Jane Morgan – In My Style: Exclusive NYFW Vintage Couture Gown Exhibition

Courtesy: La Presse PR

New York, New York (August 2, 2022)

Fresh from receiving rave reviews during the February 2022- May 2022 showing at The Brick Store Museum in Kennebunk, some thirty, performance gowns, exclusively culled from the private collection of Jane Morgan, spanning the singer’s illustrious stage, screen, TV career, from the 1950’s-1980’s, will be on view during NYFW at the 3 West Club’s, gracious Pratt Lounge/Living Room, during NYFW.

The illustrious location is specifically chosen for inspiration taken from The Met Exhibition, The Costume Institute’s IN AMERICA: An Anthology of Fashion which focuses on the interaction between late 19th-late 20th century American designer fashions, set across a series of rich, period rooms.

Famed director, Martin Scorsese, one of nine film directors, selected by The Met to put a cinematic spin on American fashion, created a unique mise en scene vignette; composed the room as a one-frame melodrama, envisioning the eclectic beauty of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie School-style, drawing room, designed in 1912-14, as a living room for a Minnesota home, with its imposing fireplace, oak trim, heavily leaded-glass windows, patterned-glass light fixtures, plush, banquette seating, as the setting for a noir epic, costumed in the creations of famed designer, Charles James.

Now, embracing the same genre of what Scorsese accomplished with James’ creations through Frank Lloyd Wright’s living room at The Met, Jane Morgan’s show-stopping, performance gowns are perfectly “fitted” to achieve the highest pinnacle of beauty and style today, set across the quintessential, Old World New York aura of The 3 West Club and the equally luxurious Pratt Lounge – an elegant, simply divine, New York living room, replete with sweeping City views, 15’ ceilings; dark, wooden details, antique furnishings, rich, red carpeting, two marble fireplaces, baby grand piano, – at the heart of Rockefeller Center and Radio City Music Hall.

For Morgan, who has a Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame; twice sang at the Oscars; received numerous awards and accolades across her international singing career and is well known for the special gowns she wore for every appearance, including singing for Royalty and Presidents George Bush and JFK at The White House, the time is right to bring the collection to the public.

As she says, “They’re just so magnificent. It’s hard to believe I even wore these treasures. Some of them are so intricate and complicated you’d have to have a road map to get into one of them.”

Throughout the time-consuming process of unpacking, sorting, selecting the specially made and specifically constructed gowns – “perfect confections”, she notes – showcasing dazzling, luxurious sequins, beading, lace, feathers, embroidery, finest fabrics, for the Exhibition, Morgan worked closely with Bonnie Bien, owner, La Presse PR, who as a teenager, travelled with and personally assisted Morgan for four years.

Morgan hand-picked Bien to help with the gown selection/preparation for the Exhibition, particularly because of Bien’s first-hand knowledge of the collection and the famed designers who created the unique, one-of-a-kind gowns; Kathryn Kuhn, Donald Brooks, Stephen Yearick, Ben Reig, Ruben Panis, Oleg Cassini, Gunter Project 2, Monte Streitfield, Don Loper of California The Exhibition, which focuses on Morgan’s desire to find a good and charitable purpose for the gowns which she wore on stage, takes the pieces from the long, packed-away time in boxes, straight to the public eye; international press, media, VIP trendsetters, celebrities, et al, during NYFW.

As she explains, “no one was getting to see all these fabulous pieces. My goal was to find the best way to exhibit a sampling of the gowns; share them in a fabulous, Museum setting, the ilk of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, where both Kathryn Kuhn and Ben Reig have pieces”.

As further testament to Morgan’s legacy and enduring fame, solidifying her and her songs as classic and timeless, The Great American Songbook Foundation, paid homage to her in a special presentation, originally released on December 22,2021; viewable now on YouTube: Songbook Sessions: Jane Morgan, Conversations With The Great Artists Of The Songbook Era.

Adding more of an honorarium to Morgan’s long-lasting style, her well-known song, “If I Could Live My Life Again”, was chosen for the closing music of Season 2, Episode 10, of the Apple TV hit, “The Morning Show”, starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon.

Daniel Quintanilla

Threads redefines hosiery at Curve New York

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

It’s A New Day

Curve New York is the place to take what you thought you knew about lingerie and leg wear, and change it up for a much-needed market that’s lived under a form and function which has been unchanged for a very long time, today is no different where the rules off undergarments keep changing each day, following the changing bodies of women and men, one brand that’s breaking the mold here in New York City at Spring Studios is Threads, hosiery that’s addressing the needs ignored for so long.

Threads was founded by Xenia Chen in 2018, who with her day to day job, had to wear tights everyday, but was extremely frustrated at the inconsistency of tights, where the hosiery market only had 2 sides to the story, one was buying a European brand that’s been around for 200 years costing nearly the amount of years it’s been in business, or stopping in the drugstore to buy a $10 or less pair of tights that broke on you shortly after you put them on.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Tights have not changed since the 1970’s, due entirely to the hosiery market sticking to one design with very little innovation ever since, Threads break away from standard tube leg design almost like contortion, creating the Threads Sheer Contour Tights that are more realistic to a woman’s body measurements, with 1 to 2 inch longer enhanced leg length eliminating double crotch, reinforced foot/ toe based on real measurements, waistband that hugs you the right places without slipping or digging, and enhanced bum lift that creates a flattering butt.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Threads does not just make tights for women, but also makes tights for men, Threads TFM Sheer Fly Contour Tights addresses the spiking amount of men who wear tights because they’re transgender, cross-dressing, dressing in drag, or cis-heterosexual men who need leg comfort, designed to have a brief with fly with a supported pouch for convenience and comfort, plus brief area is carefully hand-sewn with flat seams and a cotton gusset at the front for maximal breathability.

Threads tights for both women (unisex) and men are made at the highest quality in Italy, with mainly polyamide, elastane, and cotton, creating microfiber double-covered yarn that’s super-comfortable and less likely to static or stick on your clothes, and designed to last much longer thanks to 3D construction.

Threads meet in the middle to be the perfect pair of tights at an affordable price, Threads are on a mission to create the perfect tights, but first take a problem first approach, surveying 100 to 200 people, asking what they like about tights…. and what they don’t like about tights, Threads then design their tights based on gathered data to try and create affordable tights that a woman and man will buy, and continue buying every time they need a pair of tights.

Just like Daniel plus Lauren is, Threads is truly a digital native brand that sells their tights strictly online, Threads also thanks their success to advertising on social media, where Threads found not only women, but discovered their male demographic, who Threads thought at first we’re buying tights for their wives, but digital research found men were buying Threads for themselves.

Daniel Quintanilla

Naked Rebellion’s nude intimates inclusive at Curve New York

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

“You Will Be Found” (Dear Evan Hansen)

Curve New York at Spring Studios here in Tribeca today is filled with the most exciting lingerie/ intimates apparel that you can find, so many colors and shapes to choose from, matching the mood and feel you’re looking for, but lingerie historically has not been kind to the color of your skin, it’s always made you feel out of place if you found it difficult to raise your voice, more so to fit in, inclusivity has become extremely prominent in every industry, even lingerie, that’s where Naked Rebellion is found, also finding every beautiful woman who’s felt their culture color is not recognized.

Naked Rebellion since its launch in 2019 has made it their absolute mission to show off every skin color there is in the world by creating beautiful lingerie that matches their skin, it’s nude lingerie that comes in a variety of shades starting at light to medium flesh colors for the true Caucasian woman that also includes Asian and light skinned European Spanish, medium to dark begins with the Central/ South American Latinx woman, and importantly hitting all skin tones of the Black Woman from light to dark skin, every nude is addressed.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

The consumer base of the Naked Rebellion movement keep responding tremendously to finding their unique nude, nudes like cream, cappuccino, honey, mocha, caramel, and black are top sellers because it’s high quality underwear that speak to the color of their nude, Naked Rebellion also has boob tape, and one-piece lingerie bodysuits that follow the same nude credo as their bra and panty counterparts, but also have prints, and options of full back or thong, plus all Naked Rebellion pieces are reversible.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Also making the joyous moment of finding your very own nude skin tone even more monumental is Naked Rebellion’s Tank Bra, this bra is truly comfortable because of its near sports bra design, including high quality mesh that reduces constriction at crucial times of the day or night, allowing for your breasts to breathe with no worry about compression or heat.

The little black dress works no matter what skin tone you are, what also works is wearing pieces and undergarments that compliment the color you were born with, wearing Naked Rebellion that tells you that you are not just another assumed color, you are beautiful, you are real, you are sexy, you are gorgeous, and you have been found.

Daniel Quintanilla

Zhe By Karyn Elizabeth is transparent with transgender lingerie at Curve New York

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

You Are Woman

Day 2 of Curve today continues to feature the latest lingerie, swimwear, and activewear for Spring/ Summer 2023 (SS23), as well as expand women as it reaches into the LGBTQIA community, one part is transgender women, who’ve been in long need of garments that fit to the fluidity of their bodies from man into women, enter Zhe By Karyn Elizabeth, who utilizes the process of elimination with her transgender intimate apparel.

Debuting in Fall 2021, Zhe By Karyn Elizabeth is lingerie that’s specifically made for transgender women, who otherwise with their bra and especially their panties, would have to DIY their way into making their intimates work for them, whether it’s using tape, extra padding, or even doubling up on their underwear to get that feminine effect, without exposing their body parts.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Zhe sends DIY on its way with this party having a wider gusset that provides full coverage for transgender women who are making that much-needed transition from man to woman, eliminating the constant worrying of parts exposed, Zhe’s Bella Collection, which is a full compression panty, has 2 layers of medical grade power mesh in full back that’s breathable and comfortable to wear for the trans woman.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Black has always been the backbone of the lingerie industry, because of its all-out sex appeal delivered on so many levels, Zhe for their second season will add a few companions to black being blue lagoon which will be ready in just a short time, as well as red seen here joining black heavily on their bras, and light on wide gusset panties.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

In its first year, Zhe By Karyn Elizabeth has received a tremendous response from consumers, it’s received numerous press coverage and notoriety from Forbes and the Penn State College Of Medicine, it also won the annual Curve Pitch Off with the honor of being in a prominent retailer, plus its got love from consumers, primarily from the transgender community who are looking for their transition into womanhood to be more easier than it already is.

Daniel Quintanilla

Anaono encourages Breast Cancer Survivors with specialty bras at Evolution intimates trade show

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Building Back You

The last weekend of July into August normally in New York City is a time to celebrate another big moment in the fashion industry, it’s the intimates, swimwear, and activewear items, with trade shows taking place as it looks ahead to Spring/ Summer for next year, one show that made its in-person debut on Saturday here in New York City is Evolution, a concept intimates show launching in August 2020 as a digital trade show during the COVID-19 pandemic, another long tenured pandemic addressed at Evolution was Breast Cancer, found in the Anaono collection.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Breast Cancer is one of the leading cause of deaths among women, those that are very lucky, and very fortunate enough to survive this horrible diagnosis are taking on another battle besides the disease itself, the fight to build themselves up as a fully confident woman again, Breast Cancer affects each and every woman differently, however they choose to rebuild themselves is their choice, whether it’s with prosthetics, living on without their breast, or rebuilding their breast surgically, that’s the whole idea of Anaono, creating a bra collection for whatever circumstance they’re in, reclaiming the womanhood and strength they though they lost going through Breast Cancer.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Meet Dana Donofree, who created Anaono in 2012, just 2 years after her Breast Cancer diagnosis (when Dana was just 27 years old), where both her natural breast were removed as part of her treatment, Dana made the decision to rebuild her breast, being one key part of her recovery, and a key component to building up her confidence again in what it means to truly be a woman.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Anaono offers bras named after Breast Cancer survivors, one that’s a bestseller for those post treatment of one’s choice is the Aurora Front Closure Bra, offering limited range of motion for recovering breasts, adapting to one’s treatment as it works to be comfortable and easy on the woman to support her breast during their rebuilding period, Aurora also provides Breast Cancer survivors encouragement to find a reason to march on and live another day, restoring confidence they lost in the Breast Cancer battle.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

In the 8 and a half year history of Anaono, the newest item they have for this season comes from sleepwear they created, it’s pajamas adding another dose of encouragement and confidence with pink-based colors, but what makes these pajamas stand out for good are prints of diversified breasts, celebrating how each and every woman’s breast are different, they’re battles are their own, their choice of treatment also their own, and everybody’s unique struggle have one thing in common, they deserve respect.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

This vital piece Anaono uses to emphasize its mission and celebrating a woman’s unique Breast Cancer struggle is the boob board, a boob diagram of the many breasts choose their own method of treatment, being there every step of the way from post treatment, to recovery, to reclaiming your life, and more importantly, raising awareness about Breast Cancer.

Daniel Quintanilla

Lunalae makes its Curve New York debut with Australian lingerie collection

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Intimates Down Under

Sadly, today is the last day of July, anxiety fears of Fall set in, but if you live in the fashion and intimates world like most vendors and press people like yours truly does, then today is just the beginning, this is the first day of Curve New York intimates and swimwear trade show at Spring Studios here in New York’s City Tribeca part of Manhattan, celebrating, also revealing the latest bras, panties, swim, shape, and activewear for SS23, making its debut here at Curve is Lunalae.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Also being its first collection ever, Lunalae is an Australian brand that makes bras and panties with a strong emphasis on sustainability, placing its focus on laces, straps, and suspenders in bra detailing, offering too options of high waist and low waist panties, bold colors like green, blue, and black, and apparel pieces such as bra tops cropped or straight, one piece swimwear, and solid long sleeve tops.

Suspenders are Lunalae’s go-to so far for its consumer base because its beautiful detail of lace and connecting straps allow its silk and satin material to stand out for those looking for adventure with its sexy appeal, plus there’s the Adele Suspender Bra shown here in beige for even more sexy by going sheer in the prime time area of the breast while keeping those too hot for TV parts shield without too much censorship, used only where needed.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Lunalae is very excited for the first season of their collection, seeing first hand where their buying audience gravitate towards, as items like the suspender bras have proved so far to be the life of the party, also determining where to expand and add on in their second season, while stressing that Lunalae is truly a brand that thrives on sustainability.

Daniel Quintanilla

Miami Swim Week Powered by Art Hearts Fashion With Runway Shows & VIP Events

Courtesy: Arun Nevader

MIAMI, FLORIDA (Thursday, July 21, 2022)

Miami Swim Week Powered by Art Hearts Fashion debuted a week of runway shows and VIP events from July 10th through July 17th at 6 of Miami’s most iconic venues. The main run of shows taking place at the Faena Forum were complemented with VIP and private events at Joia Beach, Strawberry Moon, Mammoth Gardens, Versace Mansion, and a closing gala at Club E11even . Following an incredibly successful launch of Los Angeles Swim Week, the world-renowned production company showcased an all-encompassing lineup of the most celebrated designers, as well as newer names in swimwear partnering with Art Hearts Fashion to maximize their reach through Art Hearts Fashion’s expert curation of Miami Swim Week shows. The full schedule, featuring boutique and staple brands, can be seen here.

Featuring 40 designers across six venues, Art Hearts Fashion hosted Miami Swim Week’s largest events calendar of the season. This year, the production company held partnerships with Vogue, Saks Fifth Avenue, and The Make a Wish Foundation. Hosting Runway shows, VIP brunches, gifting suites, and private parties for top industry, influencers, celebrities, models, and media to the largest fashion event of the summer.

Courtesy: Arun Nevader

AHF kicked off its series of events with a Model launch party at Joia Beach in conjunction with Soundtuary, followed by a model pool party at Strawberry Moon with over 1000 models in attendance. The main run of shows taking place at the Faena Forum opened with a massive show by the brand Camilla starring supermodel Tyson Beckford followed by runway presentations by Custo Barcelona and a VIP event at Mammoth Gardens and a party titled Noche Vogue.

The weekend schedule turned up the heat with a Friday night run of shows headlined by The Black Tape Project and Christian Audigier. Saturday’s schedule was highlighted by a VIP influencer brunch and star-studded private runway event for the brand Matte Collection at the Versace Mansion with a performance by DJ Kahled. The run of shows ended Sunday with a VIP recovery brunch hosted by Camilla X Vogue at Joia Beach. Closing night featured runway shows by brands such as Natalia Fedner, Giannina Azar, Lila Nikole, Mister Triple X + Dr. Martens & Nike Swim with a closing party at Club E11even. “Our mission was to curate an inclusive calendar that featured shows from boutique to staple & luxury designers. Our goal was to tell a story that could relate to all walks of life” said president Erik Rosete. Notables participating and attending the shows included: Tyson Beckford, DJ Kahled, Angela Simmons, Jenn Lee, Georgina Mazzeo, Jose Forteza, Emcee JT of City Girls, Pretty Vee, Alonzo Arnold, Ari Fletcher, Mannywellz, Achieng Agutu, Allie Weber, Camilla Franks, Sofia Jamora, Jessica Rich, Carmen Carrera, Miss Universe Haiti Eden Berandoive, Malu Trevejo, Selling Sunsets Mary Fitzgerald, Miss Universe Kosovo Blerta Veseli, Miss Universe Greece Ioanna Bella, Miss Universe Colombia Valeria Morales, Sarah Potempa, Monifa Jansen, Zita Vass, Preson Williams, Sicily Rose, and more.

Courtesy: Arun Nevader

The fashion and beauty trends seen on the catwalk were made possible by Beauty Sponsors Japonesque, House of Sophia, Billion Dollar Brows & Surfer Girl Cosmetics lead by April Love Beauty. Haircare Sponsors included Unite, Beachwaver, and Aqua Hair Extensions. Drinks were served by Presenting Partners Kettle One Botanicals and Brugal 1888 Rum. Additional sponsors included Rock Star Energy, Don Julio, Everybody Water, Riva Transportation, + Smart Water, Sol De Janeiro, The Makeup Light, Camilla Seretti, Shibue Couture, Dreamer Miami, Koe Kombucha, and Florapy.

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Very New York’s Summer must haves for the beach, never mind that July’s over

Courtesy: blu Swimwear

It’s Still Hot Out

It may be nearing the end, but Summer is far from over.

Very New York is going to keep the vibes going and enjoy every last minute of sunshine and beach weather.

To keep your sunny spirit alive, check out these summertime must-haves handpicked by Very New York.

Courtesy: Remo Tulliani

You’ve probably lost a pair or two already so stock up on these uber-chic shades by Remo Tulliani. We love the Trust style in this transparent light pink which has a timeless look with a nod to the ‘60s era of cool. The glasses are handcrafted in Italy with lenses that are up to 95% UV and IR protective adding another layer of protection to your face and eyes.

Available at www.tulliani.com

Courtesy: Ivy Cove

Ivy Cove is a newly launched collection of fantastic leather goods for all your lifestyle needs. There are so many great styles but we LOVE this uniquely designed leather market tote. Cut out of one single piece of leather, the bag takes shape when opened to reveal a beautiful honeycomb pattern and dual-sided coloration. It’s perfect for taking to the beach or the farmer’s market.

Available at www.ivycove.com

Courtesy: Luna by LaVoie

August is sure to be a busy travel month so make it easier on yourself with this luxe make-up pouch from Luna by LaVoie. The brand specializes in maternity bags so they are experts in how to design a bag that’s easy to clean. The fully lined interior will keep any spills to a minimum and the richly textured leather exterior will keep looking chic for many trips to come. And if you happen to be traveling with young kids, the brand has several amazing diaper bags to match.

Available at www.lunabylavoie.com

Courtesy: blu Swimwear

Of course it wouldn’t be Summer without some serious pool time or a trip to the beach. Do it in style with these nautical swim trunks from Blú Swimwear. The design uses a drawstring waistband, and breathable, stretch material for comfort. The brand also eliminated the uncomfortable lining and replaced it with an innovative J-stitch design for added support “below deck.” Good design and comfort are always a plus for us! 

Available at www.diveintoblu.com

Courtesy: Sky Wellness

And lastly, you’ll definitely want to wrap up Summer with a party or two. Keep it inclusive with some mocktails for your sober guests and the DD’s. CBD drinks have been trending lately and we love theseflavored oil drops from Sky Wellness that can easily be mixed with juice or sparkling water for the perfect cooldown beverage.

Available at www.skywellness.com

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Rag & Co.‘s Ladylike Shoe Trend: From Luxury To Under $100 despite recession fears

Courtesy: Rag & Co.

All Monies Welcome

Yes, the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) fell for the second quarter in a row at 0.9 percent based on statistics today by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, and there’s strong fears that we’re heading into a recession, but style is style, and it doesn’t take a moment off in spite of economic woes, so Rag & Co. step in to aid those no matter what their budget is with handcrafted and eco-friendly footwear, those who want shoes of luxury, and those who only want to spend under $100.

While sky high platforms are a big trend this fall, let’s be honest.

Not everyone can pull that off.

So for those who prefer to be lower to the ground, have no fear.

The ladylike trend is making some major headway this season.

We’re going to see a lot of kitten heels, mules and loafers with feminine details like sparkles, beading, embroidery, pearl embellishments, Mary Jane cut out designs, velvet, lace up’s and shades of pink.

And for those of us who still want a mid size heel, opt for styles with thin straps or a slip-on heeled mule for a fresh, yet delicate look.

Here are our favorite ladylike shoes from luxury to under $100 that have us feeling so effortlessly chic no matter your budget.

Courtesy: Rag & Co.

Rag & Co is a premium leather, heritage footwear brand with beautiful, handcrafted designs.

The collection includes women’s sandals, mules, loafers, heels, clogs, boots, flats and slip on’s at a very affordable price point.

Their luxury line, Rag & Co X, has a variety of elevated, sophisticated styles like strappy sandals, chunky loafers, platform sandals, gladiators, kitten heels and sleek boots with meticulously crafted details using the finest materials and innovative designs.

Rag & Co is a conscious brand that uses all eco-friendly, biodegradable materials (like ethically procured leather and 100% natural cotton) and sustainable packaging.

See full collection here: https://ragnco.com/

Daniel Quintanilla

One DNA’s gender neutral collection is PROJECT New York’s new idea

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla (Taken During Live Audience Discussion At Project NY About Gender-Neutral Fashion On Monday, July 18, 2022)

One & 1

Last week’s return of PROJECT menswear fashion trade show at Iron 23 in New York City proved to be quite a welcome back after 2 and a half years off thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, it also was the beginning of a new era for this famed twice a year trade show, it’s not just for men anymore, it also includes female collections with some men’s lines, but mainly PROJECT welcoming a new gender-neutral environment, now including gender-neutral collections such as One DNA, who’ve led the charge in the new direction of PROJECT New York.

One DNA’s gender-neutral pieces break down the boundary between womenswear and menswear without sacrificing style.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

The owners have been profiled in Highs Nobility and WWD has said One DNA is leading the unisex trend.

Their classic and often times subversive wardrobe essentials have appeared in American Vogue and other top fashion publications around the world.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

Select pieces from One DNA’s ongoing collections are produced in safe and fair conditions here in the United States, regularly incorporating sustainable materials.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

One DNA regularly donates a share of the sales from our most popular items to charity.

Presently, 10 percent of profits from the Women Are Powerful collection are donated to the National Women’s Law Center and other non-profits advocating for women and girls.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

One DNA sizes range from Extra Small to 4XL and also XXXXL which includes sportswear and loungewear, within a price range of $100 to $300, and One DNA has a retail store in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

Men and women are each their own sex, but our styles, feelings, thoughts, desires, and dreams are all one, we also have one very important aspect in common, that is fluidity, not exactly a simple feeling, but a moment by moment changing of our outlook and attitude about our sexuality.

It’s no longer straightforward with a person’s sex, we have the freedom to be as male, and as female as we want to be, One DNA is the best gender neutral source to bridge that desire of one or more pieces for women to be man, and for men to be woman.

Daniel Quintanilla