Lauren Conrad’s fall in full swing for LC Lauren Conrad collection


Courtesy: Kohl’s

Loving Fall In An Instant

It’s pretty fair to say that most of the nation is legit with fall, unless one’s been living in the northeast part of the country recently, where summer’s been making up for lackluster moments in the real summer season this year, but Lauren Conrad has LC Lauren Conrad ready to go today celebrating the full fat of fall that’s October with versatile pieces in rich jewel tones.


Courtesy: Kohl’s

Comprised of 4 looks, LC Kohl’s October begins with a pointell babydoll sweater in dark forest, black skinny jeans, and black gerbera high heels, then we have the inset lace shift dress that’s layered with pink florals on a black canvas with black German soft bucket bag, there’s also the winetasting cold-shoulder eyelet with skinny jeans, and the color of Frankie Fleurs Picante which is proud to be the color that has the ruffle cold-shoulder shift dress.


Courtesy: Kohl’s

Announcing……. Baby

First comes the expecting announcement, then the big gender reveal, the baby shower even, and off course the birth, but don’t forget the happy couple still has to tell the world about the arrival of their bundle of joy, that’s where team Lauren Conrad today comes in to tell proper ways of announcing a birth.

Yes, there’s Facebook, Twitter, and especially Instagram where you can announce the wonderful newborn husband and wife has created, but the best and true way is sending a regular mail announcement consisting of a card that’s filled with all the good information in the world about when baby was born, the time, the date, the parents, the sex, the baby’s name, and the weight which is very important.

And little did anyone know, one has up to 6 months at most to announce their new child coming into the world, but most do it faster, maybe within hours, and get a professional photographer no matter how fast or slow one decides to send the news.

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Lauren Conrad a keynote speaker at upcoming conference

unnamedCourtesy: Create & Cultivate

Success….. Pass It On

On February 24, 2018, Lauren Conrad will be headlining the Create & Cultivate Conference as a keynote speaker, sharing entrepreneurial advice to other women that are in attendance, which Entertainment Tonight reported Monday, and Lauren expressing how the event is all about supporting and inspiring other female entrepreneurs to accomplish their dreams.

Joining Lauren at the conference will be Hannah Skvarla, who’s also the co-founder of The Little Market, alongside Lauren, Lauren too expresses that she finds that she does her best work when collaborating with others, making possible for the success Lauren’s had with LC Lauren Conrad, Paper Crown, “L.A. Candy”  and “The Fame Game” books, and many others.

With all the success Lauren’s had ever since coming on the scene 13 years with “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” on MTV, Lauren cannot wait to be part of the Create & Cultivate Conference in the company of so many creative and hard working women.

The First Is Special

Today, Lauren Conrad and gang show us how to celebrate a baby’s first Halloween with choosing a costume that’s best for the little one, capturing a lot of pictures of the cute costume, having a little party to celebrate the holiday, and not forgetting to give out candy on Halloween night.

Hair + Coconut Equals……..

Also today, team Lauren Conrad tell about the story of what happens when one puts coconut oil into their hair, the results are that hair was thicker, and more hydrated, thanks to lauric acid in coconut oil that has a low molecule weight, penetrating in the hair shaft, nurishing the hair with vitamins, minerals, and medium-chain fatty acids.

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Lauren Conrad’s BFF Halloween costume ideas



Costume & Costume

Now, coming up with a Halloween costume each and every year can be the most difficult thing in the world outdoing yourself from previous, or it can be strikingly easy like falling in love with a strikingly beautiful woman, but having a best friend by your side can go many ways, and Lauren Conrad today goes the easy route with costume ideas inspired by perfect pairs from pop culture.

Let’s start with Cher and Dionne from “Clueless” who bring their 1995 style to that one night a year where we’re characters other than ourselves, stay in gear with holiday spirit by going as the twins from Stephen King’s “The Shining”, Wayne and Garth from “Wayne’s World”, Emojis of Unicorn and Rainbow, and Mary Poppins and Bert from “Mary Poppins”.

More than a pair of best friends gives a group the option to go with a get up such as “Troop Beverly Hills” inspired by the Girl Scouts, let’s raise the barre real high taking us center stage with a black and white swan from the unforgettable movie “The Black Swan”, keep those leotards handy if BFF’s want to dress up as dancing emojis, or go as the infamous “Thelma & Louise”, but go timeless pairing up as Disney’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Chocolate Candy Without The Guilt

There’s a new edible obsession out there today which many will be pleased about, it’s healthy homemade chocolate bars that don’t consist of the usual ingredients that reck a diet, or one’s health.

One’s options are homemade healthy crunch bars made of dark chocolate, coconut oil, quinoa, brown rice crisp cereal, and a pinch of salt, and homemade coconut bars having unsweetened shredded coconut, maple syrup, coconut butter, coconut milk, dark chocolate, and coconut oil, both bars are delicious once conquering the cooking process.

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Carmen Electra wore dynamite dress to CineFashion FIlm Awards

d235429aaaad6360d15144f594c70b9fc350a38c107eeedcf783e0f4c31b713cba4e14abe260e92fCourtesy: D’Orazio & Associates

Hot On The Red Carpet

Carmen Electra wore a Maria Lucia Hohan gown to the 4th Annual CineFashion Film Awards on Sunday Evening in Los Angeles, California. 

CineFashion is a 24-Hour Exquisitely Innovative Network Dedicated to Curated Films, High Couture and International Lifestyle, with Content Featuring Such Illustrious Vintage & Modern Stars as Bardot, Brando, Deneuve, Depp, Hayworth, Jolie, McConaughey, Monroe, Pacino, and Pitt.

Elegant in tone, Cinémoi is defined by high-quality content, offering a lens to the world at large, re-introducing American audiences to outstanding vintage and contemporary films, and transporting them to the most glamorous events and exotic destinations.

Having earned such enthusiastic supporters as Monica Bellucci, Jane Birkin, Jacqueline Bisset, Michael Caine, Vincent Cassel, Martin Landau, Martin Scorsese, and many more, the 24-hour internationally-acclaimed lifestyle channel is aimed at discerning viewers, showcasing curated films and high couture festivals new to the U.S. television market.

Cinémoi is on Verizon FiOS and Frontier, Channel 236, nestled among AMC, FX, IFC, Sundance and Turner Classic Movies.

Maria Lucia Hohan has become the starlet’s go-to designer, gracing Hollywood A-listers at major award shows, premieres and red carpet events.

Known for her ethereal, elaborately draped gowns and flirty cocktail dresses, Maria Lucia Hohan’s signature aesthetic lies in her delicate pastel hues and colors on variations of silk textures, sheer mousseline, sand washed satin, creamy velvet and crisp taffeta.

Self-describing her collections as chic but girly, Maria’s pieces are created to enhance the feminine silhouette and make a woman feel radiant and fabulous.

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Lauren Conrad gets spooky with Halloween sticks



The Scary Mix

Lauren Conrad began the week on Monday continuing the Halloween spirit with a little hocus pocus for do-it-yourself spooky spider cocktail swizzle sticks, going with any type of drink one desires whether it’s non-alcholic or booze, and having a little decoration behind it to celebrate the season.

It all comes down to a few simple instructions that take a simple glue gun to put everything together, and lots of tiny plastic spiders where one or two alone are a scary sight within itself, perhaps a little more scary than the real actual spiders themselves on your window sill.

Walls Were Made For Paintings

The newest craving Lauren and her team were loving on Monday are those that have expression, model faces, scenic places, moments of love for an object, reminders about love in a home, and a simple phrase about being good to people always.

Friday Favorites

Yes, this Friday has come and gone, but Friday Favorites with Lauren Conrad last Friday brought on wild kid birthday party themes, lemon meringue smores, hair pins out of flowers, New York Fashion Week outfits which include LC Lauren Conrad, and some video of moments that go “Aww”.

The Edit

Lauren and her team on Friday were caught showing off in The Edit the best that is from LC Lauren Conrad, The Little Market, Paper Crown, vitamins, Urban Outfitters, and EF Collection Diamond Stud Earrings that make and weekday, or any weekend worth while to look forward to.

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Rita Vinieris reveals fall/ winter 2018 bridal collection during a catwalk at the gym

IMG_0949IMG_1088IMG_0831IMG_0975Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

This Modern World Creates All Possibilities

Here in New York City today, right on 49th Street between 8th and 9th Avenue, a runway presentation took place with Rita Vinieris, at an unusual place no one would even think to create a runway, at the gym, TMPL Gym to be exact, going 2 levels down below street level to catwalk Rivini & Alyne by Rita Vinieris in TMPL’s main exercise studio for Bridal Fashion Week.

It’s something TMPL Gym has never seen in their existence, or any gym for that matter, Rita Vinieris’s creations that were inspired by the multifaceted modern woman and her versatile nature in today’s world, with silhouttes that are new, diverse, and relaxed, having sensual couture ease.

The Rivini and the Alyne are a mix of luxurious modern fabrications either lightly skim or effortlessly sculpt the body with active wear accents, it’s simplicity, gentle grandeur and fluidity allows women to express their individuality in a new-relaxed, contemporary celebration of love, which Rita Vinieris would not have any other way.

IMG_1079IMG_0960IMG_1082IMG_0897Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

With 36 nonstop glorious looks to for a lovely femme to salivate over, both Rivini and Alyne have pleny of looks to choose from along with their own namesake, Rivini offers up Olivia consisting of high low jersey with French lace and sequin accents, Skylar having embroidered lace sleeveless top with Mikado twist bralette and wide leg pant with a bow train, and Serena having chantilly lace tiered modified A-line dress with dress v and sequin bandeau.

On Alyne’s side of things, we come across Fonda who has high low jersey with embroidered lace and grosgrain accents, Allison with her matte satin gown with taffeta twist drape wrapping into back ties, Katie going off the shoulder flutter sleeve lace gown with sheer corset back detail, Nadia bringing the world her draped notched bodice Satin Organza gown accented with hand applied embroidered lace appliqués, and Paige blessing us on full beaded lace sheath with a translucent bodice and tulle flutter sleeves.

IMG_0747IMG_0749IMG_0751Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

The overall accomplishment Rita Vinieris puts forth with her babies that are Rivini and Alyne is that “your body is your temple”, with looks coming in their own expression of individuality, positive energy, and new traditions, and whether one’s a bride, a bridesmaid, or even a maid of honor, Rita Vinieris is one that every woman must invest in if they want their wedding dress to be memorable, and leave an unforgettable mark on their daughters and granddaughters who’s time will come when finally meet their significant other.

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Lauren Conrad releases final third leg of Paper Crown fall 2017


Courtesy: Paper Crown 

Now Full-Onto Fall

In some parts of the country, fall seems like it’s a challenge just to even arrive, or stay feeling like fall since the temperatures have decided to be summer-like after summer’s passed, but Lauren Conrad regardless has part 3 today of the Paper Crown fall line up ready to take on fall.


Courtesy: Paper Crown

With a focus on tweed, plaid, and cozy knitwear, this third delivery from Paper Crown has us crazy about the Cecilia Jacket going for $326, the Ruby Dress for $318, and the Silvia Sweater for $198, all paying true to the fabrics, styles, and prints Lauren strives for this year.


Courtesy: Paper Crown

Next up are the Isa Dress that’s a good investment for $296, and the sexiest Paper Crown fall 2017 there is yet being the Lula Jumpsuit, going for $294, also coming with some nice upstanding sexy elegance breeding eyes on you from men, and women alike who admire sex, and elegance in one.

Welcoming Toddlers Into The Grown-Up World

There comes a time where after the baby becomes a toddler, the toddler must grow into more big kid stuff, like sleeping in a big kid bed, team Lauren today dispenses ways to make that transition easy for the little one.

The first step to getting toddler into their own bed is make it the only thing to focus on before moving onto other things, it has to be slow and steady, naps are a good start, security features for the child help a lot, put a little scare into the child to sleep in their own bed, and celebrate the accomplishment.

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Lauren Conrad’s stepping closer to Halloween with decorated mantle



27 Days Before The Costume

Lauren Conrad and her team today looked to the advice of Kate Martindale, who’s best known for her work as a prop stylist, to help Lauren and company get their home mantles transformed into a chic and spooky place as October overcomes the world with Halloween.

The scheme to excute first for one’s fireplace mantle are the color palette, choosing anywhere from gold, rose gold, cranberry, or an array of colors possibly coming from a garland given that one has a fireplace painted white, but colors very if the colors of a fireplace are anything but white.

Speaking of balloons, what the balloon garland does is add to the mantle experience by extending the space of the oasis that’s been created, plants also play a great role if they’re very tall in adding to the mantle experience by going vertical, and the result after adding candles and pumpkins is having balance with this halloween mantle.

Roses Do More Than Love

There’s a new healthy habit today to take up in the world of team Lauren Conrad, it’s called rose water, and it’s said to have an amazing amount of benefits attached from its petals.

Making rose water is a lot more than dipping a few roses in cold water, rose water needs 5 to 7 stems with lots of water and a large pot to be heated up before using, so one can benefit from rose water’s hydration on the skin, reduce redness, inflammation, and get the antioxidents of vitamins A, C, E, and B.

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Lauren Conrad’s look at the truly authentic fall styles



Now, We’re Ready For Fall

Some of us pretty much know by now that not only are we into fall, but we are 3 days into October, and we’re finally getting a taste of reality from the weather department, so Lauren Conrad proceeds as always with her Tuesday Ten devoted to the styles of October full of cable knit sweaters, trench coats, and boots.

It all starts with a simple plaid coat, blue jeans, and leather loafers matching up with the light brown leaves, vests are also a good way to go when it can be paired with a cable knit sweater of one’s liking, keep it simple too with a warm sweater and distressed jeans, wear a newsboy hat with a coveted outfit, and think outside the box with a hot hue of orange on the blouse.

Menswear has been playing a pivotal role in women’s world of fashion for quite sometime, so don’t quit now when one’s got structured blazers and trousers to complement menswear at its best, take pajamas out of the bedroom and into more of the daylight making them apart of your outdoor attire, monochromatic strikes again in all pieces especially black, colorblocks also are a way to style, and shoot in the stars onto an evening dress for parties.

Good Eats At School Day’s End

Toddlers are not known for their structured eating habits, let alone their fine taste in food choices, so moms step into get control of the matter, with today’s recipe box of snacks waiting for the little ones after school, or even packed at lunch.

There’s ideas of cookie cutter sandwiches filled with your choice of hummus and veggies,  lunch meat with mustard or mayonnaise, or good-ole peanut butter and jelly, apple slice sunbutter stackers with granola, cinnamon, and cacao chips, and an AB & J smoothie with sneaky spinach coming in either strawberries, blueberries, and rolled oats blended in almond milk or whole milk.

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Lauren Conrad and the black widow booze of Halloween


Buzzed Spooky Is Drunk Spooky

October can mean many things to many people, there’s the beginning of 3 months worth of holidays, the first full month of fall, raking up lots of dead leaves, or that it’s crunch time because Halloween’s 4 weeks from now, Lauren Conrad took the latter today returning us to lovely libations presenting the black widow berry cocktail.

What better time than now to welcome Halloween into one’s home by making a marvelous, yet spooky, yet powerful drink that gets the spirits going in every meaning of the word possible, it’s all about keeping in mind the theme of the drink while not forgetting the most important reason for the drink, to have a good time.

Now, the ingredients Lauren has here are quite a trifecta within themselves, they’re also quite fascinating because Lauren’s got berry flavored sparkling juice, an ounce and a half of vodka, and an ounce and a half of prosecco that’s also sparkling wine to go along with the muddled blackberries, cotton candy, and eyeball candy, creating a heaven of fruity effervescent flavor with a kick making you beg for another.

Celebrate, Our Favorite Month Finally Arrives

Take that black widow berry cocktail you have at hand, and see the Letter From Lauren today building up anticipation for Halloween with Lauren’s big Halloween plans every year, along with baby to big kid advice, style with substance, a fresh delivery of Paper Crown fall 2017, and the big reveal of Lauren’s awaited Halloween costume for 2017.

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