Curve New York SS23 as told by Patricia Ann Parenti

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

By Patricia Ann Parenti

CURVE NEW YORK is a tradeshow about lingerie, sleepwear, bras, panties and shapewear that are from upscale brands. This tradeshow took place July 31 – Aug. 2, 2022 at Spring Studios where NYFW is held. Ladies there is a new trend in bras that remind me of the pre- molded/cups era that we are so familiar with. Since I’m a Baby Boomer these bras look similar to the bras, we wore in the 1970s and 1980s. Yes, bras have lost their padding but not their underwires. The new style in bras is a triangle bra which is unlined with either stretch or non-stretch lace with seams to fit the bust without gaps since we don’t have that padding or molded cups to make the bra fit smooth over our breast. Looking for examples then look at the photos of the mannequins under Lingerie Briefs. Some other trends are matching all over lace bras, panties and garter belts. Matching nightgowns and robes continue but with lace trim instead of being plain. Panties are brief style made in light and airy fabrics that stretch with no seams unlike your grandma’s or mother’s cotton or woven nylon styles with elastic around the edges of the legs/waist. A new style in sleepwear is a long to the knee woven cotton shirt like the style of a men’s shirt. The new look in gym bras is with rows of hooks and eyes in the back with a center bust seam for an added smooth fit. As a gym rat who wears sports bras this is wonderful because they are easier to get off and on in the humid heat of summer than the kind you struggle to pull on over your head. I will be definitely looking for this style. I also took the bra fitting class so if anyone reading my blog needs hands on help with fitting bras for themselves then contact me on Social Media.

For more information, to attend or exhibit. WWW.CURVEEXPO.COM

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


They showed 18 different designers from new and up and coming designers from USA, Italy, Germany, Canada, Austria and UK. This company was started and still headed by lingerie industry veteran Ellen Lewis. Notice in the top 2 of my photos in the pic college the new style triangle bras I mentioned earlier in my blog. As you can see there are no molded cups or linings but that the bra fits perfectly with no gaps over the breast. Here are some beautiful fabrics shown in the new high waist briefs I mentioned earlier. In the upper left/right hand corner photo you will see a new style of garter belt with elastic bands on the legs to make your stockings stay up better but with garters still attached to hook them up. The bottom photo is matching robe and nightgown sets in luxurious silk charmeuse fabric. This company writes a blog every week or so showcasing gorgeous lingerie with French laces by designers that aren’t sold at major department stores in America. the slogan of the company is “Lingerie is poetry in a woman’s wardrobe.” Of all the collections I saw at Curve I thought they had the most breath taking of them all but of course I am a huge fan of lacy lingerie with a drawer full of it.

Ladies, if you want what is in my photo, go to their social media pages, message them the photo and to see/order some sexy lingerie go to WWW.LINGERIEBRIEFS.COM

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


The line was started by Bree McKeen who studied anatomy of the human body. She couldn’t find a bra that was comfortable so she set out to make a bra because of it. Evelyn was Bree’s maternal Grandmother and Bobbie is Bree’s Aunt so she named the company after them. Since I fit bras with ladies as a personal stylist I hear complaints all the time from bigger busted ladies that they can’t find a bra that fits. Hey ladies, I’m giving you a brand that will solve that problem because this company has 6 patients on bra technology. This a great brand for a bigger and fuller bust. No underwires to poke you either but with the same uplift. 4 different bra styles with 4 rows of hooks and eyes so this bra will definitely not ride up on your back but stay in the middle of your back where it belongs. Sizes 34C – 52G at $78.00 – $88.00. Panties have 4-way stretch nylon and spandex that fit sizes 0 – 16 and 16 – 24 at $22.00. They come in a thong, brief and short style. Since clothing fabrics are much more sheer than years ago many women want true complexion colors and this brand scanned thousands of women’s skin tones to get the colors right.


Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


This collection is all about putting more fashion elements into shapewear. The garments can even be worn as ready to wear as well as underneath clothes. This line of shapewear is so comfortable that you can wear it 24 hours and even sleep in it because of it’s so light and has comfortable compression with no binding. Look at the shorts in the lower right-hand photo that are 1 piece that comes with an added belt for waist control. The bodysuit in the top photos needs no bra or panties. The collection is geared toward the everyday woman in all shapes and sizes that goes to work, shops and socializes but wants to wear clothes that are tight fitting or just look t nice with no bulges showing. Made in China and USA of nylon/spandex, nylon/latex in complexion tones as well as navy, black, orange and purple. The beautiful plus size models show how comfortable this shapewear is because they wore the styles at the show for 8 hours and 3 days straight. Priced $55.00 – $90.00.


Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


Cecille was formally a lawyer who decided to make hosiery because she loved the product like I do. It’s made in Castel Goffredo, Italy which is a major area to make hose in. It’s made of recycled yarn in 85% Nylon/15% Elastane leftover from other factories making hose using recycled water, and chemicals. The basic style has no waistband nor center seam so they are perfect under tight clothes. They also don’t roll down nor bind you like many people think will happen when they buy drug store brand sheers. The sheer to waist style is perfect for those club hoping girls I see in 25 degree weather in NYC with micro mini skirts on and no hose. Reason these are good is no panty knitted in the hose to show below the hem of your skirt. Since most people reading this blog didn’t wear hosiery in the 1960s and 1970s when the word denier was used to grade the sheerness of hosiery so I will explain the 3 deniers they come in (see bottom right photo for the difference in deniers). 80 denier = heavy weight opaque is for winter to keep your legs warm and comes in black. 50 denier = semi opaque and you can’t see thru, good for Fall/Spring and comes in black, navy and gray. 20 denier is sheer is everyday hose but good for evening too and comes in complexion colors to match your skin. For all you dancers or women who walk lots the collection has black fishnets with a sock sole because we all know that is the first area to wear in this kind of hose. Coming soon are tartan plaid opaque and black/gold lurex. They are sized to fit manly every size figure from XS – XXXL. Priced around $22.00 – $24.00. As a hosiery lover that has a huge drawer full of pantyhose/stockings and having worked as a sales rep for an American made hosiery line I’m very qualified to say this line is of very high quality that compares with Fogal or Wolford.


Patricia Ann Parenti

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