Amanda Kloots departs New York, declaring closure after Nick Cordero dying from #COVID19 ~ #nyc #liveyourlife #broadway

Always Home

Amanda Kloots wrapped up her homecoming weekend in New York City today as Amanda was on her way to the airport for her flight back to LA, Amanda reflected on her weekend as a means of closure, some much-needed alone time to soak in memories, spend time with sister, Anna, and hold a press day class at Equinox In The Wild in Hudson Yards for Amanda’s new AK Rope fitness class taught at select Equinox’s in LA and NYC.

Amanda also stopped by the last apartment she and her late husband, Nick Cordero, lived at before eventually moving out to LA nearly 2 years ago, plus Amanda before leaving NYC today stopped by Central Park to get in precious sights near and dear to Amanda.

Daniel Quintanilla

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