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Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

Home At Its Best

This is a tradeshow that took place at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC on May 15- 17, 2022. The show caters toward Architects, Interior Designers, retailers, manufactures, editors, curators and interior design lovers. Many new brands showed ultra-modern furniture, home or industrial furnishings that were cutting edge. Gray still seems like the predominant color used in ultra-modern decorating. Every vendor at this show has high end products that are unusual and that you won’t see at Home Depot. Since I’m very pro “Made in America” I interviewed three brands that make products by hand with excellent craftmanship in the USA. For more information about where you can purchase products at retail or wholesale click on the link of each website of each brand. WWW.ICFF.COM

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

Wow Papers

I met with owner and designer Julien Aleksandres about his company and background. He has quite a bit of experience in the Interior Design business. With an Interior Design Degree from Parsons School of Design to a Lighting Designer for Modulightor which is a big lighting company in Manhattan for 10 years that has made him a pro in his industry. Top architects used him because of his vast knowledge. With all of his experience he wanted to do something different and branch out on his own so he launched this business just recently. 

You ask how does he make these papers that you would react “WOW” to? Well, he plays around with different objects using illumination and then photographs what he sees using all different kinds of cameras. His prints are on commercial grade and fire-rated (won’t burn) papers (non-PVC so they won’t start peeling) available in various textures. Each print comes in XS, S, M, L or 48″ installed rolls specified in 12″ increments but custom widths available also. As he says “change the scale of the print and you can change the vibe of the object.” Sustainable also because you can tear down the paper from the wall and send back to the paper manufacture or recycling.  

The product is used for decorative purposes such as wallpapers, textiles for upholstery, tiles. he has lots of prints already that he showed me at the show but I’m sure by now he has more. These prints are perfect for the ultra-modern homes, offices and hotels because they add a pop of color against gray walls. Prints are designed in Brooklyn and printed in USA. Contact him for sales and he is very interested in working with Interior Designers, Architects and developers. The perfect prints for all the new high-rise buildings going up in NYC now. Yes, that is the designer in the photo and look at the use of his print on that chair and you will also say “WOW” amazing!

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

Fivo Design

A husband-and-wife team stated their business in 2020 due to the pandemic and everyone working from home. They decided to change their lives and start this business. Stewart is a Veteran and already had 20 years making custom cabinets. Deanna is the financial person in the company. The product they started with is a desk that is adjustable in height, could be stowed away as needed and provided the user with hassle free assembly. 

Everything is made in Andover, MA by hand. The wood is sustainably forested 5/8″ birch plywood, cut with a CNC router that is computerized numerical machine to precisely cut the wood with no errors. Nothing is put together with hardware or glue so the joints of the furniture don’t come apart. All the pieces fit into each other easily. How it fits all together is by putting the hooks of one end of the pieces into the slots of another piece. The furniture isn’t stained but has a clean finish on it to preserve the wood. All the furniture can be taken apart and put together hundreds of times and won’t fall apart. This is furniture for life that you won’t throw out like the post college crowd in Manhattan does with the furniture from Ikea. You can take this furniture from place to place with you also. Looking for the perfect furniture for an apartment than this is it!

This is a great desk you can put your computer on and work from home. It’s very sturdy with 4 legs, a middle for your computer and two ends for books or papers. Another style is a bar that has a shelf for glasses and a hutch for wine bottles . Some other styles are coffee tables, one with a bottom shelf and another without it. Prices are $550.00 – $1,800.00. Everything is shipped flat in a 24″ x 36″ box UPS. To order what you see or have them make something custom for you

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

Colonial Bronze

This business is all about handles and knobs for furniture and high-end appliances. Jamie Gregg is the 3rd generation owner of this business that was started by Swiss immigrants in 1917 who made their products in the Bronx, NY. He told me at one time that 90% of the country’s brass was made in the Bronx until the 1960s. The business then moved to Tarrytown, NY in the 1930s. Today every operation of the business is under one roof in Torrington, Connecticut.

How are they made you ask? Watch this short video that shows you the factory with the workers making the product every step of the way. I’ll explain it here. First raw brass is put into a machine that molds it into handles then the workers finish it by hand sanding, buffing and putting it into an electroplate or patina bath. Next a clear coat is placed on top of it to seal the finish in so the brass won’t oxidize. You can pick from 36 finishes. Many of the handles are covered with leather for comfort in grabbing them to open and close.

Some of the items they make are: cabinet handles/knobs, entrance door handles, shower door handles/knobs, drawer pullies/knobs, towel bars and they also do custom work so contact them if there is something special you want. This business caters to Interior Designers and Architects and you won’t find these handmade products in Home Depot so if you’re a consumer contact them to find out what stores or websites carry their products. Priced $7.00 – $2,000.00 for each piece.

Patricia Ann Parenti

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