Amanda Kloots conquers ‘AK Rope’ @equinox #fitness class at #EQXInTheWild @_HudsonYardsNYC ~ #nyc #liveyourlife #hellohudsonyards #itsnotfitnessitslife

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The Mission Has Begun

Amanda Kloots executed the biggest feat today in her weekend in New York City, Amanda taught her AK Rope fitness jump rope class for all the press invited to cover Amanda’s class at Equinox’s In The Wild outdoor gym in New York’s Hudson Yards area on 30th Street and 10th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan.

Amanda was extremely delighted about her NYC trip for today’s Equinox class, also thanking Equinox for helping her roll out AK Rope classes in select Equinox gyms in California snd New York, plus Amanda says the energy was incredible from those who participated in Amanda’s class, and was proud of her Equinox instructors and team, promising to return soon.

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