Yara Shahidi wore Hanut Singh earrings to the ‘BET Awards’

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We Come To Represent

Yara Shahidi wore Hanut Singh pearl earrings to the “BET Awards” on Sunday Evening in Los Angeles, California.

Effervescent, delicate, yet boldly arresting, Hanut Singh’s jewellery evokes a timeless cosmopolitanism.

Taking inspiration from the fragile delicacy of the floral to the strongly geometric, Hanut’s work bridges the modern and the ancient, the Indic and the European. He  inventively interweaves the pietra dura techniques of medieval Mughal and Rajput ateliers with the later art deco and art nouveau, creating jewels which are evocative and subtly beautiful.

Stone within stones, pearl with shell, crystal with gold, they create worlds within worlds, bringing the fragrance of flowers and the radiance of star light.

His jewellery is born of Puja, that everyday recognition of the mystery of the divine; Maya, the illusory grandeur of royal spectacle and pageantry; and Lila, the play of life that celebrates the energies of all living beings.

A body, thus adorned, gladdens the heart in infinite  joy.

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All of Regina Hall’s jewelry at the BET Awards

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Represent Y’All

Regina Hall was stylish in several stunning looks while hosting the “BET Awards” on Sunday night in Los Angeles, California.

  • Hitting the “BET Awards” Red Carpet, she started strong in an Yvan Tufenkjian diamond ear crawler, a Borgioni spike stud and double finger ring, and a Djula ring.
  • She took the stage in a burgundy sequin jumpsuit wearing rings by Kallati and AS29 

  • Changing in to a neon pleated suit, she paired it with a Misahara ring
  • Closing out the show in a stunning gold gown, she wore rings by Kallati and AS29

When Leon Tufenkjian found himself making fine jewellery in his attic in 1909, little did he know history was about to be made.

A young, hardworking man whose uncompromising nature and profound craftsmanship to create jewels is driven by a deep reverence, Leon Tufenkjian opened his first shop in the historical Beirut Gold Souk.

From its very first collections, his humble creations marked the beginning of a marvelous journey that welcomed his three sons. 

Each piece of Borgioni jewelry is given the heart and soul of what the company was founded on,the love for individuality, clean, classic and modern design, under the supervision of master jewelers who share a commitment to quality, craftsmanship and superior innovation.

With his interesting and seductive collections Alexandre Corrot makes all his campaigns become an authentic work of art.

Unlike traditional jewelry, the spirit of Djula remains the same as when the «Glam Rock» trend was launched 20 years ago.

The Kallati Jewelry brand was founded in 1988, New York by Mr. Kallati who began sourcing, designing and selling fine jewelry to select retailers and private customers across the country with his family.

Like each generation before them, the Kallati siblings were immersed in the jewelry business, with their father’s mentorship to carry on the legacy.

Lepa established Misahara in 2013 after years of redesigning jewelry that her husband had gifted to her.

Although she loved the heartfelt intention behind these gifts, she was always a bit dismayed that the pieces didn’t feel personal.

After discovering her talent for re-imagining jewelry, her husband eventually encouraged her to start her own jewelry line; creating pieces that perfectly represented her style and personality… and so Misahara was born!

Founded in 2008 by fourth-generation Belgian diamond dealer Audrey Savransky, AS29 broke new ground with her rock ‘n’ flirty designs.

By 2009, AS29 was available in countless jewellery stores around the globe and counted Project Runway judge Nina Garcia and stylist Rachel Zoe as early fans.

Offering modern women the perfect cure to diamond envy with her unique provocative take on fine jewellery, AS29 designs are both bold and feminine.

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Lauren Conrad adopts & adds new puppy to growing family

Courtesy: Lauren Conrad Instagram

Spread The Love

Lauren Conrad couldn’t help but tell the world today that there’s a new member of the Conrad/ Tell clan, but it’s not yet Lauren’s second child that’s due this fall, it’s an addition that current dog’s Chloe and Fitz, can appreciate, Lauren adopted a new little puppy that certainly adds to Lauren’s already growing family whether it’s human and/ or animal.

For this wonderful new addition, Lauren sought out only those that can be trusted to help with adopting a puppy, and certainly not through a puppy mill, Lauren went through Wags and Walks Rescue, a 501c3 dog rescue in Los Angeles, California that saves family friendly dogs from high kills shelters, placing them in loving homes.

Wags & Walks was founded in 2011 by Lesley Brog, the daughter of a veterinarian, who was devastated by the number of sweet and healthy dogs being euthanized due to overcrowding in LA shelters.

Wags & Walks’ main goal when founded was to break the stigma that rescue dogs are damaged goods and to help decrease the number of dogs euthanized in local shelters by showing the community that you can find wonderful dogs of all breeds and sizes through rescue.

That value has remained consistent as the rescue has continued to grow.

Wags & Walks’ success can be credited to a team of dog-loving, loyal and intelligent people that share a can-do attitude as well as a strong network of partners, incredible alumni (as we call our previous adopters) and our value of choosing our dogs on temperament rather than breed. Every Wags & Walks dog has been through a temperament evaluation to ensure we know the best fit for our dogs.

Not only is this a way to ensure successful adoptions, but it also helps spread the word that shelter dogs are the best dogs!

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Joan Smalls’ Summer Pool Accessory

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Gold Goes With Everything

Joan Smalls was poolside in Marco Bicego “Jaipur Link” Hoop Earrings (shop here for $2,350) on Tuesday in Miami, Florida.

Since 2000 Marco has incorporated the traditions and virtues passed down from his father to create jewelry that embodies the luxury of Italian craftsmanship and contemporary design.

Every piece of Marco Bicego jewelry is hand-crafted in our headquarters in Italy.

Located in the Veneto region of Northern Italy, Trissino is near historical cities such as Venice, Vicenza and Verona.

Every step of the production is done in-house, ensuring the highest quality of jewelry.

We begin with the smelting our own 18K gold.

From there the beauty of the piece begins to take shape by incorporating our signature hand engraving and coil technique.

Joan Smalls Rodriguez (born July 11, 1988) is a Puerto Rican supermodel and actress.

In 2013 and 2018 she ranked at #8 on Forbes magazine’s “World’s Highest-Paid Models” list.

In 2011, she became the first Latina model to represent Estée Lauder cosmetics.

In January 2014, Smalls appeared on the “Return of the Supermodel” cover of American Elle.

In 2012, Smalls was ranked the number #1 model in the world by Models.com; she is currently ranked as one of the New Supers in the fashion industry.

In 2010, Smalls began modeling for Victoria’s Secret, and was featured in the “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” from 2011 to 2016.

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Lauren Conrad & 5 organizational items you never knew you needed

Courtesy: LaurenConrad.com

Fill The Gap With Neatness

Imagine, walking into a room, your room for that matter, finding out there’s something missing in your life, it’s not a passion or passions you need to fulfill, nor true love, or is it a wrong you need to make right, it’s right in front of your face honestly, and it’s buried in a drawer of miscellaneous items mixed up with other items, or buried in a mountain full of clothes thrown on the floor or scattered across what use to be your bed, it’s organization, but there are items to make you the best neat freak in the world, Lauren Conrad found 5 items Wednesday to solve your organizational dilemma.

Thanks to “Asking For A Friend” and The Home Edit, Lauren’s first simple step to life-changing organization is investing in a lazy susan, not a cabinet in your kitchen, but a lazy Susan container that goes round and round dividing your toiletries according to cleansers, tooth hygiene, body washes, etc.

Also out of rescue organization from The Container Store are bin organizers designed to hold an allotted amount of items no matter how big or how small they are, and who knew that one can store all their shoes, and even their clothes in shoe boxes, and they can be stored in the closet no less, right along with those clothes that must be hung up always.

A very important step to creating perfect organization is labeling all your containers so you know where things are, and investing in wall racks to store extra items is always a big plus.

Daniel Quintanilla

Olivia Holt wore Harry Kotlar & Djula to the ‘Radio Disney Music Awards’

Courtesy: D’Orazio & Associates

Disney Style

Olivia Holt wore Harry Kotlar earrings and stacking rings, along with a Djula ring to the “Radio Disney Music Awards” on Sunday, June 16th, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

With his interesting and seductive collections Alexandre Corrot makes all his campaigns become an authentic work of art.

Unlike traditional jewelry, the spirit of Djula remains the same as when the «Glam Rock» trend was launched 20 years ago.

Djula is known for sourcing all of its diamonds and gemstones from non conflict areas.

Our ethical policy and core values reflect on how we make sure that no children are used as workforce and how all of our gemstones are sourced.

Gold :
Djula exclusively uses 18 carat gold for its jewelry
Diamonds purity :
The diamonds used on micro-paving are G VS1 SI quality (Slightly Included),
The pear shaped diamonds, marquise or baguette diamonds are VS2 quality (Very Slightly Included).
The diamonds setting is always a claw hand-made setting.

Having a visionary mentality and always thinking ahead of his time it’s how Alexandre Corrot, Djula’s designer and artistic director, revolutionized the jewelry industry with his creativity and his style. He broke the traditional jewelry idea by launching a glam-rock trend known as the « barbed wire » collection.

It’s not a coincidence that Alexandre Corrot is so found of the “Art Nouveau” as it was a great part of art in the 20’s. He has an adventurous and delicate style and this is how his obsession for sleek and graphic lines were shown in all of his collections.

He played a big part in converting the jewelry sector from its typical look allowing it to become more urban.

Daniel Quintanilla

Lauren Conrad home organizes with Joanna Teplin & Clea Shearer on ‘Asking For A Friend’

Courtesy: The Home Edit

The Sanctuary Organized

There’s a limit to the amount of chaos that one can handle in their lives, there’s chaos at work, our personal lives, in our family, and even friends at times who don’t know when to draw the limit with someone’s boundaries, but there’s always our home, and something as little as our room if that’s all we got where there’s total control of the space, you can build, organize, and canvas your four walls however you want, and it’s not all that hard if you listen to Lauren Conrad’s guest today who are Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer on “Asking For A Friend”.

Coming from their baby that’s The Home Edit, home organization is big, it creates clarity in one’s mind, and opens all possibilities of designing one’s room to be chic and elegant, but the first step to a major home organization project is start out small, because if you alone try to organize your home all at once, then it’s gonna end miserably by giving up at midpoint, it’s highly recommended you take on one task at a time, like organizing a piece of space first because it’s easier on the mind, and motivates you to take on something bigger without biting off more than you can chew.

Just like organizing silverware, one can organize their items, clothes, shoes, and such into one place, staying together without getting mixed up with unrelated items, use dividers in places where necessary without taking up valuable space, items finding their own space, storing important documents where it needs to be, siphoning out what’s really worth keeping, and how to properly part with items.

But the most important thing to remember when you are organizing your home space is that your home cannot be more than 80 percent full.

Daniel Quintanilla

Courtesy: Cadence 13

Napkins that are made by you & from the heart

Courtesy: Quill.com

Write It In Your Own Words

Who doesn’t want a gathering of friends or family to be memorable?

All of us do.

We want the food to be memorable, the time to be relaxed, the conversation convivial, and the décor to stand out.

One way to do the latter is to invest in something truly unique and personalized that offers a distinctive color or message.

But investing in pre-made items can get to be pricey pretty quickly.

Plus, how many times do you want to read the same messaging, such as “Congrats!”, on a napkin?

Instead, there’s a way to put your printer to use and rely on some good, old-fashioned templates to create colorful patterned napkins for every event or even just special meals. 

Doing so means that you can simply invest in some paper napkins and follow some essential steps.

Your printer gets to do the finish work for you, adding formal or casual typography and interesting shapes to however many napkins you want.

How do you do all of this?

This graphic explains it.

From birthdays and baby showers to office potlucks, big promotions, and retirements custom napkin designs are all the rage. They add a unique, personal feel and a touch of whimsy—whether they’re specific to a holiday or if you use them to personalize office parties with your company logo.

While it’s simple enough to pay for custom napkins, there are several reasons you may want to consider creating DIY versions instead. For starters, it allows you to brainstorm your own one-of-a-kind design and ensure that it prints to your liking. Additionally, going the DIY route is often less expensive than purchasing custom-designed napkins.

Whether you want to create custom napkins for your next party or design a set of napkins as a gift, here’s the DIY way to make it happen.

How to make custom napkins

Ready to craft your own designed napkins? Get started with the following steps.

First, create your design

In order to transfer a design onto napkins, you’ll need a digital version of your preferred design. You can create this on your own or source one online (just make sure you check the rules for licensing). If you want to create your design with pen and paper, you’ll need to scan it and save a digital version. If you create the design on your computer or source it online, simply save the file on your computer.

Next, gather your materials

You’ll need the following supplies to print your napkins at home:

  • Paper napkins (choose heavy-duty, multi-ply napkins, which will hold ink better)
  • Freezer paper
  • Your digital design
  • An iron
  • An inkjet printer, preferably with high-quality ink (Do not to use a laser jet printer, since they can get very hot and may create a fire hazard if using paper napkins. We recommend HP Original Ink because it is smear- and water-resistant and provides high-quality )

Cut the freezer paper

Grab your freezer paper and cut it to a size that:

  • Is large enough to cover one unfolded napkin
  • Is small enough to travel through your printer

Because printers and napkins come in different sizes, there is no “one size fits all” measurement here. Instead, measure your printer tray and an unfolded napkin to determine the proper size for your freezer paper.

Note: Some sources recommend printing the design onto transfer paper, then ironing the transfer paper onto the napkins. If you feel unenthused about the freezer paper technique, it may be worth giving this alternate strategy a try. In this case, you’ll skip over the next several steps.

Iron a napkin onto a cut piece of freezer paper

Start by placing a napkin on top of a cut piece of freezer paper. The napkin should rest on the shinier side of the freezer paper. The side of the napkin that will feature the design should face up.

Next, preheat the iron to a medium setting. Then gently iron the napkin onto the freezer paper. (It’s a good idea to test a small patch before ironing over the entire napkin. Make sure the napkin sticks to the freezer paper and that nothing melts before completing the ironing.) It’s important that the napkin be fully adhered to the freezer paper so it doesn’t catch inside the printer during the next step.

Print your design

Once you successfully iron a napkin onto a piece of freezer paper, place the resulting combo into your printer. Line it up just like regular printer paper, making sure the napkin is properly oriented. (You may want to run a few test sheets of printer paper through the printer to determine how to orient the napkin according to your printer.) Once you line up the napkin, print the design using the file you saved on your computer in the first step.

Remove the napkin from the freezer paper

Once the design has printed onto the napkin, allow the napkin and freezer paper to cool down a bit. Then, gently peel the napkin off the freezer paper, being careful not to tear the napkin. Once you remove the freezer paper, your napkin is ready to use. Printing your own custom napkins may require some time and effort. But in the end, you’ll find yourself with a stack of highly personalized napkins that will satisfy your creative urges and delight the guests at your next party.

Daniel Quintanilla

Kate McKinnon wore Anabela Chan jewelry to the London premiere of ‘Yesterday’

Courtesy: D’Orazio & Associates

Ticket To Glam

Kate McKinnon wore Anabela Chan Lily earrings and Kaleidoscope ring to the “Yesterday” premiere on June 18th, 2019 in London, England.

Anabela Chan is a London based award-winning jewelry designer and artist, who arrived at jewelry from a prestigious background in architecture, fashion and art. This year, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts, Lupita Nyong’o and Taylor Swift amongst other global superstars and Royalties have all graced red carpet events wearing her enchanting, statement pieces.  

With awards from Vogue Talents and The British Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council, Anabela was named by Harpers Bazaar UK as ’The Jewelry Designer you need to know now’ and the FT How To Spend It naming her London gallery-like boutique one of the city’s best kept secrets. 

With no marketing and strictly discovered through word of mouth, her unique jewels and objets d’art are presented at some of the most exclusive boutiques in the world including Harrods and Christie’s London, Land Crawford Hong Kong, Luisa Via Roma Florence and Moda Operandi New York.

Born into 3 generations of film directors and cinematographers, Anabela grew up in London and Paris, and trained at the world-renowned Royal College of Art and Gemmological Association of Great Britain.

She finds her inspirations from her extensive travels to the exotic and the orient; collecting gems and treasures along the way from local markets, nature and the intriguing people she meets. 

A champion for truly sustainable, ethical laboratory-grown and created gemstones, through an alchemy of precious, natural and man-made materials Anabela combines elegant sculptural forms with dream-like romanticism and thought provoking narratives.  

Every jewel is hand-crafted individually by skilled artisans with the finest craftsmanship, combining her love affair with gemstones and an obsession to detail and perfection, to create magical treasures of infinite colours and sparkle that are loved, worn and collected alike.  

Originally trained as an architect and a specialist in print and embroidery design, Anabela worked with Architect Lord Richard Rogers and Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen in London for 7 years before returning to jewellery to launch her eponymous label in 2013.  

Anabela opened her first stand alone boutique in London Piccadilly’s Ham Yard Hotel in November 2014.

Daniel Quintanilla

Brie Larson accepts ‘MTV Movie & TV Award’ alongside stunt doubles wearing Le Vian

Courtesy: D’Orazio & Associates

Captain Of The World

Brie Larson accepted her “MTV Movie & TV Award” alongside her stunt doubles wearing Le Vian star stud earrings on Saturday night in Los Angeles, California.

Le Vian is a family-owned jewelry company with a long history, dating from the 15th century.

As purveyors of fine jewelry, Le Vian had gained such a reputation that in 1746, Nadir Shah, one Persia’s most powerful rulers, chose them to safeguard the collection of jewels he had amassed — including the famous Kooh-i- Noor diamond. A rich history, across centuries. 

Le Vian is known for its LOVE of reinventing several categories of fine jewelry through unique combinations of colors of diamonds, gems and gold to create the various collections.

In an industry where copying is all too common, Le Vian insists on having every design start with an original idea, sketched out with pencil and paper.

This time and effort spent in new designs has led to an estimated 100,000 original designs created by Le Vian over the years.

Today, Le Vian is at the forefront of creating the most exquisite natural fancy-color diamond and gemstone jewelry.

It is Le Vian’s innovative use of colors that led the company to seek out the under-appreciated brown diamonds and popularize the deep-colored stones as Chocolate Diamonds®.

To ensure that jewelry buyers would be certain of getting diamonds of only the highest quality, Le Vian trademarked the Chocolate Diamonds® name.

This is just one example of Le Vian bringing jewelry to consumers that no other company has.

Daniel Quintanilla