Tiffany Haddish’s stunning jewels at ‘The Kitchen’ premiere

Courtesy: D’Orazio & Associates

Use Your Power In Every Way

Tiffany Haddish, the first thing you think about is someone who has broken all kinds of boundaries and barriers within the comedic circuit, as well as the movie circuit, there’s no limit to what Tiffany Haddish can put her mind on, it’s already in the horizon with Tiffany taking on a new dramatic role for “The Kitchen”, as Tiffany proudly showed off on Monday night at the red carpet premiere for “The Kitchen”, Tiffany came armed and ready for glamour with the most exquisite jewelry from L’Dezen by Payal Shah, Yvan Tufenkjian, Mattia Cielo, and Le Vian.

If you’re a devoted spender and collector of fine jewelry from around the world, then you share the appreciation of hardware Tiffany has to start with earrings from L’Dezen by Patal Shah showing off the silver it beholds at its finest, then you have diamonds hanging down on the earrings which are the best anyone can find.

With the Yvan Tufenkjian diamond dominated silver ring, you get an incredible flexibility of shape on this ring, you also have your choice of sandstone and stacked collections, that each give off modern, refined, young, and urban feels.

Now if you want a fine jewelry maker that takes flexibility to a new level, while keeping in tap with precious metals and loads of diamonds, then look to Mattia Cielo for its selections as it snakes, twirls, and flies into the most fine pieces one will find.

Let’s not forget the one and only Le Vian who’s not only known for tasty sweet diamonds, but it’s beautifully created diamond rings that leave a mark on the world.

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Meg Donnelly radiated in red at Variety’s Power of Young Hollywood Party

Courtesy: D’Orazio & Associates

Red Sums It Up ❤️

Think of a place where love is in the air, it’s also a place where magic is in the air, but it’s the talent that clears the air all the way, while love and magic are blended in, there’s voice, dance, and acting that keeps the machine well-oiled, that place is Disney, which also spawns onto ABC for this beautiful, talented, and amazing young star named Meg Donnelly, who spreads her eagle on “The Descendants” and “American Housewife”, and made Tuesday an unforgettable night at Variety’s Power Of Young Hollywood Party in Los Angeles, California, donning in L’Dezen by Payal Shah, Le Vian, and Kallati.

With all the features Meg has going for her, especially the red strapless cocktail dress which stands on its own two feet without touching the ground, Meg starts out with L’Dezen by Payal Shah earrings of tear drop earrings nearly matching Meg’s dress.

With Le Vian, you’ll find such beautiful, colorful, and elegant rings like karat gold and silver rings to go with the ruby gems embedded into these beauties that want you to put a ring on it.

Kallati places itself in an infinite position with their ring around the rings of ribbon wrapped colors which are sure to rain upon Meg Donnelly in her striking style all around.

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Camila Cabello wore Brumani & Yvan Tufenkjian jewels to Variety’s Power of Young Hollywood party

Courtesy: D’Orazio & Associates

Havana Rises

Deep from the roots of Fifth Harmony, and out of the depths of a departure that left loads of animosity on its members, and on the one about to be spoken of, Camila Cabello, has risen from adversity to become the newest, fastest growing, and the top-selling solo artists not only in America, but around the world to ever hit the music scene in the last 2 years, a feat that couldn’t even be done by Beyoncé back in 2002 when Beyoncé first went solo, now the hard work and tears have paid off on Tuesday night when Camilla attended the Variety Power Of Young Hollywood Party, wedding the finest from Brumani and Yvan Tufenkjian.

Just like Melissa McCarthy with her dress and earrings on “The Late, Late Show With James Corden”, Camila took a page, using her Brumani earrings with the rose tear drops on silver that coincide with her dress as Camila was the ultimate royal at Young Hollywood.

Camila continued on the pageantry with Yvan Tufenkjian rings that come in nice silver and diamonds which are collectively in sandstone or stacked, gorgeous to say the least, and worth every penny saved to buy this precious metal.

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Melissa McCarthy wore Vhernier & Maxior jewels on ‘The Late, Late Show with James Corden’

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Bridesmaid Stuns Again

For Melissa McCarthy, there’s definitely a comedic stature rightfully earned because of the work she’s done, breaking barriers and boundaries not only for women, but for the way romantic, and even slap stick comedy is written in the movies, Melissa has even gotten herself into a little drama last year with the film “Can You Ever Forgive Me?”, followed by her upcoming film “The Kitchen” which continues to take Melissa to many new levels in her acting career, which Melissa, along with co-star, Elizabeth Moss, couldn’t help but gush about Tuesday night on “The Late, Late Show With James Corden”, all sporting Maxior and Vhernier jewelry.

Since it’s Melissa’s time to shine, let’s start with Maxior and their Brincos Earrings, going with the theme of hunter green on Melissa’s dress as karats of gold drape down upon the ends of hunter green tear drops linked to these earrings.

And then there’s Vhernier chugging on the same idea of Melissa’s dress and earrings, it’s 18K rose gold, jade, and rock crystal, incorporating architecture and contemporary art, a clean cut which creates 2 facets that reflect one another and reveal the color of the stunning jade.

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Kerry Washington was a Neon Queen at the premiere of ‘Five Points’ in Borgioni jewels

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“Scandal” Brightly

If you were lucky enough to feast on wine and popcorn every Thursday night watching “Scandal”, then you know all the perks, fame, glory, and headaches that come with being a gladiator, you take the good with the bad, you reap all the benefits, and you soak in all the glam when walking the red carpet, so it’s a shame that the Monday Kerry Washington had can’t be all that colorful and bright, as Kerry looked in incredibly stunning in neon fashion for the premiere of “Five Points” in Los Angeles, California, wearing the best jewelry by Borgioni.

Coinciding with the neon dress that Kerry wore at the premiere, Kerry wore Borgioni’s double spiked stud earrings, which are 18 karat rose gold, pave diamond double spike studs at .51 CTS diamonds, and are priced at $3,180.00.

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Kylie Cosmetics previews ‘Birthday Collection’ featuring Marco Bicego & Djula jewelry

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The Power Of Kardashian

There’s certainly an unquestionable fame that’s behind the name of each Kardashian and Jenner alike, it draws followers, sales, ratings, and every dollar possible for the Kardashian and Jenner, and the one selling and branding the two names when there’s an opportunity to do so, Kylie Jenner making the most of her Monday was certainly a day to continue pushing her upcoming Kylie’s Birthday Collection from Kylie Cosmetics by donning 2 astonishing jewelry collections carrying the name of Djula and Marco Bicego.

Djula steps up to the plate first with their XL Diamond Hoop Earrings also coming in gold, weight in earring terms is 12.33, the stone type is a diamond 1,48 CT, and in 8 CM, which are priced at $8,442.00.

Now, we got Marco Bicego, with their Lunaria 18K Yellow Gold Cuff, it’s 2.4 inches, and priced at $8,480.00, and it’s inspired by the delicate shape of the Lunaria flower, this Lunaria Gold Cuff is hand hammered and hand engraved by Italian artisans.

Kylie Cosmetics in its own right has become a hugely popular makeup brand with young girls, Kylie Jenner’s influence thanks to the Kardashians has also made Kylie one of the youngest billionaires in the world.

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Crislu makes precious metals into something wonderful at UBM ‘Accessories The Show’

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

There’s Metals To be Beautified

On a lovely and lively August Monday here in New York City, the countdown to the end of summer finally sets in, there’s plenty of summer left in spite of it, and all New Yorkers go about their business wheeling and dealing their way through work, life, fame, business, and success, even through love, liberty, and happiness one fights for in the city that never sleeps, and there’s a feeling in the air that September will be here faster than we can say the month alone, it’s already picking up with UBM’s August edition of their women’s trade show, which has returned after a one year absence, here at the Javits Center in New York’s Hudson Yards where UBM “Accessories The Show” carries a beautiful and affordable jewelry collection named Crislu.

Crislu is precious sterling silver finished in pure platinum and 18 carat gold, cubic zirconia, handset, and come with a lifetime warranty, Crislu has been around since the 1960’s, consisting of earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and studs that have been apart of Crislu since its beginnings, continuing to sell out consistently every season, with new jewelry lines added in the lifespan.

Notables with Crislu are their stackable rings set in rose gold, gold, and silver that line up with Crislu’s precious metals, necklaces styled in several beautiful ways that keep the Crislu client base happy, and cubic zirconia plays a huge role in preserving diamonds because you’re not taking from the earth, or worrying about preserving and keeping safe the diamonds you do have, and you’re saving a tremendous amount of money not spending it on diamonds.

Crislu is also a place where one can buy a beautiful engagement ring in their engagement ring selections that surely do last a lifetime just like a traditional pricey engagement ring.

Coming up soon with Crislu are two exclusive collections, the first is with Disney and their lovable characters, and Peanuts with their iconic comic book gang, which one will have to stay tuned for.

But in the meantime, enjoy the beautiful and affordable precious metals, silvers, and 18 carat gold set in Crislu’s line of jewelry which you cannot afford to miss.

Daniel Quintanilla

Lauren Conrad transitions from summer to fall in August LC Lauren Conrad

Courtesy: Kohl’s

We’ve Come To This Point

It’s that time not only in August, but in the entire summer season when it’s time to wind down on the summer fun before going back to work and school, so we’re milking out as much summer as we can until we gotta buckle down to classroom demands and settling back into our hometowns from our favorite summer destinations, but it’s also a time to start transitioning out from summer attire to fall pieces, plus it’s almost time for a new year to begin not only with school, but with the fashion calendar as the September issue nears, and let’s not forget the time for looking good doesn’t end after Labor Day, it extends for just 2 more months because we all (including Daniel plus Lauren) gotta get ready for Halloween 🎃 👻 in our most fancy and sexy way, Lauren Conrad too has a big fall ahead of her, as Lauren will give birth to her second child, but Lauren today at least has new transitional pieces from LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s so fall is not a total shock to our system.

There’s a hot and cool trend going on this fall 2019 over at LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s, it’s a jumpsuit, a bottom front jumpsuit colored in a nice olive green one might guess, paired with Hazelnut High Heel Ankle Boots in fine summer to fall fashion.

Hanging on to summer in fall’s beginning has never been easier because you got a pleated shirt with a pair of feel good mid-rise skinny ankle jeans, you can also get a crew neck top to go with those pair of mid-rise jeans if short sleeves are a better option for one’s taste, but light green happens to be the color of choice this fall.

You can add a lot more summer to your fall while staying warm with the LC Lauren Conrad Surplice Dress coming in the fall color of orange topaz, or you can virtually go all out fall with a ribbed crewneck top, feel good high-waisted flare jeans, and tiramisu high heel sandals to keep a little summer on your toes.

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Kylie Jenner in Harry Kotlar diamonds for her latest Kylie Cosmetics campaign

Courtesy: D’Orazio & Associates

Royalty Where It Belongs

Kylie Jenner, one of the youngest self-made billionaires in the world who has her own cosmetic line, and is blessed to part of one of the most infamous, and richest families of our time being the Kardashians, wore a little fine piece of jewelry on Thursday in honor of Kylie Cosmetics Birthday campaign, coming from none other than Harry Kotlar, who donned Kylie with round brilliant stud earrings that add to the sex appeal Kylie’s selling with one million dollar bill dress and gloves that show off Kylie’s bare shoulders with a pop of color that is an ombré look blending in with Kylie’s gorgeous and unique features.

With the round brilliant stud earrings from Harry Kotlar, they are part of Kotlar’s storied Arabesque Collection, also known as delicate dancing stud earrings that dazzle in dancing pave setting off the main event for a perfect Harry Kotlar presentation, the metal to be exact is a fine platinum in its authenticity, with round brilliant being the center stone of these earrings, the center stone carat WT is 8.03 with a total carat WT of 8.21, colored in K, and clarity of VS2/ SI1.

Most earrings under this Harry Kotlar precious metal and stone are priced at $10,000, but this particular earring that Kylie Jenner wears has no price, and it’s best for one who has this kind of money to spread around to buy the best jewelry in the world must call for a price.

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Lauren Conrad dons jumpsuits for all body types

Courtesy: Kohl’s

It Fits Right In No Matter What

It’s hard to believe that just 31 days ago today, we started the month of July, now here it is the last day before August, and there’s still about 2 more good months of summer left in both unofficial and official capacities, so don’t let the fear of summer ending pretty soon stop you from having your best style yet, and there’s style for all when Lauren Conrad and LC Lauren Conrad finds jumpsuits for every one of us that are blessed with daily perfections and flaws about our precious bodies.

Lauren’s LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s has a variety of jump suits ranging from petite to plus size, Lauren first sells us on the possibilities of layers for those who are petite body types, a denim jacket, fun wedges, or flat sandals set off a distraction while adding more depth to the jumpsuit on a small frame.

Now being tall involves a lot of proportions in the open space of your long and lengthy figure, you can make tall work for you by going with long or short sleeve jumpsuits, or sleeveless to keep masquerade at bay, and a leg-lengthening heel to change up the look.

The key to making a jumpsuit work as is its own statement is choosing accessories wisely, jumpsuits depending on one’s size, or jumpsuit’s print or solid color, have a dramatic effect that goes a long way, some require heels, straw bags, or the solid color itself makes one’s length look longer.

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