Lauren Conrad reunites with Kristin Cavallari face to face, revealing COVID & Stephen Colletti past

Courtesy: Kristin Cavallari Instagram

Never Say Never

Never say that Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Conrad would come face to face again until today when Kristin Cavallari revealed they just did, for the “Back To The Beach” podcast, unveiling new details about Lauren dating Stephen Colletti in their “Laguna Beach” years, plus Lauren having a bought with COVID-19 which prevented them from meeting up previously.

Lauren first reveals she never had listened to the “Back To The Beach” podcast during its first season 11 episode run, until one thing happened, Lauren contracted COVID-19, Lauren then in her isolation period binged on every episode of the podcast to catch up and remember all the hype, tricks, and storylines that MTV ran with concerning “Laguna Beach”.

Once Lauren got over COVID, Lauren then could finally reunite not only with Stephen Colletti, but for the first time since the series finale party of “The Hills” on July 13, 2010, Lauren reunited with what millions thought was her longtime nemesis, Kristin Cavallari, which Lauren confesses in the season 1 finale/ season 1 recap of “Back To The Beach”, was only escalated for the viewing public by MTV, the rivalry/ tiff Lauren and Kristin had with each other was in reality, and off-camera, very brief.

The only “startling” confession Lauren had about her love triangle with former love interest, Stephen Colletti, was that high school was not the only time she and Stephen dated, they dated very briefly in seventh grade, for 2 weeks, right around Halloween, which Lauren herself doesn’t remember.

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