Informa & Fashion Snoops foresee fashion’s new life through AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Courtesy: Informa Markets Fashion & Fashion Snoops

The Door Is Open

For all its life, the fashion industry has been the one who tells you (but New York first) what apparel and accessories are trending each season, being the forward source to what you and your friends find cool to wear, but there’s a startling truth you never knew about the fashion industry, it lives in a world where its existence is done manually, never has a trending industry been so linear, or hanging on one trend to market now… when one or more trends have succeeded that one trend the industry’s marketing right now, this fact is just one hard truth that Informa Markets Fashion with Fashion Snoops reveals as the fashion industry finally sees its past now extinct, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the only way that fashion can rise above its upheaval that rocked its world to its core.

Courtesy: Informa Markets Fashion & Fashion Snoops

AI being the one thing that saves the fashion industry and destinations like New York Fashion Week a hot spot again are broken down into 5 aspects like Blockchain with traceability, Demand Forecasting detecting inventory need, Production Robotics with manufacturing on-demand, Sharing Platforms to globally source online, and Logistics Automation using automation to b-line product from warehouse to doorstep as fast as possible.

Courtesy: Informa Markets Fashion & Fashion Snoops

AI and the fashion industry coming together is said to be a godsend, because trends in clothing and accessories can now be done in real time, and at a moment’s notice, without the need to look ahead one year from now and set the course on where the world is going in what they buy, plus AI provides more accurate, and localized details about what your market, and your region is into.

And as a result, sustainability is ultimately achieved thanks to AI, because robotics at a local level will produce the fashionable items you need for your business at speeds faster than light, eliminating long-term planning, and significantly reducing wait times from factory to your customer, and sustainability shines in all its glory because cloud-based information, local input, and robotic production without human labor or even child labor will only produce the items you need at one given time, not produce an overflow of stock where your business is forced to give a discount for over-inventory, and keep you sustainable by keeping leftover stock out of landfills.

Fashion with AI not only can be leader, but more responsive to the calls of your consumer, enabling it to change in an instant once one trend ends, and another begins, the future is now, and it needs to stay now to stay current, stay relevant, and most importantly, stay alive.

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