Fashion Tech Week New York makes noise w/ post-COVID19 in-person return

Courtesy: Sabina Saga

NEW YORK CITY, NY – October 7-9

Fashion Tech Week New York celebrated fashion- and technology designers from all around the world to present the most innovative and groundbreaking designs in the Big Apple.

This was the 6th annual Fashion Tech Week New York exhibition, and it took place on October 7 to 9.

The “expo” included panel discussions, networking mixers, keynote speakers, demos, pop-up shops, a fashion tech competition, and a runway show, highlighting the applications of 3D-printing designed apparel, accessories and footwear, augmented- and virtual reality, retail technology, robotics, wearables, IoT, and sustainability in the fashion ecosystem.

Among the participating designers were Dr. Kitty Yeung, Stephanie Santos, Felipe Flallo, and Sabina Saga who are shaping the next Gen of the fashion industry.

Courtesy: Dr. Kitty Yueng

Dr. Kitty Yueng

Dr. Kitty Yeung is a hardware engineer/designer with a PhD in Applied Physics, interested in technology and making consumer products that can integrate science, art and music and in pursuing intellectual contribution to the wider society.

Accomplished designer with background in physics and proven experience integrating engineering, visual design, device design, industrial design, and interaction design to optimize user experience. Leverages expertise in science and fine arts, innovating solutions across multiple disciplines that have garnered attention in international publications, as well as invitations to speak and judge at forums on bridging between technology and design. Demonstrates creations in public events and classrooms.

Courtesy: Stephanie Santos

Stephanie Santos

Couture designer Stephanie Santos uses technology to achieve the complex, organic forms found in nature in her own designs,
Santos relies on 3D technologies, like 3D printing and 3D softwares. In her work, she promotes sustainability through methods of digital fabrication, use of ethically sourced and natural or leftover fabric, and made on demand practices.

Santos also works with thermoplastic polyurethane, a reusable, recyclable plastic which is sustainably produced and maintained.

Stephanie Santos is only one of the many designers who have incorporated 3D technology into their design process.

3D technologies are unique in that they allow designers to experiment with
and create geometries that couldn’t possibly be made by the human hand.

The process of 3D printing involves layering thin films of material according to a pattern or digital blueprint which is typically rendered using computer-aided design techniques.

While most of these garments are produced primarily for runway and fashion shows, 3D printed accessories have been finding their way to the consumer market in larger quantities than ever before.

3D technology offers a sustainable alternative to the manufacturing of garments, shoes, and accessories, as products are printed as needed therefore reducing waste material.

Courtesy: Felipe Flallo

Felipe Fiallo

Felipe Fiallo is a footwear designer who has combined technological innovation with sustainable materials, style, and comfort to create unique lines of shoes.

His collection “We Go Far” features seven pairs of athletic sneakers which were inspired by an investigation into the biological materials found in Latin America.

Along with unconventional material use,
Flallo incorporated methods of digital fabrication and design to produce this line of shoes.

Other collections include “Crystal Walk”, in which natural crystals grow directly on the shoe, and “Growing Shoe”, where a shoe grows from fungi.

The field of footwear manufacturing and design has become increasingly dependent on the introduction of different technologies.

Technology has been used to elevate shoe aesthetic design, as well as shoe practicality by making them more comfortable and convenient, especially for athletes.

Brands like Nike and Adidas, as well as many independent footwear designers, have adopted many such methods to make their shoes more accessible and desirable to the public market.

Courtesy: Sabina Saga

Sabina Saga

A creative genius, Sabina Saga is an FIT graduated technical designer specializing in 3D printed accessories, jewelry, and garments.

Courtesy: Tanya James

Tanya James

Tanya James is a fashion entrepreneur, technologist and analytics professional.

She is currently the founder/CEO/Curator of Global Fashion Technology Federation.Org, Fashion Tech Week NY, The Internet of fashion and Wearable Institute of fashion and accessories design.

Each company branded as startups of fashion and technology integrations business models.

When people ask Tanya James to describe herself, she doesn’t hesitate to say that first and foremost she is a passionate innovator, idealist and visionary to her core—a trait birthed from her family of entrepreneurial, creative and passion driven female role models.

Throughout her tenure partnering with leading technology companies she became the go to advocate for fashion tech contacts.

Her Internet of Fashion brand focuses on hardware/software education that expose and encouraging all who have interest in understanding which technologies would work best in creating the desired products or services.

For Tanya James education is a daily experience.

Ms. James grew more into her natural ability as a leader when mentoring many high school/college students plus volunteers during the annual Fashion Tech Week NY events and The Internet of fashion monthly educational meet ups.

Always inspiring others to dream big with a motto that nothing is impossible if you believe you can achieve.

For more on Fashion Tech Week NY by Tanya James, clink on the highlighted link in the bold paragraph to get full access on FTWNY21.

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