Gita Omri….. Work It. Flip It And Reverse It Tops. And Yes It’s Worth It.

Courtesy: Gita Omri

Inside Out (Outside In)

Hopefully you have Missy Elliott, “Work It” in your head now!

Hah, sorry not sorry!

Who doesn’t love an outfit that is two looks in one?!

Whether you’re traveling or just wanting to make the most out of your purchases, we think reversible tops make so much sense.

From ruffle short sleeve crops that transform from poppy prints to solid red, daisy to violet, and neon yellow to white, these fun and versatile tops are the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Looking for something a little more businessy?

We got you. Try a v-neck ruffle sleeve blouse in a variety of reversible styles like black squiggle to violet, purple squiggle to blush, daisy to white, red to poppy print and daisies to gold.

And if you’re looking for a reversible tank that you can layer now with a bomber jacket or cardigan and then bare arms in the spring, try the triangle neckline reversible tank in white and navy rings. It’s like magic.

Poof…a new outfit.

See below for our favorite reversible tops from luxury womenswear designer, Gita Omri.

Oh and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, these styles are available for women of all sizes, 0-30.

Courtesy: Gita Omri

Daniel Quintanilla

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