SUSDESIGN’s story of no-waste chair at ICFF + WantedDesign ECO Solidarity

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

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Today’s highly attended ICFF + WantedDesign furniture style event at the Javits Center here in New York City contains hundreds of top vendors from around the world, answering the call to give consumers much-needed remodeling ideas for their home, include consumers who’ve become more conscientious about where their furniture’s sourced, the ECO Solidarity initiative here at ICFF answers the call with furniture makers who’ve played a leading role in manufacturing furniture that’s eco-friendly, including SUSDESIGN Studio & Consultancy who’s already played a pivotal role with the Portuguese government with the European Union.

Tree waste, otherwise known as excess debris, limbs, dead trees, dead wood, or waste in the forest has a very bad wrap, because it’s the culprit to wildfires out in California and other parts of the world, but reduction in tree waste can not only reduce or eliminate wildfires, but be used to make 100 percent sustainable furniture like the chair you see above, made up of all kinds of forest materials like eucalyptus and cork, cork the leading source material in Portugal, also producing beautiful pieces of furniture that celebrate waste reduction in the forest, leading to less or no wildfires.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

SUSDESIGN’s influence in Portugal has been so powerful, that the President of Portugal, who’s also a member of the European Union, turned to SUSDESIGN to redesign their conference room headquarters using strictly tree waste, leading to extremely beautiful results for world leaders to admire, and take further steps into the Green New Deal based on SUSDESIGN’s eco-friendly solidarity, which also is the driver behind other participants in the ECO Solidarity movement that ICFF has created to move the world closer to zero carbon footprints by 2030.

One of most prominent leaders to attend Portugal and witness SUSDESIGN’s eco-reimagining of their conference headquarters based on circularity was Emmanuel Macron, who’s the controversial President of France, who’s also a strong proponent of the Green New Deal, as well as British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and U.S. President, Joe Biden, all uniting to create a planet with less fossil fuels, and a stronger presence for SUSDESIGN along with ECO Solidarity by ICFF all striving for a greener Earth.

Daniel Quintanilla

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