Kristin Cavallari says she only has #kids half the year w/ #custody agreement @graziatweets ~ #uncommonjames #kristincavallari

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A Smooth Road

Kristin Cavallari reveals to Grazia Gazette: The Hamptons on Monday that her custody agreement with soon-to-be divorced, Jay Cutler, is set up where Kristin has her 3 children one week, while the next week Jay has them, and that pattern continues every other week where there’s apparently a happy medium with this part of the divorce proceedings, on weeks where Jay has the kids, Kristin is focused only on herself and Uncommon James, and on weeks where Kristin has the kids, Kristin is only focused on the kids, Kristin also worked very hard to achieve a good work-life balance she’s happy with.

Also, in a follow-up to a dog biting incident claim made where both Kristin and Jay were being sued for the incident, WKRN-TV reports today that the lawsuit against the 2 has now been dropped, Kristin and Jay’s attorneys were notified by email of the dropped claim.

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And currently in Kristin’s continuing adventures down in Cabo, Mexico, Kristin and her 3 children (who she has this week apparently), plus BFF Justin Anderson with his partner, Austin Rhodes, had a little more fun in Cabo tonight as Austin itched to get back on social media with flowers, Kristin had cocktails, plus Kristin and the kids had a movie night on the beach.

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