Kristin Cavallari’s Uncommon James beginnings at MAGIC Las Vegas

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Baby Steps

Kristin Cavallari today made her way to Las Vegas, Nevada to be a keynote speaker at MAGIC Las Vegas fashion trade show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, speaking about what has made Uncommon James successful, plus advice about launching a successful business with the right people on your team.

Kristin admits she made lots of mistakes when first launching Uncommon James back in 2017, Kristin’s initial concern was creating a website, and having someone run it, Kristin learned very quickly what products worked and what didn’t, because she got a very good grasp with her old partnership at Chinese Laundry Shoes.

Uncommon James after its launch quickly became a success, and even more so with Kristin’s E! reality TV show, “Very Cavallari”, a place where the launch of Uncommon James was seen by millions of people, including Kristin’s fans, taking Uncommon James to a whole new level of success, where inventory couldn’t be restocked quickly enough.

Kristin’s success with Uncommon James is not just because of Kristin, but because of the people behind the scenes working for Kristin, who reflect how good Kristin looks when running Uncommon James, it all comes down to having the right people in your corner, at every level possible, knowing who’s good at making Uncommon James a success, and who isn’t.

And since last year, Kristin Cavallari has resolved inventory issues with Uncommon James.

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