NY NOW elevates the boxed wine experience with help from BEBLY


Boxed Wine Unboxed

In search of a way to take your common libation and turn it into a task that’s comparable to Taylor Swift, NY NOW here in New York at the Javits Center surprises us with home innovations we didn’t know we needed, and surprise our brains once we settle into the idea of what the product does, it’s no different today as DANIEL PLUS LAUREN is enlightened by boxed wine going beyond its norm and landing at BEBLY, Box Wine Elevated.

Nevermind what you think about boxed wine, this is not wine you quickly pick up at the store at a fraction of the cost of regular wine on your way home to entertain friends, this is BEBLY, where you’re supplied with insulated, beautiful, and functional box wine tops that come with reusable bags to pour any kind of wine or alcoholic beverage you have into, it comes with a liquid ice pack that you can freeze, and keep your wine cool in for an entire day, DANIEL PLUS LAUREN drank wine in BEBLY after 5 P.M. EDT New York time today only to learn that it was packed at 9 A.M. EST New York time today… and it was still cold.


BEBLY is not just limited to libations of all kinds you buy at the store or order on DRIZLY, you can also store non- alcoholic beverages in BEBLY’s wine boxes that keep drinks cool all day and all night long, BEBLY officials say they were loading up cold brew in the reusable bags this morning to give NY NOW attendees a kick start to their day.

Boxed wine to be honest has a bad rap attached to its name and reputation all due to its cheap nature, but you can leap above boxed wine in general, gut its aesthetic, and give it a whole new meaning with BEBLY, a fully-functional boxed wine storage component that’s interchangeable with 5 top designs, range at $99.99, and store all kinds of liquid libation or not so you and your guest, and your family can enjoy.

By the way, BEBLY can also store boxed wine too if you by chance want your wine cold, or have no room in the refrigerator.

Daniel Quintanilla

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