Philip Plein: The Turnaround Year with The Evolution of creativity in Fall/ Winter 2022

Courtesy: Philipp Plein

Lugano, January 15, 2022

The year 2022 has just started and Philipp Plein is firmly consolidating its presence with an impressive line-up of new openings in upscale shopping districts and premium locations.

Courtesy: Philipp Plein

In particular Barcelona Mandarin Oriental, London Old Bond Street, Warsaw, Poznan, Kuala Lumpur, Las Vegas Forum, St. Petersburg, Dailan Olympia 66 Xigang. #Unstoppable!

2022 is also the year of launch of the new store concept.

Courtesy: Philipp Plein

All the above stores in fact will feature the new official PHILIPP PLEIN store concept which is bringing to life a contemporary, luxury and innovative atmosphere, where the customer will be immersed in the Plein world.

2022 will also be the year of the expansion of the PHILIPP PLEIN universe beyond fashion.

Courtesy: Philipp Plein

After the debut of Philipp Plein in the field of hospitality and entertainment with the already announced opening of the PHILIPP PLEIN Hotel and Club in Milan, Philipp Plein explores the world of art with the launch of a range of Unique Pieces displayed in the PHILIPP PLEIN Art Gallery in the new showroom in Via Burlamacchi in Milan turned for the occasion in the first pop-up art gallery.

The PHILIPP PLEIN Unique Pieces will also be showcased in selected PHILIPP PLEIN stores around the world and our aim is Art Basel in December 2022.

Art has always been a great inspiring source for me and today I’m proud to celebrate and share this Art Gallery to open a new design chapter, where fashion meets art” stated Philipp Plein while welcoming guests in Via Burlamacchi.

For the very first time, the passion and creativity of the PHILIPP PLEIN brand take shape into art and become unique objects. As every form of art does change with times, Philipp Plein is introducing into a marble sculpture inspired by Gruppo Laoconte, a Men wearing a pair of Philipp Plein kicks.

Courtesy: Philipp Plein

The ability to disrupt Art (by placing on a famous ancient sculpture, a playful twist) carries the unmistakable Plein signature where creativity has no limits, and it can become a brilliant form of art.

Convinced that art is dynamic, the designer has also built highly innovative and contemporary sculptures of new fantasy characters, collectively called “LIL MONSTERS” and individually named LILBOO, LILCYCLOPS, LILDIABLO, LILGOZILLA, LILSHARK, LILSKULL.

Inspired by art, Philipp Plein gave rise to his new way of fusing contemporary art and his fashion essence.

Courtesy: Philipp Plein

A creativity manifesto that interprets the capsule collection with playful sophistication where “Lil Monsters” appear printed or expertly sewn by hand.

A key feature of today’s presentation is also the total black casting.

Courtesy: Philipp Plein

Only black models have been selected for the catwalk, as a token of the longstanding commitment of Mr. Plein and of the PHILIPP PLIEN Group to inclusivity and to celebration of the black culture.

A commitment which already took shape in 2013 when Philipp Plein was the first designer to feature an all-black casting, an all-black fashion show and an all-black advertising campaign.

Daniel Quintanilla

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