Rhode Island School of Design Presents “Rewilded Domesticity” at ICFF + WantedDesign Manhattan

Erik Gould

Back At Nature’s Origins

Rhode Island School of Design‘s (RISD) Rewilded Domesticity at WantedDesign Manhattan during NYCxDESIGN 2023 represents a collection of objects that express a collective yearning for connection through bold, organic materiality, honest structure and the inherited wisdom of found artifacts. Acknowledging the angst of displacement, migration, disharmony and inhospitable conditions, these objects fiercely reclaim the agency to make a “home” in any situation and with any chosen collective.

Created not as products, but as tools of in-person interaction, models of care and attention and vessels of meaning, these objects speak loudly of what is deemed to be missing in keyboard strokes, mouse clicks and digital socializing by choosing to demonstrate the physical, emotional and creative labor essential to establishing and nurturing genuine bonds. Not so much a nod to a former existence or traditional techniques, though many are deftly deployed, they serve as an intentional grounding in processes more earthly than virtual. The result is a form of generative utility that facilitates the reciprocal and life-sustaining feedback loop of meaningful connection.

The work includes Chair 03V08 Lite, Vessel 01 by Samuel Aguirre MFA 24 FD, Day Mantle (Heart of the Home) by Bill Carroll MFA 23 FD, Sinew Table by Louis Cohen MFA 23 FD, Untitled by Jonathan Samuel Dinetz BFA 24 FD, Chained Basket by Callum Houck BFA 23 FD, Eternal Recurrence – Landing by Michelle Jiaxin Huang BFA 23 FD, Twig Chair by Yuxuan Huang MFA 24 FD, Fraser Bench by Aydan Huseynli BFA 24 FD, New Land by Han-Ray Jahn BFA 23 FD, Sauna Stove by Cam Lasson BFA 2024 FD, Yellow Study by Theju Nimmagadda BFA 23 FD, Bowline Chair by Jan Rybczynski BFA 23 FD, Reflection Plane by Lisa Sacco MFA 23 FD, Plane Chair by Jake Stockman BFA 23 FD and Oak Chest by Kira Wilson BFA 24 FD.

A selection of images from Rewilded Domesticity by photographer Erik Gould can be found here.

About Furniture Design at RISD
Students in RISD’s Furniture Design department embark on a course of study encompassing theory, skills, context, research and professional practices. Drawing from a rich tradition, they are encouraged to experiment and work with a wide range of emerging materials and technologies, developing individual voices through the process of making. The program emphasizes the principles and practice of furniture design as well as the social value of art, design and responsible citizenship.

About Rhode Island School of Design
RISD (pronounced “RIZ-dee”) is a creative community founded in 1877 in Providence, Rhode Island. Today, we enroll 2,620 students hailing from 59 countries. Led by a committed faculty, they are engaged in 44 full-time bachelor’s and master’s degree programs and supported by a worldwide network of over 31,000 alumni who demonstrate the vital role artists and designers play in today’s society.

Beyond facts and figures, what is the spirit of this community? Through a cross-disciplinary curriculum of studio-based learning and rigorous study in the liberal arts, RISD students are encouraged to develop their own personal creative processes, but they are united by one guiding principle: in order to create, one must question. In cultivating expansive and elastic thinking, RISD seeks to activate a critical exchange that empowers artists, designers and scholars to generate and challenge the ideas that shape our world. RISD’s mission, at both the college and museum, is not only to educate students and the public in the creation and appreciation of works of art and design, but to transmit that knowledge and make global contributions. Learn more at risd.edu.

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