Audrina Patridge #FuelingLifesAdventures with @liquidiv ~ #audrinapatridge #hydration

Courtesy: AudrinaPatridge Instagram

Hydrate To Activate

When you exercise or just doing everyday errands, please remember to keep yourself hydrated, Audrina Patridge checks hydration off her list today as Audrina relies on Liquid I.V., a powerful essential that has all kinds of nutrients and electrolytes to balance out your water, and comes in many flavors as you go about your day.

Courtesy: AudrinaPatridge Instagram

Lover Of Swirl Boutique

Audrina posted on Wednesday about one of her favorite places to shop at, it’s Swirl Boutique where Audrina tries on 3 different outfits that includes a black dress with great back detail, Puma Top with Gigi Skirt, and The Nola Dress made up on blue and tank top construction.

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