Lauren Conrad chats with @graymalin about his new #photography book ~ @LaurenConrad #graymalin #laurenconrad

Courtesy: Gray Malin

Capturing The Soul

Lauren Conrad sat down with her good friend, Gray Malin, tonight to talk about his self-titled new book on his virtual book tour on Zoom devoted to the images Gray captured in his last 10 years as an aerial photographer.

Gray experiences life from a whole another perspective when flying right from the air in a door less helicopter so his camera can capture the beautiful shots of major cities, landmarks, oceans, and icy parts of the world from the air where shooting from the ground does not tell the same story.

Like with any passion you get into, you do it initially to experience the excitement of what you’ve studied and been crazy about all your life, and you take your earrings and put it into the next adventure, then you also capture not just for you, but for the good of others, and turn it into a good cause, which Lauren and Gray agree upon with their ventures, Lauren channels that giving back energy into The Little Market.

You may go to all the greatest destinations in the world and have a favorite amongst many favorites, but Lauren and Gray conclude that their favorite spot in the world is right in their own backyard, like Gray with Lake Michigan, or Lauren with her beach in Laguna, “Gray Malin” the book is out now.

Courtesy: Gray Malin

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