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Capture Protection

Fashion Mingle kicked off Memorial Day Weekend today with its Mingle Mastermind Sessions on important information and laws you need to know about the photos you take for your brands, protecting your work from others who don’t ask for permission and claim it as their own, also the proper way to seek rights to use one’s photos for your use in this “Fashion Business Survival Guide: How To Protect Your Photography With Copyright Law”.

An X amount of dollars are spent with taking photos for your collection, your runway shows, and any other promotion your running for your business, rights and credits for the photo must be specified and noted through watermark, brand origination, and photographer origination when you use a photo.

However, when a would be entrepreneur pulls your work without your permission, then it hurts your sales in the long run as that one puller of images plasters their own brand and makes money off your brand’s work, that’s why it’s important to utilize all copyright laws to protect your work, place watermarks on your images, and take legal action against the perpetrator who pulled your work without permission, in means of cease and desist and/ or legally sue for monetary funds lost.

All too often, would be entrepreneurs pull not only images, but music, and other copyrighted art without obtaining permission from those artists and photographers, they don’t realize it until they get some type of legal notice from the creator’s attorney, it could start with thousands of dollars asked for damages, but end up being settled for pennies on the dollar as images are pulled all the time for all types of use, whether one’s aware of it or most likely not.

Even though you may know the associates you’re using the images they captured, it’s always best even on a close level to properly credit and watermark the images you have taken to promote your brand, so there’s no confusion or chance of work being lifted by outsiders, and make those working for you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement that they are not to use that brand’s image for their own use outside that brand.

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