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Capitalizing On Creativity

Fashion Mingle got to the nitty gritty today about taking all of the art and fashion that you’ve created over your entire career, and finally making some much-needed compensation on it, with a brand-new digital way without you relying on someone to license your work through NFT’s, a Non-Fungible Token in today’s Mastermind Session on “How Creatives Can Make Money With NFT’s”.

You don’t have to let your work go unnoticed, or feel your time was wasted since you may not be making money on the things you’re creating, you’ve got NFT’s to place every piece of original work you’ve created, where you don’t need someone to solely license you to finally make money, you place it out to the digital public for the entire globe to see, and every resale and re-license made by others, you get continued compensation on, and you can track who’s licensing your work, plus make millions and billions on your work.

Since this is a brand-new digital way to contract your work without traditional licensing, you must be extremely careful in every regard such as making sure your work is truly original and not lifted from someone else, so please do your research on how to get started with NFT’s to avoid legal issues that may pop up eventually, plus protect yourself against cyber hacks who could steal money you make from NFT’s.

All kinds of work, and social media content even as far as tweets are considered NFT’s, as well as influencers, blogs, and websites, so make sure you don’t miss out on being compensated on all the things you create on a regular basis.

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