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Be Seen

Fashion Mingle continues today its quest for would be entrepreneurs to raise awareness, attract attention, and increase sales for your retail, clothing line, or any fashion business you currently have, having full court press on your brand is a big booster to your bottom line, but it must be done right, and at the right time, it’s part of the “Fashion Marketing Survival Guide: Tricks For Getting Featured In The Press”.

When your retailer or designer brand is in need of media attention, your first instinct is alerting assignment desks and editors at media outlets of what you have planned, but don’t reach out in a general fashion, you have to reach out to specific Editors who only write about what your business is, and it cannot be general, or even trendy, it has to be different, what sets you apart from every other fashion brand out there.

The biggest aspect you must keep an eye on is timing, focus on the news cycle coming up such as New York Fashion Week or the return of Broadway in New York City, most Editors don’t look at press releases unless something new and exciting is taking place with your business, most editors don’t look at your email to them if you spell their name wrong, they take it personally and ignore you.

You also must be careful about who you send press releases to, you’ll end up getting press from media outlets that are not right for your event, and may write something negative about you, so it’s always best to curate your press release and coverage to those who get what you’re trying to do, and do not send hi res images to editors because they won’t be able to open them, they’ll ignore it, just send low res and nothing higher.

Two things to also keep in mind when sending press releases out to media outlets, one is you do have the option of creating an evergreen piece with a topic such as sustainability, showcasing how your approach to sustainability sets itself apart from other evergreens, two is make sure you alert the media about something new you’re doing with your brand, how’s it different from other brands this news cycle of annual and seasonal events.

And there’s a third, it may seem odd, but it’s common in fashion, never send a press release out accessories with your brand, there’s no total depth to accessories unless attached with clothing collection, Editors won’t look at it.

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