Patricia Ann Parenti: International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) And Wanted Design Manhattan Trade Shows

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

By Patricia Ann Parenti

ICFF is the leading trade show in North America for contemporary furniture for the residential, contract and hospitality industry.

The show took place at the Javits Center in NYC on November 14-15, 2021.

Emphasis was on original and sustainable design in the furniture, lighting, chair, outdoor furniture, kitchen and bath, wallcovering, textiles, accessories and carpet and flooring products.

As I walked the floor, I noticed that most products were in grey and beige and when I asked the vendors why those colors were predominant, they said “they are neutral colors that catered to all people in staying in hotels, institutions, banquet dining rooms and other place with large amounts of people with different tastes.”

The look of everything was ultra-modern, edgy and industrial looking. Coming from a fashion background with tradeshows showing lots of color and prints I really learned lots about this industry.

To read more about the show, go to

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

WANTED DESIGN MANHATTAN was held at the same time as ICFF and was just separated by the signs in the aisles.

The only difference is this show had more up and coming small designers with high end unique products and the companies were from North America.

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Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


Jared Schelb and Bronsin Ablon are partners in this new brand of handmade furniture make in the old Brooklyn Navy Yark in Brooklyn, NY.

What inspired me about this unique furniture was that it was made genuine walnut or white oak wood and not composite board which is what much of today’s furniture is made of.

The designers in my photo were inspired by metal crystal so you can see the twisting throughout the sides of the furniture.

They use real glass tops on their coffee tables and not plastic which is used also in furniture nowadays.

In the photo you can see stacked layers of wood that look like individual tables but actually the layers are all connected together.

The side tables are perfect for the sides of a sofa or chair and have no glass on them but with any real wood I would advise you to use coasters for drinks so you don’t have rings on the tops of the tables from liquids.

This furniture is all modular so you can move it around the room as needed. I know these guys creations will last forever.

For prices, please call or email because they just finished samples right before the show and didn’t have them yet.

For more about BIZMUTH, go to http://WWW.BIZMUTH.NYC , or phone 914-933-7620, you can also email at

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


This company has been around 20 years and based out of Chicago.

Their slogan is “creating beautiful bathrooms” and I’m going to add ultra-modern bathrooms too.

Their basic vanities are all made in Chicago and are in stock and shipped within 48 hours. Their collection is vast but everything they carry is state of the art.

Electronic faucets and soap dispensers (the kind that you put your hand under for them to work) come in a burnished stainless-steel, brass and 7 other metal finishes.

Regular faucets with hot and cold-water handles, valves and shower fixtures come in many finishes too.

The new style of toilet is off the floor and hanging from a wall so it’s easy to clean the floor underneath.

The other luxury items are concrete sinks, vanity tops and shower bases that come in 4 colors.

Other items they carry are mirrors, bathtubs and bathroom accessories.

These are all high-end products you won’t find at Home Depot.

They can create custom pieces also.

To buy or find out more information, go to WWW.LACAVA.COM.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


MEXA is a beautiful collection of hand made in Mexico outdoor patio, pool or lawn furniture.

Basically, it’s woven textiles around steel structures wielded together and polished by artisans that were taught by their ancestors before them.

The company has a design team who designs the original style and teaches the craftspeople their vision.

Some of the textiles used for the weaving are: wicker, synthetic palm, PVC plastic and fabric cord.

The synthetic textiles comes in a variety of colors and different colors can be mixed in one piece of furniture.

Styles of furniture are: dining chair, dining armchair, rockingchair, hangingchair, loungechair, loveseats, benches, bar stool and counter stools.

Tables are in dining, square, coffee, side and rectangle n colors to match the chairs made in the sythetic textiles.

This furntiure color also be used in a dining in a resort area.

To find out where to purchase, go to WWW.MEXADESIGN.COM.

Patricia Ann Parenti

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