JVLAURNT redefining New York City streetwear through inclusivity & creativity with Fashinnovation

Courtesy: JVLAURNT

Manhattan Openness

Five boroughs, that’s what holds New York City together with its unrestricted culture of fashion, arts, ethnicity, entertainment, information, expression, and sexuality, as well as how streetwear’s defined, only to be reinvented time and time again, but with an intended purpose of inclusion, creation, and cognitive awareness, which is what Jennifer Laurantius, Creator of JVLAURNT, goes for in her New York City Streetwear collection, a true intricate part of Fashinnovation’s Brand Directory that put sustainability and inclusivity first.

Courtesy: JVLAURNT
  • What is exactly your brand? How would you define it?
  • JVLAURNT is a contemporary streetwear lifestyle brand based in New York City. It is defined by free – spirit, progression and sense of purpose.
  • What makes your brand so unique?
  • I think it is unique because it is really true to what I believe in. I do not do large production and many pieces are one-of-a-kind and do not get reproduced as many pieces were made using deadstock materials. It is very inclusive, where I am aiming the pieces to be season and gender neutral and therefore can be reused most seasons and I also think a lot about the relation of lifestyle and functionality.
Courtesy: JVLAURNT
  • What does your consumer base love about your collection the most?
  • They absolutely love the versatility and comfort. As I think about lifestyle a lot, I believe the clothes should not hinder your activities, so comfort is very important to me. Also because they are so versatile, they can share the pieces with their boyfriend/girlfriend/sister/brother, etc.
  • How do you empower your audience?
  • My brand is inspired by progression and sense of purpose. I believe in looking hopeful towards the future and focusing on the purpose that we all have, whether it’s on the pieces that I put out, or as a human being placed on this earth, and those are the message I always try to convey to my audience.
Courtesy: JVLAURNT
  • What’s new with your collection?
  • I am currently educating myself in the metaverse world, hopeful that it is something that we would like to explore in the near future. Also a never ending learning in sustainability, to keep doing and getting better every step of the way 🙂

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