Amanda Kloots sees Nick Cordero’s 1st death anniversary as a new #birthday ~ #liveyourlife #COVID19

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Remember To Live

Nick Cordero’s wife, and widow, Amanda Kloots, went live tonight the day after the first anniversary of Nick Cordero dying from COVID19 to do her one and only singalong of Nick’s famous song, “Live Your Life”, with Amanda displaying all kinds of emotions throughout the live singalong, it was actually one year ago today that Amanda went live for the last time to sing “Live Your Life” the day after Nick died.

Nick’s one year anniversary of his death is also the last of the first after Nick died just 366 days ago, but Nick’s death is also the first birthday of his entry into the afterlife, where a new life emerges as you reunite with the loved ones that have passed on long before one dies.

Amanda wanted to go live yesterday on Nick’s anniversary, but Amanda knew from the get go, and indeed Amanda was right, that yesterday was just too hard, maybe more rough than Amanda could ever prepare for, Amanda says she was transfixed into one year ago where Amanda relived Nick’s death all over again.

At the very least, Amanda’s loyal followers, as well as those who supported Nick during his COVID19 battle went live on their own and did their own “Live Your Life” singalong, paying tribute to a great man that tragically left us way too soon from the virus.

Amanda did remember one thing as she and Elvis went somewhere new to not deal with the reminders on Nick’s death anniversary, Amanda noticed on the room key card of Viceroy Los Cabos that it said one thing for Amanda to do, which Nick would’ve wanted, “Remember To Live”.

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