Lauren Conrad attends LC Lauren Conrad spring event

Courtesy: Jennifer Graylock/ Getty Images for Kohl’s

The Spring Of Things

While it wasn’t the warmest days of spring up here in New York City on Thursday like the first two or three days this week, Getty Images reports that in spite of a spring chill, Lauren Conrad forged ahead with an event celebrating the official launch of the LC Lauren Conrad spring collection over at Kohl’s headquarters where Lauren showed off all the lemonade yellow one could ever want in their lives along with big bold prints of floral in all kinds of solids and mixed colors as one.

Lauren knew that the only way to say it’s spring with LC Lauren Conrad is flaunt it, Lauren wore herself a yellow dress that accompanied the white horizontal lines the dress decorated itself with, as well as a mini blue denim blazer with nude colored high heel sandals, Kohl’s officials also were on hand talking with Lauren about the latest LC Kohl’s that’s in stores now, pieces not to forget in this edition are the dress that’s set on black canvas with huge prints of love-me-love-me-not daisies, and handbags of citrus and watermelon shapes make this season hard to miss.

It’s hard to buy an LC Lauren Conrad dress, top, or bottom without buying an LC Lauren Conrad accessory of solid color handbags also that fit right into spring that go with the many yellow items, denim options, and even black pieces of tiny floral designs one can shop for with Lauren Conrad.

Daniel Quintanilla


Lauren Conrad videos the spring LC Lauren Conrad collection

Courtesy: Kohl’s YouTube Channel

You Know It’s Spring

It’s obvious, spring is outside everywhere you go, it’s 80 degrees in Washington, D.C., people are carrying jackets all around New York City, and there comes a time where no jacket is required even at night, so instead of an extended winter like recent springs, we’re getting treated to spring as it actually happens without further delay and cherry blossoms to either annoy or delight us with their presence, pretty soon it’s gonna be nothing but swimwear that we wear on a daily basis, but first Lauren Conrad today has so many looks from LC Lauren Conrad that Lauren had to put together a video just to show them all off.

With LC Lauren Conrad, this spring is all about spring gingham, yellow accents, and lots of florals that bring out the spring fashion inspiration, it all comes in 8 outfits from Lauren’s April lemonade collection where all pieces have sunflowers, daisies, and lemon prints shining top to bottom with Lauren trying on every look imaginable, all while Lauren makes lemonade in the process as Lauren illustrates a great selling point to get her fans to go out and buy the lemonade collection while spring blooms.

A very notable look Lauren features in the spring lemonade collection is the always stylish fit and flare button front dress which comes in Mini Mia Daisy color, or the knot-hem button down shirt coming in denim blue that goes with any color of mid-rise skinny jeans from LC Lauren Conrad.

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Audrina Patridge extremely lucky in trip to Las Vegas

Courtesy: Audrina Patridge Instagram

Does It Really Stay In Vegas???

Many things can be said about Las Vegas, Nevada, too bad there’s not one bad thing a hater can say because it’s all a good time no matter if it’s business or pleasure, short or long stay, and even drinking or not drinking, yours truly (Daniel plus Lauren) knows how exciting Vegas can be, so does Audrina Patridge, who was lucky to be in the city that truly never sleeps over the weekend as Audrina revealed Monday on Instagram while doing step and repeats over at the legendary Palms Hotel and Casino just slightly off the strip, also known for filming “The Real World: Las Vegas” back in 2002.

While at Palms, Audrina went all out with her fashion wearing Joey Tierney on the style front, Amp Monaco for their fine jewelry, Alexandre Vauthier for Audrina’s stunning one shoulder red dress, Stuart Weitzman with their sandal high heels, and a Bottega Veneta black purse, all made possible by Lion VIP Relations with make-up done via Glam By Kimmy Fab, who brings Hollywood glam to Vegas.

Luckily, Audrina’s luck didn’t run out after the red carpet as Audrina Patridge went off and partied with her fellow cast mates from “The Hills: New Beginnings” who are Misha Burton and Frankie Delgado, which is set to premiere on Monday, June 24th, and doing a little celebrating because of that fact.

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Stephanie Pratt cuts ties with Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt

Courtesy: Stephanie Pratt Instagram

Family’s Family

Just when you thought Spencer Pratt had turned the corner with his sister, Stephanie Pratt, hashing all things out and not letting reality TV get in the way of their brother/ sister relationship, one could be farther from the truth, Stephanie revealed Monday on her “Pratt Cast” podcast that she’s officially done with Spencer, as well as Spencer’s wife, Heidi Montag, who’ve done nothing but constantly create drama in Stephanie’s life, and the people that Spencer and Heidi say they love.

It all started as Stephanie was starting the countdown to “The Hills: New Beginnings” premiering June 24th on MTV, it’s when Stephanie revealed to co-host, Wells Adams, that she wants no part of her big brother, Spencer, Stephanie says she’s done, she doesn’t care, and she will not pretend for one moment that Heidi and Spencer are good people all for the sake of “The Hills” so there’s no friction with Spencer and Stephanie’s parents, Stephanie’s no longer protecting the two.

Stephanie also revealed that Heidi and Spencer are the reason why she moved to London, England long ago, a way to break free from the drama, which Stephanie revealed too comes a great deal from Miss Heidi herself, because it’s said that Heidi doesn’t want Spencer to have a relationship with anybody other than her.

Stephanie Pratt has no regrets exposing her brother and sister-in-law for what they are, Stephanie doesn’t care about the repercussions, the only thing Stephanie will miss out on is that cute little son of Spencer and Heidi named Gunner.

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Lauren Conrad springs out the LC Lauren Conrad of April

Courtesy: Kohl’s

Bloom Like The Cherry Blossoms

In all the 10 years that yours truly, who is Daniel plus Lauren (Daniel Quintanilla) has not only been writing, but had encountered the beautiful cherry blossoms along the Potomac River in our nation’s capitol and areas of Virginia, never have they ever exploited the goodness of the cherry blossoms, they always passed by them annoyed by the throngs of tourists that crowd the quadrant of DC causing all kind of traffic, and making it impossible as recent as yesterday just to travel out of Washington, D.C. to go to New York City because all forms of transportation were booked as if it were the day before Thanksgiving, but Lauren Conrad and get forged ahead anyway today with a new April collection from LC Kohl’s itself.

Now aside from the side effects of cherry blossoms, LC Lauren Conrad makes April about eyelet fabrics, lightweight tees, and bright whites to go along with a collection channeling easy basics like ruffled blouses and button-down shirts with a twist, it all starts with a salute to white coming in ruffle trim tank that celebrates mixing things up along with feel good mid-rise skinny jeans.

The feel good mid-rise skinny jeans grace Lauren once again coming in their traditional dark blue wash as they’re paired with knot-hem button-down shirt and tiramisu high heel sandals, then the feel good mid-rise skinny jeans walk on Lauren again in a light blue wash with a beige graphic tee going “Oopsie Daisy”.

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Kristin Cavallari reveals marital problems on ‘Very Cavallari’

Courtesy: E! Entertainment YouTube Channel

A Real Start

It’s not always easy to survive a marriage, let alone maintain it, there’s ups and downs along the way, plus you have to give, take, and compromise in order for man and woman to be happy even living together, then there’s excepting habits of one another if one can’t change right away, it takes work overall to make a marriage work, Kristin Cavallari in so many words Sunday night on “Very Cavallari” on E! was no stranger to admitting that she and husband, Jay Cutler, have ups and downs.

Things got a little hairy at dinner with their friends as Kristin wasn’t shy to admit that she and Jay have their marital problems, saying there’s no such thing as a perfect marriage, it may seem all perfect on the outside, but there’s problems to be tackled on the inside, Jay looks like he’s not having a good time and walks out, but Jay then uses his football experience and fakes back to the table, Kristin too admits she doesn’t always invite her limas (Jay) everywhere, but the limas seems to always tag along.

Kristin’s friend, Kelly, doesn’t have it easy either as Kelly continues her search to find a man, but now has the burden of time barreling down on her as far as her eggs are concerned, so Kelly confides in one of her other friends aside from Kristin that she’s considering freezing her eggs so when she does meet Mr. Right, Kelly’s eggs will be ready to go when she finally has children, Kelly’s also doubtful of asking anyone who hasn’t dated in a long time for dating advice, especially those who use to date never worked with dating apps.

Love is not the only conflict “Very Cavallari” had on tap, Uncommon James has its problems too since shipping has become an increasing problem at the worst possible time being Cyber Monday, so Brittany is uncomfortable with Matt and his “I Don’t Know” answers about issues that come up, Matt desperately tries to play the “I’m the only male worker here” card as a reason for always being called out, but Brittany is baffled that Matt’s even trying it.

But at least there’s one problem that Kristin, Jay, Kelly, Brittany, Uncommon James, and even the Kardashians cannot solve or go up against, it’s the premiere of the final episodes of “Game Of Thrones” returning next week on HBO, so E!’s taking the entire night off, and all new episodes of both “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and “Very Cavallari” will return Sunday, April 21st, as Kristin and Jay spices things up.

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Lauren Conrad’s April inspiration with The Edit


It’s A Happy Day Everyday

There’s certainly a lot these days to be smiling about, like a steady stream of warm days so far this week, it’s the first full month of spring, and Lauren Conrad announced on Tuesday that she’s having a baby again, making it her second child, so it’s a great time for Lauren and her team to celebrate the inspiration that April brings with the exception of tax day on the horizon, it’s what drives The Edit to find such wonderful things today that make April so worth while, and happily looking forward to the warm months ahead.

The once again mother-to-be Lauren kicks things off having a new love for sage green, where it can be found on newly remodeled kitchens and bathrooms, Lauren’s specific sage green love is down to earth and in the bathroom thanks to Jack & Jill Bathroom Tour via Sarah Sherman Samuel.

As a mom, and a business mogul, Lauren keeps her home attire pretty simple, especially if another life is on the way, it all comes down to staying in weekend wear, or even your pajamas when that’s the best choice all day long, so Life is Better in Pajamas via Alja Horvat Illustrations says it all.

Lauren certainly has friends in high places, Gary Malin is certainly one of them who’s a longtime friend of Lauren’s, but there was no need to go to the mile high club for Gray Malin’s Orange County & Laguna Beach Collection where Lauren rode along with Gary up on a helicopter to get his latest portrait.

If you’ve just gotten to some spring cleaning on your list, perhaps you could find yourself in the kitchen where you need to organize space, so let Anthropologie Lilah Pot help your kitchen look more attractive in its off-white beautiful color, and find a little joy in your workout attire as you come across the super soft and high waisted Joy Lab Everyday High-Waisted Leggings.

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Lauren Conrad reveals time when baby no. 2 is due


Baby On The Way

Sooner rather than later, Lauren Conrad revealed Wednesday to E! News that she’s expected to give birth to her second child sometime in the fall, it’s one of the things that’s making Lauren extremely happy because she’ll have 2 kids that are close in age, as little Liam James Tell was born on July 5, 2017, which will make Lauren’s children slightly over 2 years apart from each other, Lauren also is feeling good about another baby coming as Lauren’s dealing with her first trimester while raising little Liam who’s a toddler now, and keeping her businesses in top shape.

What’s gratifying with Lauren and people around her is that Lauren’s second child is so eager to come into the world that Lauren’s had a very hard time hiding her baby bump from the world as Lauren’s baby continued to grow inside Lauren which one would say is turning out to be an extremely healthy pregnancy for Lauren so far, it was only 2 days ago that Lauren announced she was pregnant with baby number two, which Lauren is extremely happy about as her family continues to grow.

The next big thing Lauren’s set to reveal about baby number two is what sex it’s going to be, so there’s the possibility of the first baby LC being born if it’s a girl, otherwise Lauren Conrad and people will dream about the beautiful top notch nursery Lauren will create no matter if Lauren has a boy or girl.

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Lauren Conrad’s list of women-penned inspiring books


An Uplifting Moment

Beach time is coming, it’s sure to give some happy, as well as wonderful times ahead (think “Dawson’s Creek” wonderful), there’s plenty of bikinis and one-pieces to stock up on, the right amount of suntan lotion to protect our precious selves, plenty of beach towels to seek out, and the wonderful news announced by Lauren Conrad Tuesday that she’s expecting her second child, so it is Team LC that keeps business going today with a list of books not only to keep us occupied, but to uplift us right along with the sun’s rays.

The first five books Team Lauren have collected are “Dear Ijeaele, of A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions” by Chimamanda Ngozi, the “Harry Potter” series by J.K. Rowling, “Becoming” by former First Lady, Michelle Obama, “Heart Talk” by Cleo Wade, and “Why Not Me?” by Mindy Kaling, all which give stories of positive reinforcement, valuable life lessons, and taking the female to places she may have never dreamed.

In the next set of books, we take a look at “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed, “Am I There Yet?” by Mari Andrew, “I Am Malala” by Malala Yousafzai, “Shrill” by Lindy West, and “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand, these fine books touch on perseverance under fire, having the courage to speak up, being proud about yourself no matter what shape or form you are born with, and learning through history a little bit about ourselves so we don’t make the mistakes of the past.

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‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ announces premiere date in new trailer

Courtesy: MTV YouTube Channel

More Written Activity To Be Done

MTV released a brand-new trailer today for “The Hills” reboot that’s approximately named “The Hills: New Beginnings” on their YouTube channel, and all other forms of social media that MTV owns, it also announces the premiere date, which is Monday, June 24, the day of the week where “The Hills” made a name for itself during its heyday, and also 3 days after summer arrives.

Even though no matter what time of the year it was as “The Hills” did well with its most unforgettable moments in the first 3 seasons, it seemed those moments aired in summer 2006 and summer 2007, with season 2 happening in the middle of winter and into spring, and it looks like MTV wants that summer luck to come again as it’s a perfect time to break from the norm of regular programming, and watch something that’s your great escape, and it’s a smart bet that MTV will put “The Hills: New Beginnings” on at 10 p.m. EDT/ 9 p.m. CDT to try and renew that spark when we all sat down to watch this wonderful program, as we fans have grown into new habits and ways.

The most interesting thing about this trailer is that it doesn’t start right away with “Hills” memories, it reminds us of the first moments in our lives like when our first day of school was, or our first kiss, or our first love, which leads into the moment when Spencer proposed to Heidi on the Ferris Wheel just weeks before they got married, and Lauren Conrad left the show in the same episode.

And Lauren Conrad has good reasons not to do “The Hills: New Beginnings”, it’s because Lauren’s got businesses to run, causes to do good on, and becoming a mother again as Lauren announced today that she’s expecting baby number 2.

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