Informa/ WGSN tackle apparel sourcing sustainability in dim economy for SS23 & AW 23-24 season

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Informa Markets Fashion teamed up with WGSN Wednesday for a live chat about apparel sourcing trends of Spring & Summer 2023 with Fall & Winter 2023-24, where this year-round look solves 3 problems simultaneously, creating one solid solution for a post-COVID-19 world, an economy dealing with inflation and a possible recession, and the single answer can solve current issues in fashion and the world, sustainability.

Sustainability has now laid the blueprint out for the upcoming new year in fashion starting with SS23, where apparel sourcing can last longer beyond Summer and go into AW23-24, 69 percent of Gen Z are now more concerned what their apparel is made out of, organic cotton has kickstarted the conversation in what their clothes are made of, and even in a now weak economy, Gen Z and many others are now more concerned about well-being, rather than work.

Courtesy: Informa/ WGSN

The crucial part of this upcoming year in a new world of multi-seasonal fashion is it starts in color, clay, chalk, oatmeal, and pineapple have been deemed the go-to colors for this first year of a new era of sustainability, it’s backed by SS23 neutral colors of digital lavender, luscious red, sandial, tranquil blue, and verdigris, all carrying gender-neutral, empowerment, earth tones, medieval, and streetwear, AW23-24 rainbows Astro dust, galactic cobalt, sage leaf, and apricot crush found in loungewear, knitwear, and activewear with digital lavender joining from SS23.

Courtesy: Informa/ WGSN

Behind those colors are like of apparel sourcing trends ready for a full year of test driving sustainability, Casual Smartness is sartorial tailoring performance, flexibility, and ease of wear in soft, natural fiber blends and casual finishes, Everyday Sheen is soft, luxurious drape and sheen continuing to find favor for silky dressing and accessories, Relaxed Stripes of evolving perennial stripes into a breezy causal summer story with classic layouts and softly laundered finishes, Natural Craft that’s traditional craft continuing to influence pattern and dimensional decoration for transitional statement pieces using crafted constructions and low impact, natural yarns, Padded Volume of evolving quilted innovations providing a wealth of insulating qualities suitable for indoor and outdoor, and Cozy Surfaces make a feature of exaggerated structures and brushed surfaces to achieve dimensional softness with luxe plush and softly brushed textures offer tactility, bringing supreme comfort as we lean into autumnal months.

Finally, a trend checklist for SS23 into AW23-24 that promises to implement sustainability in full for Gen Z and beyond are Invest in natural materials such as undyed cottons linen, hemp, and silk, Use micro-texture to update classics as you source into refined crinkled surfaces, seersucker, and retracted cheeks and stripes, Source versatile silkies with ease of wear to develop high performance silkies and cellulosic qualities that edge into technical performance, and Update craft with new ideas sourcing fabrics and knits that use decorative yarns and textures, giving a vintage and homey feel.

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