Fashion Reverie Profiles:
Five Ukrainian Designers to Know and Support

Courtesy: Euronews

By Kristopher Johnson-Hoyle

Despite the tragedy and chaos that has ensued from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Ukrainian people have come together in solidarity, fighting for their right to live free from oppression. As the war rages, businesses in every sector have been dramatically affected, including fashion and retail. People worldwide have been finding inventive ways to help support the Ukrainian people. If you’d like to get involved, you can show your support by donating to a trusted organization, joining a peaceful protest, boycotting Russian goods and services, and sharing fact-based information with family, friends, and social media followers to raise awareness and spotlight the ongoing tragedy in Ukraine.

As part of its commitment to supporting fashion and the Ukrainian people, Fashion Reverie is taking this moment to highlight designers that should be on your radar and encourage you to support Ukrainian makers and creators who depend on your patronage.

Courtesy: BEZVA


The brainchild of Svetlana Bezva, her namesake label comprises subtle details that define her style of architectural minimalism. Widely considered one of the most consequential designers to come out of Ukraine, BEZVA’s contemporary appeal is in the details intermixing clean silhouettes with versatility; combine that with a pinch of attitude, and you have a collection that radiates quiet confidence—no introduction required. And BEZVA shows consistently at New York Fashion Week (NYFW).

Courtesy: PASKAL


Since its founding in 2013, Paskal has enjoyed a meteoric rise to brand name recognition among the fashionably chic and Hollywood glitterati—Peyton List, Bailee Madison, and Monica Belluci. Famous for its delicate silhouettes and innovative laser cutting to achieve expertly constructed garments, designer Julie Paskal’s collections are feminine with a poetic quality that has a sensitivity to design as romantic as it is whimsical.

Courtesy: DZHUS


Launched in 2010 by designer and stylist Irina Dzhus, her eponymous label is conceptually alive with meanings and ideas shaping fashion’s future code. Architectural in nature with a hyper-modern flair, DZHUS is one of a few brands crafting what’s next in the fashion narrative. In addition to its innovative cut and industrial aesthetic, all DZHUS garments come ethically produced using cruelty-free materials.

Courtesy: Lake Studio

Lake Studio

Known for their exclusive prints created in collaboration with contemporary artists, designers Anastasia Riabokon and Olesya Kononova’s brand, Lake Studios expertly merges modern appeal and sophistication for the worldly woman. In addition to their womenswear brand, Lake Studio creates fanciful art-inspired jewels made from a broad palette of materials like coral, cat’s eye, porcelain, and freshwater pearls.

Courtesy: Kachorovska

Alina Kachorovska

Kachorovska has been creating sumptuously comfortable shoes made to order for women worldwide for over a half-century. High-end by design without the upmarket price, Kachorovska has managed to strike a balance in a crowded market where luxury shoes can soar into the stratosphere. Aside from shoes, Kachorovska produces a full line of bags and expertly created garments that have an easiness to them characterized by their loose, comfortable fit.

Kristopher Johnson-Hoyle

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