Swim Style: Father/Daughter & Father/Son by blú swimwear

Courtesy: blu Swimwear

Family Affair

There are still several weeks of beach & pool time with the family left before our thoughts turn to layering up for the fall.

Why not turn your swim fashion to family fun with matching Father/Daughter & Father/Son swimwear by blú swimwear?

Courtesy: blu Swimwear

blú swimwear is heralded by fans (& even a former Olympian swimmer!) as the most comfortable swimwear ever made.

Add to that the serious fashion quotient & it’s clear to see that your search for the perfect swimwear can now end…

Now, the swim fashion fun can be shared between father & child with blú swimwear’s matching children’s collection Sweet Cheeks!

The fashion forward bather styles, shown above in the Pink Hampton pattern or the more conservative trunk style shown below in the Light Blue Vineyarder pattern, both have counterparts in the Sweet Cheeks range.

The Vineyarder Trunk shown below has the Blue & White checked pattern liner which show just below the hem of the trunk.

blú swimwear is sustainably sourced & has luxury in mind literally with every stitch.

It’s no surprise that the unofficial motto of the collection is “so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re even wearing them”.

This is by design!

As Keri O’Shea & Heather Durst, the two moms behind the blú swimwear magic, like to say, “From beach to bar!”

Daniel Quintanilla

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