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Do You Accept The Challenge?

Fashion Mingle today held its Mingle Mastermind Session to guide business owners, fashion models, employees, and entrepreneurs on all levels of their career to help guide them in the right direction, mainly today to entrepreneurs who need all the guidance and know how they can get to avoid pitfalls of being an entrepreneur in “So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur”, with special guest, Regina Kravitz, the investor of the jumpsuit that started at Studio 54.

Being an entrepreneur is tough, you’ve gotta be determined to take the grit, the grind, and the gruel as par for the course of a successful business, plus having an hour-less schedule (working all hours on your business), but in order for your brand to be noticed, and your products to be selling, you have to know first hand what your consumer base is, where there’s a need, coming up with something creative and unique, and commercializing it for the masses.

The biggest failure of any entrepreneur is offering too much at once, having no focus, only spending time on your product, not enough time on spreadsheets and budgets, too much confusion, and losing money if your costs are too high, which eventually means you’re out of business.

The biggest thing an entrepreneur must have for themselves is a cost sheet, knowing the amount of money you have to run your business will win you have the battle where from there, you can focus on what aspects of your brand can make you to most money, you also need to figure out affordable price points to get your brand to a place where not only can you produce it, but can promote it, you gotta start small with your budget so you’re able to make a profit.

The biggest means of cost-effective and free awareness for you to have as an entrepreneur is social media, plus collaborations with other brands to get your work known to your consumer base.

How you manage your time with even work on all aspects of your business is extremely vital, a fair amount of time needs to be spent on creation, business, and managing your business, and somewhere in this time management, you need to make time for yourself like with exercise or other ways to keep you sane.

But in order for you to be an entrepreneur that can succeed, you need personal, and professional help, guidance, and advice, so you know what steps you need to take first before moving onto the next step.

Daniel Quintanilla

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