Lauren Conrad & your Sunday #LCLaurenConrad #flipflops at #Kohls ~ #laurenconrad

Courtesy: Kohl’s

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

If you’re gonna make today a day of just wearing flip flops around the house or onto the beach, then don’t just grab any flip flop, grab the official flip flop that only Lauren Conrad and her LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s can only make official for Sunday, it’s the LC Kohl’s Honey Women’s Thong Flip Flops that comes in 19 colors and open toe and foot all the way.

Courtesy: The Little Market

Bold Java

Lauren Conrad tonight is looking forward to tomorrow morning when she can wake up to The Little Market’s Dark Roast Coffee, bold and tasty that comes right in handy when starting your Monday morning tomorrow.

Daniel Quintanilla

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