VICTOR DE SOUZA F/W23 Runway Show at Room and Board New York

Daniel Quintanilla

By Patricia Ann Parenti

Victor De Souza showed his collection at a store called Room and Board at 236 West 18th Street in NYC on February 9, 2023. The store sells high quality modern style furniture. It was a beautiful show and I wish to thank Bonnie Bien at La Presse PR for inviting me to cover the show for my blog.

Daniel Quintanilla

I’ve been attending this designer’s couture shows for a while now.  Everything you see in my photos can be specially ordered to fit you perfectly. Couture designers work with their clients on a one-on-one basis and take measurements on you then have the item of clothing sewn in their Altier. In Victor’s case his clothes are made in NYC so you know you are getting the best craftmanship available. 

This season’s collection was inspired by the suits of the late 1960s with fitted copped jackets and miniskirts. Other looks reminisce of that era are maxi dresses with tight bodices, matching bows on the front of the bodice and long trains in the back for making a grand entrance at the ball. He took touches from the Elizabethan era with ruffled collars on maxi coats. Knee length shorts were paired with double breasted peplum jackets adorned with gold buttons and worn with matching knee socks to give the outfit a school girl look.

Daniel Quintanilla

As someone who attends the European fabric shows, I can tell you he uses the best fabrics from Europe. Some of the fabrics he used in his collection this season were tapestry, brocades and re-embroidered lace. What made his collection so special was his use of big silver or gold buttons that looked like a pieces of jewelry. Bows on bodices gave the jackets and dresses an extra special detail that I felt added to the 1960s theme of the collection.

Daniel Quintanilla

Dustin Lujan did an excellent job of styling the show. His use of textured hose and knee socks made the outfits seem polished. Even the flat pointed toe shoes with bows on the front were replicas of what would have been worn in the 1960s with these clothes. I loved how the outfits were so coordinated with the shoes and hosiery.

Daniel Quintanilla

Victors’ suits can be worn to the office, a luncheon and a dressy daytime event. The gowns and coats are perfect for attending black tie events at night. When you where his clothes you will be making a fashion statement because they are so beautiful and unusual but very easy to wear. These are the clothes that will last for decades because they are classic styles.

Courtesy: victordesouzany Instagram

For more information , or follow and message him on Instagram @victordesouza.

Collaboration: Daniel Quintanilla & Patricia Ann Parenti

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