or even a small business is in need of consultation for long term and even short term success, they can do 2 things, spend more money by hiring additional people that specialize in the areas their company needs a boost in, or hire a consulting firm at an hourly rate, and an overall contract package that covers all areas needed to meet goals with an action plan.

As a client, you must start the first consultation meeting with no fear about what you want to do, and the goals you desire to meet in the end, do not let the consultant read into your fear and steer the first meeting into another direction that leads to unexpected outcomes later on that don’t meet your needs.

As a consultant, it is very important you listen to your client’s goals, where they want to be short and long term, find something in common by sharing an interest or story you both have about your personal lives, all it takes is a very important meeting over coffee and breakfast, or even a glass of wine at the bar, but remember to not to put out the how or details, but get the what, and goal.

On both ends for client and consultant, please lay out every detail that must be met, needs, the how of the job, any odds and ends that may come up, but importantly a plan B, a backup plan of action if the first plan doesn’t pan out for whatever reason, plus factor in money for people you hire in the consulting work you do, as well as backups for models or show workers that may fall through.

But one thing to remember that you should not do in the very first meeting until later meetings before the consultant signs to do the job, do not close.

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