New York City will be safe once again by enforcing involuntary mental health laws

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

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New York City Mayor, Eric Adams, went to task on Tuesday that ensures the residents of the five boroughs, as well as commuters and tourists who file into this great city 24/ 7 are safe wherever they go, that vital step is addressing mental health, where Mayor Adams made it mandatory that those who need treatment for mental health and homelessness, especially on the MTA subway lines, get it immediately, where city officials and New York City police are now enforcing this new law for the safety of not only those who need help, but for the safety of everyone else.

For too long, the problem of mental health in New York City, compounded with homelessness has been ignored, according to Mayor Adams.

This also leads to all crimes such robbery, assault, or even murder, also coupled with new laws such as the Civil Liberties Act, legalizing marijuana in New York City, and other pre and post COVID-19 pandemic acts , including inflation, that have sparked a rise in crime in New York City, Daniel plus Lauren has been a witness to mentally ill individuals seen more frequently in Hell’s Kitchen throughout this year alone, and told stories of individuals getting murdered in the Bronx, moments after giving money to another individual they were passing by.

Even places like Times Square have met the shadow of its former ugly self before being reformed into a travel destination in the mid 1990’s, crime is more frequent, and you have to hold onto your possessions while worrying about your own safety more carefully than you’ve had in years.

Involuntary help for mental illness and homelessness is one immediate step to walk easier in New York City, stepping up law enforcement on all individuals who took advantage of freedoms given to those prior to Tuesday’s act by Mayor Adams is also vital for those who work, visit, and live in New York City on a regular basis, along with improved water, transportation, and economic opportunities.

Daniel Quintanilla

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