New York Fashion Week’s Melke SS23 as told by Patricia Ann Parenti

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


This Melke presentation was held in The Sunken Living Room in Spring Studios in NYC during New York Fashion Week on September 13, 2022. Since this presentation was handled by Agentry PR it was listed on the official CFDA Calander and when your listed on that calendar you know you “made it”! I got a chance to actually talk with Emma Gage, the designer because of the intimate setting of The Sunken Living Room.

I loved this presentation so much! These fashions remind me of the Mod era of the late 1960s because it is whimsical, fun with a great use of vivid colors The line is substantiable and gender fluid. Emma’s inspiration for her collection is called “How to act like a man”. It was inspired by the 1966 Czech film Daises which follows the chaotic antics of two women named Marie who seek to embody and break free from the absurdity of gender stereotypes.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

The sweaters are hand knit in Brooklyn so you know they are of high quality and won’t pile. What makes this collection special and different is the use of glass corn beads and bone buttons made in Manhattan. Some natural and eco-friendly fabrics used are organic cotton, hemp/silk blend and Tencel. All the clothes are made in NYC. Since this was a presentation, I was able to really get up close to the clothes and turn them inside out. What I noticed is that they are extremely well made.

Her prices range from $65.00 for a tee shirt to $2,000.00 for an embroidered piece.

You can go to WWW.MELKENYC.COM buy the colorful pieces you see in my photos.

Remember, these items for the most part can be worn by any gender.

Patricia Ann Parenti

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