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Fashion Reverie is a website and a podcast that is all about the newest in fashion trends.

It was started by William Gooch whom I’ve known since NYFW was held at the Tents in Lincoln Center.

Before I get into the website or podcast, I would like to tell you about William’s background which led him to this. He is a guy from Warrenton, North Carolina who became a ballet dancer after college.

His start in fashion came about when he started working in advertising that led him to fashion writing about NYFW.

Once PR firms in NYC saw how good he was they asked him to start writing about their fashion clients.

After he started being a regular contributor to such publications as fashionspot.com and Runway Magazine.

Realizing he could only go so far in his career withwriting for other people gave him an idea to start his own magazine. In 2012 a college friend encouraged him to pursue his vision and he ran with the idea.

For the first year it was him who did the writing/photography and another guy who did the layout, social media and website of William’s online magazine.

After the magazine made a little money more people were brought in to work on it and PAID!

We all know the fashion business is notorious for hiring “interns or unpaid people” when these companies are making money and can afford to pay people.

I love Williams’s idea that everyone has to get paid and he pays every single person he hires.

His revenue comes from advertising on his website.

Courtesy: Fashion Reverie

Now I’m going to talk about the actual online magazine itself.

Fresh content is added daily.

William is the managing editor, decides articles with monthly meetings with his staff where everyone pitches ideas but Mr. Gooch has final approval in the end.

The magazine is broken down into different sections.

I’m listing the sections of the magazine and what they are about so you can get an idea of why you need to read this if you want to keep up on fashion news and trends.

Courtesy: Fashion Reverie

1. FASHION FEATURES is about the different in person and online events going on in the fashion world right now. Many interviews with new and old fashion designers. A section called “fashion flashbacks” talks about a fashion trend from the past and how it fits in with the trends of nowadays. The Fashion Channel segment is video interviews with designers and other fashionpersonalities. Fashion News is about what’s going on at present in the business of fashion retail, magazines and famous photographers/celebrities.

2. FRONT ROW shows photos and write-ups about different runway shows for men and women.

3. STYLE AND BEAUTY articles about hair/skincare, makeup, accessories, trend reports, sample sales in the NYC area, celebrity style and best part is William who is the editor of the magazine picks about what he feels is the latest “IT ITEM” you must have.

4. LES HOMMES is photos and write ups about some of the newest men’s fashions.

5. EDITORIALS William Gooch writes about what he feels is relevant in fashion this season.

6. MODEL SPOTLIGHT features conversations with model Coco Mitchell and interviews with models about their careers. A part I enjoyed reading about was the interviews and photos with models that are also musicians and actresses or actors.

7. LIFESTYLE & CULTURE is anything but fashion and may be about vacations, movies and interviews with costume designers for ballet/film/theater.

Courtesy: Fashion Reverie

In August 2020, William Gooch started a podcast because people were under quarantine and were looking for entertainment and fashion news.

This show airs every other Tuesday at 3:00PM EST.

You can watch it on YouTube, Apple TV, iHeart Radio, and Facebook.

It’s about 25 – 30 minutes long.

The show hostess, Cicily Daniel and Tijana Ibrahimovic, are really dynamic together.

On the show, they talk about fashion trends, designers, models, TV shows and anything else to do with fashion.

On the show, you can listen to guest speakers talk about what’s new in fashion.

FASHION REVERIE TALKS is the name of the show.

Remember, WWW.FASHIONREVERIE.COM takes you from the front lines of fashion to the front row of fashion week.

Patricia Ann Parenti

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