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A Wonderful Representation

The Wrap submitted the latest review today of upcoming movie, “In The Heights”, much in the like-minded fashion of “Crazy Rich Asians”, directed by Jon M. Chu, who also directed “In The Heights”, this movie musical puts Latinos in the utmost and best positive light possible, no misses on the realism of the Latino community, and certainly no negativity.

Not only are there wonderful dance numbers and poignant moments of everyday issues that Latinos face everyday with the chase of a dream that make the struggle worth while, but no stone is left unturned when filming “In The Heights” in terms of taking Broadway to the silver screen.

“In The Heights” is just 3 weeks away from being released in movie theaters and on HBO Max, so it’s sure to leave a pop culture impact once audiences go out and see it, plus it’s the only theatrical release on that weekend, so there’s plenty of room (along with more than a year’s worth of time promoted) for “In The Heights” to succeed, even if competition was in place, it’s sure to leave an impact.

Daniel Quintanilla

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