Fajitex’s world-class Columbian shapewear at Curve New York

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Revolutionizing Your Body

As you walk into the semi-annual trade show by Curve New York of lingerie, activewear, and swimwear, you are truly inspired by the upcoming season of sex appeal being offered for those intimate me moments you have, a powerful workout at the gym, or many a mornings or days laying by the water, there’s also those occasions where flattery must be perfect from head to toe, that functionality is shapewear, and only the best in the world can give you that photo-op or everyday empowering appearance, Daniel plus Lauren learned more about Fajitex shapewear from Columbia last weekend at Curve at New York’s Javits Center, encountering how wonderful Fajitex is for you.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

What started out as creating medical grade shapewear for patients recovering from industries or surgical procedures, Fajitex specializes in contour garments such as swimsuits with tummy control, shaper shorts, varying fabrics ranging from mid-compression and high compression, color-based lines, sophisticated lines, and romantic lines holding naturally and strong to give you not an artificial butt lift, but a butt lift you already to shape out beautifully on your body.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Fajitex is making it known to its homeland in Columbia that their instant shaping technology is so unique that no other shapewear maker comes close to 5 elements of shape that are slender, likelier, ideal, perfect push-up, and perfect color, all enhancing Fajitex’s shaping technology.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Fajitex is indeed recognized in Columbia for its tummy control, back-shaping, and butt lifting effect, it’s top-seller is a shaper short that does all the aspects just mentioned in one, made up of compression fabric that’s super-comfortable, plus it’s beautiful not only via garment, but beautiful on how it makes the body look, lace also plays a big role in Fajitex’s shaper short to give you that enhanced beauty that you can show off especially as outerwear.

Fajitex are made strong to wear everyday which enhances the appearance of your body and gives you super-confidence, you can also go for a higher compression fabric by Fajitex where you can have an even more tighter look on your tummy, back, and butt, Fajitex also has shapewear that’s activewear which you can wear in tops, bottoms, and bodysuits that go 3/4 inch down the leg, allowing you to be super-comfortable with its compression thermal fabric, and sweat 3 times more.

Fajitex’s world-class shapewear based out of Columbia is highly popular that it’s expanding its outreach into the United States, with warehouses in Houston, Texas, and opening up stores in Miami, Florida, and in New York City because Fajitex’s technology is so popular and effective with its consumer base so every woman beyond Columbia can flatter their body according to desired shape, be super-comfortable, and beautiful.

Daniel Quintanilla

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