Lauren Conrad has Valentine’s Day ideas for kids


Love Can Be Fun & Red

Valentine’s Day is not just for grown man and woman, it has to begin somewhere, and that place is childhood, where the child is taught about not only what love is, but how to celebrate it each and everyday of the year, and Valentine’s Day of course being 3 days from now, Lauren Conrad relies on Royale Ziegler today to help the kiddies with do-it-yourself projects that will make their Valentine’s Day a lot more fun.

Royale, who’s known for her party expertise over at But First, Party, gets in the swing of things with the idea of a DIY heart balloon wand, the first thing one obviously needs are heart shaped balloons to make this project a reality, then you need a nice little light stick that morphs into a wand to include pink, red, and white ribbon, washi tape, white balloons straws with cups, and a handheld balloon pump so those balloons can come to life.

Valentine’s Day’s only key to survival as a holiday are one thing and one thing only, greeting cards, and it’s a big business when the holiday draws closer to arriving, but let’s make the chaos a lot easier by making Valentine’s Day cards of our own, which Royale does with Party-Themed Printable Valentines with its base being a free digital download from artist Alyx House that provide a base for one to decorate with matte white card stock, Valentine’s Day themed balloons, and confetti while one needs scissors, washi tape, and small plastic jewelry bags to help make these cards fun and exciting.

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Asia Fashion Collection (AFC) catwalked at New York Fashion Week

Courtesy: Hunter Arthur
Courtesy: Hunter Arthur
Courtesy: Hunter Arthur
Courtesy: Hunter Arthur

Let’s Bring The World Together

What’s constant in this world is change, what’s also constant is evolution in manhind, that doesn’t come to a screeching halt in fashion especially where newness, fine tuning, creativity, and emergence play a significant role, the ladder is especially true here at New York Fashion Week when on Saturday evening, the Asia Fashion Collection (AFC) featured 7 emerging designers off the Asian shores over at Spring Studios here in New York City.

The Asia Fashion Collection (AFC) is an incubation project produced and supported by Vantan Inc. and PARCO, in cooperation with other Asia-based partners.

AFC is passionate about widening the reach of the fashion industry by fostering the growth of the continent’s most promising up-and-coming young designers through discovery and nurturing.

The 7 designers who got this golden opportunity were Fey Minoriyanagase by Minori Yanagase of Japan, Titat by Titat Kuantrakul of Thailand, Cahiers by Ayoung Kim of South Korea, Tsung You Chan by Joe Chan of Taiwan, Hyun Jung by Hyun Kyeong Jung of Parsons (born in South Korea), kenichi. by Kenichi Ishida of Japan, and Kanon by Kanon Hayata of Japan.

Over 360 guests arrived consisting of press and buyers from all over the world attended the show and applauded each up in coming designers from Asia.

Notable attendees include Jessica Riffle of Vogue, Jeffery Clark Grossman of Vogue, Eri Kitasaka of WWD Japan, Gabriela Ramos of ELLE, TV Host Cognac Wellerlane, GUCCI Consultant Theodore Powell, Erroll Murray of The Fashion Reporter, Ana Gomez Salcido of Heraldo de México, Leon Jeremy Carver of FOX’s Empire, Fredrico Kennedy of Ralph Lauren, Russ Joseph of London Post, Stylist Jason C. Peters, Stylist Jason Schwartz.

As the Asia Fashion Collection featured womenswear, as well as menswear, it achieved a beckoning fact that the Asian market has played a significant role is keeping the fashion industry afloat, while making New York Fashion Week something to still be excited about.

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J. Mica work at NYFW, A Fashion Night Out Networking Event & Photography Exhibition

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla
Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla
Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla
Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla
Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Active Cultured Fashion (Not Yogurt)

The first night of New York Fashion Week in New York City on Thursday evening brought out all kinds of celebrated fashionistas to the scene of catwalks alike, and there was plenty of time to party in-between the runway shows, where the champagne and cocktails flowed, the selfies went on overdrive, and the arts in the midst of it all got seen by these revelers, J. Mica was no different when he showcased his artwork at the Renaissance New York Midtown Hotel during a photography exhibition he held while a networking event took place.

Aside from a moment for many to celebrate one’s own fashion sense and sharing it with millions around the world, the work of J. Mica took center stage which features beautiful gorgeous African-American women starting out with the image of a woman who’s young face and long hair is half submerged in water, with the model’s beautiful eyes, eyebrows, mascara, and unsubmerged hair completely dry for all the world to see.

The cultured side of this networking photographic exhibition is the true beauty of African culture being illustrated in the beautiful young women who are transformed in tribal times in an ultimately glorious outcome, as well as a beautiful dark brown one-piece swimsuit with fine detailed V design in the cleavage area, both photos with bliss show off the ever-glowing skin both these picture young models are proud of.

Aside from the art at hand, a great deal of young people of all cultures came out to celebrate not only their beauty, but the inner and outer beauty of the culture they’re inherited with.

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Lauren Conrad’s pre-Valentine’s Day The Edit


Calm, Then Love

Yes, it’s the weekend before Valentine’s Day arrives next Wednesday, there’s things to do here and there before we set up our little day or night out with either our girlfriends or our significant other, it all comes down to love, but little things need to be done first like time for yourself, and enjoying what the weekend before has to offer outside the day of love, so The Edit today with Lauren Conrad and crew offer up simple things to enjoy.

Lauren starts off the edit in direct fashion by finding things from Earth where you can create your wall plants by looking to a DIY Living Plant Wall Installation via Inspired By This to take up any unused space that’s been lying on the wall for quite sometime.

It’s very important to keep one’s hair (especially yours) hydrated day in and day out, as well as enhancing its beauty while you sleep, so Lauren always go to her friend, Kristin Ess, who provides Weightless Hydration Daily Scalp + Hair Mask without all the grease.

Think about Valentine’s Day in terms of wine, it’s red, and it’s white, and everything in between in now rose, so think about Lauren’s next pick this week with furniture coming in rose gold or good copper that’s easily found in Atelier Gustavo Bittencourt to make the holiday or the everyday more worth living.

Along with homemade guacamole, dogs singing, a waffle robe, and a jumpsuit from LC Lauren Conrad, humanity is found with The Little Market x This is About Humanity PURPOSEfull Tote where one can carry themselves in the most upstanding way everyday.

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Indonesian Diversity structs its collective at New York Fashion Week

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla
Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla
Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla
Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla
Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Universal Beauty To Say The Least

That time is here once again, it’s the first day of New York Fashion Week here in New York City where we see what fashion designers are tailoring up for fall/ winter 2019-20, loring out the bright colors and layers of all thicknesses we’ve come to know and love from September to March, it all kicked off today at Industria studios here in lower Manhattan as Indonesian Diversity sperheaded by Dian Pelangi got her designer corporative on the catwalk with a massive amount of looks to bring out the color, and the sexy.

Dian’s roots for Indonesian Diversity stem from her parent’s love for Indonesian culture and traditional fabrics, emphasizing on its exceptional craftsmenship and use of traditional woven fabrics known as Tenun, tie dye fabrics, and batik which makes it unique in the market.

Dian Pelangi brings her popular modest fashion, all hijabi looks to the runway with a fresh modern vibe and an homage to street style.

Indonesian Diversity in cooperation with Indonesia Fashion Gallery not only presents Dian Pelangi, but 2Madison Avenue, Alleira Batik, and Itang Yunasz are part of this wonderful, stunning, and exotic collective, highlighting the best in modern fashion, hijabs, and the modern woman from Jakarta.

2MadisonAvenue was founded by designer Maggie Hutauruk whose bohemian, artsy, chic style adds a modern fashion-forward touch using traditional Indonesian fabrics and are 100 percent locally made. 

Alleira Batik, one of the largest Batik retailers in Indonesia has successfully changed the perception of traditional batik into wearable pieces for the modern fashion lifestyle.

Itang Yunasz, one of Indonesia’s prominent modest designers is known for using traditional patterns such as Batik, Ikat, tie-dye and songket to create stunning modest fashion looks that are fresh and inspiring.

Indonesian Diversity indeed has a large and devoted clientele, as evidence of that was proven today with attendees filling up the benches over at Industria, Indonesian Diversity is truly a high-end collection with more than cultured inspiration, it can seamlessly make appearances on the red carpet.

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Lauren Conrad Valentine’s Day outfits for various occasions

Not All Love Days Are The Same

One whole week or 7 days we have until Valentine’s Day, it’s that one day or night out of the year that you get to prove your love to one another, a time to go all out, a time to make spectacular things happen, but not everyone has a man or woman in their lives to share it with, so there’s friends you have fun with the enjoy the day, or you just simply don’t wanna go out and celebrate big, Lauren Conrad today has Valentine’s Day outfit ideas for every type of celebration.

Whether you have someone in your life or not, you can still enjoy Valentine’s Day to the fullest extent, but if you don’t wanna go out, just simply stay in with graphic tees, oversized sweaters, leggings, and slippers if you with to do whatever makes you happy on Valentine’s Day like binge watching and/ or wine.

If your idea of Valentine’s Day is just reserved to going out with the girls for a big dinner or a nice fancy brunch with all the mimosas in the world, then it’s probable to be semi-casual heart-shaped handbags, flirty dresses, and transitional booties that go good with a peacoat or cozy sweater with weather permitting.

Now if you’re going out on a date, then it’s time to go for full on love mode where you must wear a lovely dress or even a cute jumpsuit that go good with handbags, pumps, and manicures with some nice big red lipstick, and forget to throw Lauren’s latest LC Lauren Conrad collection of heart-shaped purses and wallets into the mix.

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Lauren Conrad ID’s her Valentine’s Day outfits

Courtesy: Kohl’s YouTube Channel

How One/ Thee Wears Love

It can be a daunting task to figure out what to wear day by day, let alone on Valentine’s Day, there’s so many options to fit the season along with the holiday, red is an easy choice for any piece, but what other piece and color go with red, it can get confusing real fast if there are so many options to choose from, so Lauren Conrad made it very easy today as Lauren models a a wide range of outfits and new options from Lauren’s LC Lauren Conrad Collection at Kohl’s.

In this little LC Lauren Conrad video, Lauren provides 9 outfits to choose from within her new collection of pieces, the first outfit is a relaxed open front blazer with floral wide leg cropped pants and hydrangea high heels, followed by plus size oversized sweater, plush clog slippers, and weekend leggings, then Chuck Taylor sneakers, feel good midrise skinny jeans, and graphic tee, after comes strawberry crossbody bag with hydrangea high heels, shirred peasent top, and feel good midrise skinny jeans, and the previous outfit gets an added element throw into the mix, it’s a printed soft touch rose ombre square scarf.

Now the next to last outfit presents us a simple but yet flirty option for Valentine’s Day with Galentine’s Day, it’s Lauren Conrad’s ever-popular and ever-famous print fit and flare dress with hydrangea high heels and cropped trench coat in rose, then the final option Lauren being same as the previous sans the cropped trench coat for those parts of the country where Valentine’s Night will be warm and pleasant.

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Lauren Conrad’s favorite Valentine’s Day accessories

Courtesy: Stephanie Todaro Photography via

Love On Your Side

It’s already 5 days into February, and Valentine’s Day is in just 9 days, it’s coming up fast, still gifts to be bought, and inspiration’s needed in this sudden crunch time were under, Lauren Conrad and her crew today are on the Tuesday Ten with inspiration thanks to the holiday of love with accessories that easily inspire Valentine’s Day, or love by itself.

It’s all too easy to find Lauren and gang’s first accessory inspired by Valentine’s Day, it’s found on the LC Lauren Conrad Heart Backpack which spells out love, hugs, and kisses in more ways that one.

Let’s go deeper with the Anthropologie Wool Beret that’s very chic and very pink, the marbling of pink and white can be found in The Little Market Ipad Case in Summer Sky, and a little tag of love can be found in I’m All Yours Luggage Tag.

Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without a pair of shade if the sun’s somehow to bright on a winter day, so there’s the LC Lauren Conrad 55mm Cat-Eye Sunglasses that keep the eyes stylish and protected, straight from the heart again with an LC Lauren Conrad Heart Pocket Crossbody Bag, and Tasha Pearl Cluster Headband.

The hands of love are normally found on one’s fingers, even if it’s not diamonds, love can be found on the feet to when you get Urban Outfitters Monofilament Crew Sock, and the tassels take a break from graduation, going to The Little Market for Layered Tassel Rings in Light Pink.

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AJE announced as the coveted ‘Mercedes-Benz Presents’ designer for 2019

Courtesy: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia

Fashion Week Is Fresh

In the 11 years since friends Edwina Forest and Adrian Norris joined forces to form AJE, theirs has become one of Australia’s most sought-after fashion brands. Their ascendancy hits a new peak in 2019 with the announcement that AJE will be the coveted “Mercedes-Benz Presents” designer at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia.

The label will kick off Australia’s largest industry-based fashion event on Sunday, 12 May, by revealing its resort collection in one of the fashion calendar’s most talked-about events of 2019.

The opening ‘Mercedes-Benz Presents’ show at MBFWA has become one of Australian fashion’s marquee occasions, kicking off a week-long schedule packed with Australia’s most notable and rising fashion talents.

In being named the keynote designer, AJE joins a roll call to have opened MBFWA that includes distinguished fashion luminaries Camilla & Marc (2018), Dion Lee (2017), Toni Maticevski (2016), Kym Ellery (2015) and Carla Zampatti (2014).

AJE co-founders Edwina and Adrian will embark on a year long partnership with Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific as part of being chosen as the Mercedes-Benz Presents designer.

“This headlining position gives us the perfect platform to engage and inspire the clients we place at the heart of our brand,” Edwina says.

“As designers, our driving force remains the same today as when we started AJE: to offer a platform for women to embrace their duality. At once raw and beautiful, tough and feminine, effortless and cool, our collections echo the co-existing tensions and complexities that unite us all.”

Adrian says the honour of opening MBFWA is a statement of recognition not only for the brand, but for AJE’s loyal clients. “We always seek to offer them something truly unique, and we look forward to making this a milestone moment with them in mind,” he says.

Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific CEO and Managing Director, Horst von Sanden, says fashion remains a key touchstone for the brand, with Mercedes-Benz supporting more than 50 fashion events in 30 countries around the world.

“We see the parallels every day between the world of high fashion and the automotive industry, which is on the cusp of re-inventing itself like never before,” he says.

“This year we will launch our first mainstream all-electric vehicle, the EQC, in Australia, and we expect it will delight both the hearts and minds of our customers as a very advanced solution to the question of future mobility.”

“We are always thinking many years ahead and it is the same for fashion designers such as AJE, who must tap into the desires of their customer and produce garments that are both beautiful and practical.”

Adrian says he sees strong parallels between the timeless designs devised by AJE and the enduring style of Mercedes-Benz.

“AJE and Mercedes-Benz share an inherent sophistication, and a desire to embody perfection in our craft,” he says. “Our eye for design does not look to trends. We set ourselves apart by offering ageless style that sits outside the passing of time.”

Edwina expects 2019 to be a turning point for AJE. “We are born within the raw beauty of these natural landscapes along Australia’s coastline, but our celebration of the complexity of a woman’s human experience is universal,” she says.

“With the support from Mercedes–Benz this year we will continue to reach out and touch the hearts of like-minded women, at home and around the world.”

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia launches on 12 May with the ‘Mercedes- Benz Presents’ runway show at a location to be announced, and then continues at Carriageworks and other special venues until 18 May. MBFWA is owned and operated by IMG, a global leader in fashion events and talent representation.

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Lauren Conrad embraces a Galentine’s Day brunch

Courtesy: Stephanie Todaro via

Friendsgiving On Valentine’s Day

While the holidays are far from over apparently, it looks like Valentine’s Day is taking a page from Thanksgiving, spinning off the behemoth that is Valentine’s Day into an annex called Galentine’s Day, where a whole bunch of girlfriends gather to celebrate instead of trying to get guys, similar to Thanksgiving creating its spin-off, Friendsgiving, where friends gather to eat prior to Thanksgiving Day, Lauren Conrad thankfully today embraces Galentine’s Day with a brunch menu that gives plenty of indulgences with a touch of heart-healthiness.

Lauren relies on the food loving resources that come from Claire Thomas over at The Kitchy Kitchen to put this Galentine’s Day brunch menu together, starting out with the tablescape representing colors of Valentine’s Day/ Galentine’s Day of pink, red, and white, a color palatte found on ceramic dishes and glasses to go along with the sweets of halo and sin with the cocktails for even deeper fun.

Occupying the dishes and glasses made possible by The Little Market are Belgium waffles dipped at the tip with white chocolate that are made with wholesome ingredients, fruits, and sweet options that make this dish delicious, and Sweet Laurel grain-free granola filled with walnuts, pecans, almonds, sesame seeds, pistachio or almond flour, cinnamon, coconut oil, and maple syrup.

Also on this delightful Galentine’s Day brunch menu are a Coco Citrus Salad chopped full of coconut meat, peeled oranges, grapefruit, and lemon, fresh mint, and honey, vanilla honey almond butter with vanilla bean and honey, and smoothie bowls mixed up with pitaya, frozen mixed berries, one cup of coconut milk, and favorable add-ins of protein powder, flax seed, meca, etc.

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