WWD reveals the roots of @Beekman1802boys success w/ #goatmilk ~ #soap @WWD #wwd

Courtesy: Beekman 1802

Goat-ing Wealth

Woman’s Wear Daily (WWD) held a virtual event Wednesday with The Beekman 1802 and how their company came about, founded in 2006, all it took was mortgage giveaways, loss of income, and a few neighbors to see what can be made with goat milk.

From goat milk, there were neighbors in upstate New York where goats were being raised, and plenty of goat milk was being produced, the next question was what to make out of goat milk, a Google search said soap, and there was the beginning of the goat milk soap empire that The Beekman 1802 created, where it spawned tons of outselling and unique products.

The Beekman 1802 realizes their audience are to those kind neighbors, neighbors who helped The Beekman 1802 founders out to produce their goat milk soap, anybody who’s kind enough to help one build their company and idea to great success, as well as genuine kindness.

Daniel Quintanilla

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