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Avoiding Pitfalls

Fashion Mingle kicked off the month of June today with their monthly Virtual Networking Event in today’s Mingle Mastermind Session where entrepreneurs like yourself are asking questions about getting your feet wet with your business without making common mistakes along the way.

The biggest player in launching and running your business is raising awareness about your brand, but not committing copyright infringe on someone else where you find yourself in a legal battle you didn’t plan your budget on, it’s always key to get permission from those you use images, names, catchphrase, slogans, and designs from before you use it.

There’s also the opposite end where you don’t want someone else stealing your work and using it as their own without your approval, leading the business perpetrator to make money off your product, image, and intellectual properties, leading you to lose lots of money with sales and spending money on legal fees to clear this issue from the one who lifted your work, which is why copyrights, contracts, and agreements are very important for you to have on your end.

Finding your niche can be a pleasure, or a hard task depending on if there’s even a market for what you’re passionate about, and that’s before figuring out your passion, your best bet in the niche market is find something not catered to, do your research on it, see if you love it, then market via social media and Google, plus invest in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get more people to look at your work, but don’t fall into the trap of catering to everybody in all of fashion at once, it’s too big of a fish to fry.

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