Palace Theater rises 30 feet as TSX Broadway revolutionizes stage icon

Courtesy: TSX Broadway

Raising Broadway

Wednesday was a historic day in Times Square as Broadway’s Palace Theater finally completed its 30 foot rise above ground, this carefully strategic game of Jenga for almost 2 years is what will be TSX Broadway, where its purpose is to transform 2 New York City icons simultaneously, Times Square to views never seen before with its revolutionary retail and hotel, and Broadway where it’s primary sole purpose is opening up the Palace Theater into a semi-indoor/ outdoor performance venue for all of Times Square to see, plus full court LED signage that compliments Times Square‘s history that promise to act as doors for performers entering the outer stage to the world.

The raising of the Palace Theatre 30 feet was a highly complex & coordinated effort & is an important centerpiece of TSX Broadway.

This multi-use redevelopment is a one-of-a-kind signage program.

It represents the commercial heart of Times Square & blends seamlessly with history.

To sum it up in construction terms and business prospects, 34 hydraulics that’s new rock replacing old rock while 75 percent of building was demolished with 25 percent of building left over to complexly maintain, with 14 million pounds of the Palace Theater lifted, and unlocking 100,000 square feet of retail space.

Daniel Quintanilla

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