Curve New York City upcoming trade show will add men’s lingerie to Javits Center floor

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Lace On The Y

Curve New York trade show today took an additional step in a much-needed direction, instead of just focusing on women’s lingerie, swimwear, and activewear, Curve New York says it is welcoming men’s lingerie, and women’s lingerie onto its trade room floor at the Javits Center for the Winter show taking place on February 5 through February 7, Curve will have a complementary event on Monday, February 6 at 9:30 a.m. EST to show off this new addition to Curve of men’s lingerie by the brands exclusively featured which truly simplify the new direction Curve is going in with men’s intimates to partner side by side with it’s traditional women’s intimates.

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Menagerie has one goal in mind, it focuses on male sensitivity, body positivity, and introduces the idea of bringing beauty and adornment to men’s fashion by creating a luxury experience, it also details the features found on women’s lingerie accurately while designing for the male body aesthetic, providing comfort and coverage to its beautifully designed men’s underwear, swimwear, and nightwear that’s sourced and sewn in Fabriano, Italy, producing the highest quality and ethically sourced products that are only using the best materials.

Standing out with Menagerie is the HIP BRIEF in the Rose Signature edition that’s a classic brief design with a 2 inch wide cotton plus viscose elastic waistband that true low hip, a snug and supportive crotch are very important when designing men’s lingerie modeled after women’s lingerie, exposure of genitals when men wear women’s panties are the absolute downside, especially when men are showing off women’s lingerie to the whole world for whatever occasion like Halloween, or even when a man performs, dances, and models in women’s lingerie, perseverance and negating the idea of an exposed crotch are the only powerful weapon you have when going out in public.

Courtesy: Menagerie

For those looking for a little more lace in their lives beyond the classic underwear briefs, go to the MIDWAY BRIEF with all the biker short design who want a more conservative and less revealing look of themselves in their underwear, this sports cycle short design follows in the same order as the classic HIP BRIEF, but extends its “Rose Signature Edition” lace panels to hug the thighs as its designed with stretch nylon crotch with no exposure whatsoever, a typical dilemma found if you’re just wearing lace without proper crotch coverage.

Courtesy: Menagerie

Menagerie offers a wide range of briefs, boxers, thongs, g-strings, and jock straps that model women’s underwear with its detailed lace and non-lace design, but properly designed for a man to cover and comfort private parts compromised otherwise, there’s also the HIGH WAIST CONTROL BRIEF for those who struggle with the mid-section, reducing the size of your abdomen by one size, eliminating any type of muffin top you may have right now from hanging skin, or excess weight, this 7 inch inseam undergarment also supports your back, and engineered with fast-drying microfiber after washing with proper care.

Courtesy: Christine Lingerie

Christine Lingerie

Christine Lingerie may be best known for women’s lingerie at its finest, but Christine Lingerie also has fine men’s lingerie consisting of robes, loungewear, robes, and boxers seen here, these simple sleek silk boxer shorts are alluring and comfortable, a great piece to underwear to sleep in as it’s easy and cool, or to lounge around in your around the house, this silk short has an elastic waist and a button fly front, found not also in black, but also in blue, burgundy, blue-green, and blue, it’s 100 percent silk, and is made up north in the heart of Canada.

Courtesy: Thorns


Controversial, and an intimate brand you need to know about, Thorns was made for the future of lingerie, a future sunshine of men’s lingerie that’s truly breathable, stylish, and comfortable for the strength of a man and his physique, Thorns is made in Europe, and pays respect to nature by making its artful and ideal briefs, thongs, and jock straps out of organic materials.

Courtesy: Thorns

This is the Daylight Brief resembling a semi-thong design made with micro-ribbed fabric, a silk mix of 60 percent silk plus 40 percent cotton, there’s also a woven label, and it has an atomic fit.

Courtesy: Thorns

Thorns’s Haria String Sand jock strap thong is underwear that’s made up of the utmost sustainable organic European fabric possible, it is exactly Ecolnyl Recycled fabric with muscle control, comprised of 78 percent Recycled Polyamide, with 22 percent Elastan, fabrics tailored to be in line with the sensory of a male’s muscles, enabling muscles to stay in control according to a man’s aesthetics, light brown is the appropriate, but more so dramatic choice of color for this Thorns thong to be sold at, plus it’s sweat, and water resistant.

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