Curve New York gets into bed with Lilai Sleepwear pajamas

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

No Insomniacs Here

When attending trade shows in New York City like the Curve lingerie/ activewear/ swimwear/ & loungewear trade show earlier this month at Spring Studios, there’s cause for a few sleepless nights, seeing what exhibitors are showing off next season, enjoying what New York City has to offer, and feeling all of Summertime, but now that Summer’s winding down, and Fall soon gets underway, it’s time to slip into something warm, and catch up on all your ZZZ’s you’ve missed recently, do it in comfort and style with Lilai Sleepwear.

Started in 2015, Lilai Sleepwear are pajamas that have the best of both worlds, one is that Lilai Sleepwear is made and form Peru, using only the highest quality first-class materials such as premium pima cotton and silk, creating a garment that you can tuck yourself into bed each night before a good night’s sleep.

The second world Lilai Sleepwear pajamas is known for are its fine prints, using locally sourced Artisans direct from Peru, but first, these Artisans help to make Lilai Sleepwear create the patterns that go into their pajamas, followed by a special process that allows Lilai Sleepwear pajamas greater softness in all their garments, avoiding shrink and reducing the use of water and waste, which is why Lilai’s fabrics are very strong.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Top sellers for Lilai Sleepwear pajamas have been romantic and floral prints, plus solid colors such as black which are beautifully designed and trimmed with white for that added touch of beautiful added to strong pima cotton died black, the newest key addition to Lilai Sleepwear for Spring/ Summer 2023 are pajamas consisting of zero waist, sustainability added into the comfortable, cutest, and strongest high-quality pajamas that you can find out there.

Daniel Quintanilla

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