Lauren Conrad hones in on short-term health improvement



One Change Makes A Difference

Today, Lauren Conrad’s team takes a look at making a few simple changes such as tracking macros in your diet, and getting rid of under-eye dark circles in a week.

But first, team LC’s Tessa Scott changed 5 things when she started tracking macros, which are a balance of carbs, proteins, and fats, or macronutrients which is a common diet among bodybuilders.

As for Tessa, she got a crash course about her daily food intake broken down into calories & nutrients, as well as eliminating boredom snacking, beating bloat saying goodbye to sugar, bread, and dairy, getting more out of workouts, and pushing through plateaus.

Dark Eyes Go Away

Allison Norton today continued the health & wellness path telling about the ways she got rid of her under-eye dark circles in just one week.

Allison first went to bed earlier between 8:30 p.m. & 9:30 p.m., replaced her regular coffee with green tea, increased her water intake, used cucumber slices to cool her eyes, and cut out refined sugars.

Daniel Quintanilla


Philadelphia announces Wawa Welcome America concert lineup


Courtesy: Welcome America, Inc.

Making History On America’s Birthday

Wawa Welcome America announced Friday that Mary J. Blige will headline the “Wawa Welcome America July 4th Concert” taking place on the Ben Franklin Parkway in Center City Philadelphia at 7 p.m.

Joining Mary J. Blige will be Philly’s own Boyz II Men, who will also be at the “Celebration  Of Freedom” ceremony at Independence Mall at 10 a.m. on morning of the 4th.

And to mark the 25th anniversary of Wawa Welcome America, The Philly POPS BIG Band will be also performing at the “Wawa Welcome America July 4th Concert”.

The Philly POPS have been a big part of Welcome America for most of its life, performing for many years at the July 4th concert with accomplished acts following their unforgettable performances before large crowds on the Parkway.

Rounding out performers will be Mandy Gonzalez who’s been a Tony Award-winning broadway sensation in hits like “Hamilton”, “In The Heights”, and “Wicked”, and Billboard Top 10 jazz sensation, Tony DeSare.

And don’t forget the biggest star of the “Wawa Welcome America July 4th Concert”, the fireworks, which are one of the largest & most beautiful fireworks in the country, starting at 9:30 p.m. to climax the 6-day long “Wawa Welcome America” celebration in Philadelphia.

If you can’t make it to the “Wawa Welcome America July 4th Concert” because you’re stuck near your Weber grill, NBC 10’s (WCAU-TV) got you covered, where they’ll carry all the festivities live locally on television starting at 7 p.m. all the way up to 10 p.m., covering all the musical acts, plus the fireworks.

You can also download NBC 10 Philadelphia App to watch all the festivities live right on your smartphone, just don’t burn the hot dogs while watching the “Wawa Welcome America July 4th Concert”.

Daniel Quintanilla

Jenna Dewan Tatum wears darling diamonds to ‘Magic Mike Live Las Vegas’


Courtesy: Getty Images

Dance For Your Diamonds, Baby

Jenna Dewan Tatum wore a Djula diamond ring to the grand opening of “Magic Mike Live Las Vegas” on Friday in Las Vegas, Nevada.

And with Jenna being the fine dancer that she is, Jenna wore the most stunning and appropriate dress to fit Jenna’s talent.

Jenna wore a a sexy transparent black dress designed inside to resemble a semi one-piece swimsuit right along the bust and torso area of Jenna’s sexy build.

Djula was founded in 1994 by famed Parisian designer Alexandre Corrot.

Each unique piece in Djula’s collection exudes a delicate, seductive originality that epitomizes French elegance.

With an emphasis on fashionable yet timeless design, Djula is clearly recognized today as one of the most famous, in‐demand jewelry brands in Europe.

Djula can be found in over 80 exclusive retailers worldwide, including its first US flagship store on Madison Avenue.

Daniel Quintanilla

Inge Christopher’s beautiful fall 2017 handbag collection


Courtesy: Inge Christopher

Handbags That Only Can Be One Of A Kind

Inge Christopher gave Daniel+Lauren a glimpse Thursday of their upcoming fall/ winter 2017-2018 accessory line consisting of strong handbags constructed to shape, and dazzle the fashion world.

For the most part, Inge Christopher’s handbags are short clutches consisting of things like sequin, metal frames, faux leather, crystal, and SWAROVSKI crystal, while a good amount of bags have metal chains to complement their design.

The story of Inge Christopher begins with its founders Inge Hendromartono and Christopher Senn.

They met and fell in love over 30 years ago and this year will celebrate their 29th wedding anniversary along with the 29th anniversary of the business they have created and grown.

Both in demanding corporate jobs when they met, they launched Inge Christopher to satisfy their desire to spend time with one another and blend raising a young family with a creative, entrepreneurial venture that allowed them to work, travel and grow together.

Inge was keen to establish an integral link between her two daughters and her family in Indonesia and Christopher was determined to own and manage a business.

Family, relationships and cultural roots are at the heart of the company and have endured as the principles on which Inge and Christopher rely to steer its course.

The collaboration between Inge and Christopher brought together Christopher’s British reserve and business savvy with the love of color and fashion that was nurtured through three generations of Inge’s Batik family.

The company was incorporated in 1986 and sales launched in ‘87. Initially Inge explored inherited Indonesian traditions, making fine sterling silver jewelry and then designing handbags made from antique rattan mats.

The couple traveled extensively with their small daughters to build close relationships with manufacturers in Indonesia and China.

Inge Christopher grew through different design expressions and gradually became synonymous with the exquisite and much sought after evening accessories in fine leathers and fabrics with rich embellishments that now signify the brand.

The company has relied on a small family of employees, some of whom were hired in the very earliest months of business more than 29 years ago.

These enduring relationships support the traditions of design, quality and respect.

Passion for design has been the driving force of the Inge Christopher brand since its inception.

Tracing back to the prized Indonesian batiks, hand dyed and painted by Inge’s family in patterns reserved for nobility.

Some of these found their way into the hands of Dutch Royalty and the halls of museums in Washington, Los Angeles and beyond.

Inge brought this tradition to her work in the US, creating a San Francisco-based design team and creating several one-of-a-kind fabrics and prints.

Quality was her second obsession and led to a globetrotting search for the best beads and fabrics from all over the world.

Inge Christopher continues to be deeply invested in the art of design, evident in the exquisite materials, fine craftsmanship and unique details of each piece.

Daniel Quintanilla

Lauren Conrad has favorites that spark



Weekends Motivate Our Weekday

Lauren Conrad filled another Friday today with favorites that are spring inspired, and sparkle while there’s 9 days left in April, getting in all the spring awakenings expected.

Lauren finds some spring inspired shin-dig party materials that are great for dinner parties that celebrate the peak of spring, and maternal looks of a tank dress with Converse sneakers.

Lauren too looks into fashion illustrations by Tricia A. Rudder, copper cookie cutters of flowers, butterflys, and the sun, and The Roots from “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”.

The Edit by Lauren & Company

This week’s finds include Lauren and her Rebecca Minkoff Celestine Eyelet Ruffle Top, and Aden + Anais Midnight Silky Soft Swaddle.

More finds include the Paper Crown Nogales Dress, The Little Market Fringe Placemat In Blush, LC Lauren Conrad Gladitor Sandals, and a book called “The Circle” by David Eggers, which appears to be a very good read.

Daniel Quintanilla

Lauren Conrad starts an herb garden



Now You’re Soil Is Just Right

Since Lauren Conrad declares today that it’s the right time to put her soil to good use due to excessive rain, Lauren tells about the ways to start an herb garden.

Not only is April perfect to start an herb garden, the herb garden can be started anywhere soil can be suited, which can end up being a perfect spot for you.

Your soil must be prepared by being moist, hardened soil needs to be broken up and watered, allowing roots to grow more easily.

Next, set your seeds by rows and inches apart, keep seeds covered in one-eighth inch soil,  water, cover garden in plastic, and take off plastic once you see your garden sprout.



Happy Birthday

Lauren Conrad, and her team of editors at have a milestone to celebrate, it’s the 6th anniversary of in what’s it’s been since 2011.

Since then, has grown in leaps and bounds, and will continue to grow for many years to come, as Lauren and team LC celebrate continued success.

One thing to note 6 years ago around this time, is that did exist, but just as a typical celebrity website about Luaren’s TV appearances, book tours, and where she’d be appearing next.

Also, Lauren launched The Beauty Department, the Paper Crown website, and an updated LC Lauren Conrad page on Kohl’s website at the same time relaunched.

Daniel Quintanilla


Vanessa Hudgens wore Styland for her NY Press


Courtesy: D’Orazio & Associates

Menswear In Pink

Vanessa Hudgens wore Styland suiting for her NY Press on Wednesday, in New York, New York.

Classic Cocktail attire with a Twist.

Styland is a Romanian brand that specializes in ladies ready-to-wear garments including exceptionally tailored luxe evening suiting.

The handwork, craftsmanship and the premium fabrics imported from Italy and England are at the core of each product, satin, silks, fine wools, and natural fiber fabrics.

Styland jackets are handcrafted in the heart of Bucharest.

They combine menswear inspired tailoring with feminine subtleties using virgin wool and silk, giving them an elegant and classic character.

The jackets are made with a woman’s shape and movement in mind and strike the perfect balance between elegance and sensuality.

From monochromatic aesthetics to unexpected brights, Styland focuses on quality fabrics that are cut for style and handcrafted to deliver a powerful look and feel.

Styland impeccably frames the female silhouette, captivating the attention of fashionistas and women in search of eclectic colors, sharp cuts and versatile pieces that can become their wardrobe’s core pieces.

Daniel Quintanilla

Amanda Lepore’s ‘Doll Parts’ book launch party at Top Of The Standard


Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Dolls: The Best Part Of The Body

Amanda Lepore, an infamous and game-changing transexual fixture on the New York scene threw a launch party via Susanne Bartsch, Tuesday night for her new book, “Doll Parts”, at the Top Of The Standard Hotel in lower Manhattan’s Meatpacking District.

Over looking 18 stories high of New York City, Amanda’s party filled The Standard with tons of people in the fashion, gay, and lesbian community alike, as well as press people including myself to see the outragous high jinks that only “Doll Parts” can inspire.

Amanda filled the decadence to high capacity with a grand entrance, a glorious photo op for media and party revelers, as well as classy dancers dancing around the long bar either entertaining, or enlightening us with blissful nudity.

Amanda Lepore’s “Doll Parts” is more than just a memoir of Amanda’s groundbreaking life on the New York club scene, it’s a telling of Amanda who’s not afraid to break the rules, take risks, triumph over adversity.

Just as this party Tuesday night overlooking the Meatpacking District proved more than anything, Amanda’s “Doll Parts” also is inspiration for those who are not only young, but are transgender, letting them know to never be afraid to be who they are.

And if Ms. Lepore is a lover of anything, she says it has to be beauty.

Daniel Quintanilla

Supreme Public Relations show off fall 2017 collections during Press Week

image2image3Supreme PR Press Week 2017

Courtesy: Supreme Public Relations

What’s Hot In Autumn

During Press Week up in New York City two weeks ago, yours truly here at Daniel+Lauren met with James Murray, who’s the founder of Supreme Public Relations to see the top fashion designers he represents, and how each of them stand out.

The first collection is War Dog, a concept stemming from the high society youth of the modern world that are people who cause trouble, the 25-year-olds of now.

Consisting of authentic original street wear such as hoodies and balmer jackets, silhouettes that reinvent street wear, War Dog has hot colors, hard wear thorns, high quality faux fur, and a german shepard for its logo having an interesting vibe to it.

Next up is Heera Won, who not only created War Dog, but has 3 different lines like Haute Couture being custom couture gowns, where Heera brings street wear funk into high fashion couture custom gowns.

Ready To Wear also by Heera, is luxury based, tailored, conservative, but still flirty and playful where silhouettes & fabrics (gazer) are really strong, putting her own spin on an otherwise delicate fabric like gazer from the 1930’s & 1940’s.

There’s also Pritch London who specializes in leather, out on a mission to prove that leather can be worn all-year-round, with a variety of weights, colors, and styles consisting of high quality grade A lamb leather, fox fur, and exotic skins like water snake where the process is key to making this a wearable skin.

Ev Bessar, the first client of Supreme, is an avant garde brand with custom made one-of-a-kind pieces, all going back to texture & quality consisting of real fur like mongolian lamb that’s strong wool.

Of course, there’s Rinat Broadach vibe of man versus woman with amazing quality in its great suiting.

And finally, there’s the precious accessories of Sterling King, a brand-new line of costume jewelry, it’s architectural design enables the texture to be the core foundation of the concept.

You also see unforgettable designs like metal glove hard wear, bullet rings, showing off nails capping off the finger, making for a very unique accessory.

The mother concept pieces with Sterling King are the fracture cuff that are very heavy, and a precious metal to hold onto.

Overall, James Murray and his company, Supreme Public Relations believe in the idea of working with rising star designers.

And from looking at these high-end, high quality collections, James has an incredible roster of designers who stand out from the fashion mainstream, and cement their foot print on the landscape.

Daniel Quintanilla

Rihanna wears esquisite bling to Fenty x Puma Pop up event


Courtesy: D’Orazio & Associates

Dog Collar Diamonds

Rihanna wore Pasquale Bruni morganite and diamond suite, and Le Vian rings to the Fenty x Puma pop up event on Tuesday, in Los Angeles, California.

After being drawn into the allure of jewelry as a young boy through workshops in Valenza, Italy, Pasquale Bruni has stood for high quality since creating his namesake jewelry collection in 1976.

With a keen eye for detail, Pasquale Bruni has created fine Italian-made jewelry under a brand name that has become synonymous around the world with passion and unmistakable Italian taste, style, and creativity.

Considered one of the oldest jewelers in the world today, Le Vian’s glittered archive tells the story of a family’s steadfast integrity and love of gemstones and quality.

Capturing the eyes of ancient royalty and the most famous celebrities on today’s red carpet, Le Vian’s designs are regarded as works of art.

Daniel Quintanilla