Tasou catwalks Spring/ Summer 2022 collection at New York Fashion Week

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

Tasou Spring Summer 2022 season was held during New York Fashion Week at a new venue called NYFW on Fifth located at 608 5th Avenue at 49th Street.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

The theme of the runway show was “The Athletic Side of Us” and was designed by CHUKS COLLINS for men and women.

These are clothes to wear for athleticwear and streetwear.

The collection is based on functional clothing that also focuses on sustainability by being ecofriendly.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

When I did a quick interview with Chuks who is originally from Nigeria, he told me many of his fabrics were made from recycled plastic bottles, organic cottons, hemp and repurposed fish nets.

By sitting close to where the models were coming out from dressing area, I could see the clothes up close and by doing so I could see Chuks Collins uses very high-quality fabrics that will retain their shape wearing after wearing.

I know textiles very well since I use to source fabrics and still attend textile shows.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

By Patricia Ann Parenti

His men’s collection consists of shorts for running, swimming or just staying at home to lounge around.

They are also long enough in the leg to be worn on the streets after sports.

I especially loved his graffiti print short and top outfit.

The women’s collection offers function and comfort that can be worn to the gym and out at night.

His exercise clothes are perfect for weight training at the gym for ladies.

I love his use of color in his collections also. Many of the styles such as tee shirts are gender neutral.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

His inspiration for the collection was fashion forward, comfortable and easy to wear clothing that was upbeat and summery at the same time.

The charitable side of Chuck has focused his collection to help other people who desire to be athletic but have been limited to due to limb deficiencies.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

The brand is helping people that have limited mobility in his home country of Nigeria by donating some of the proceeds from the sale of the collection by providing sustainable prosthetic limbs to children through Tasou’s partnering organization called The Irede Foundation.

For further information on his collection, or to buy something you like in my photos go to WWW.THEATHLETICSIDEOFUS.COM

Patricia Ann Parenti

‘Call Me Dancer’ indie Indian film breaks barriers of prejudice in culture and self

Courtesy: Call Me Dancer
Courtesy: Jitin Hingorani

An Open World

Somewhere in the middle of New York Fashion Week on the night before the 20th anniversary of 9/11/2001, Daniel plus Lauren paid a visit to a discussion of a new independent film from India titled “Call Me Dancer”, where a Hip Hop Dancer is forever changed when entering into Ballet by accident.

Courtesy: Jitin Hingorani

The life of a hip-hop dancer from Mumbai is forever changed when he accidentally walks into a ballet class.

Manish is captivated by ballet’s athleticism but doesn’t tell his struggling parents that he has dropped out of school and used their savings to pay for dance classes.

70-year-old Israeli-American Yehuda Ma’or arrives in India to teach ballet at an inner-city dance school after losing his last teaching position.

Courtesy: Jitin Hingorani

He once had a renowned career as a dancer and had been a teacher to ballet’s greatest stars, like Rudolf Nureyev.

Teaching at an inner-city dance school in Mumbai is not what Yehuda is used to – but he needs the job.

When he discovers Manish, he feels like he’s won the lottery.

Courtesy: Jitin Hingorani

Yehuda believes that Manish has the right stuff to dance professionally.

His dedicated student renews Yehuda’s excitement in teaching.

For two years he trains him hard: prodding, cajoling, and encouraging him through 4 classes a day.

But the competition is incredibly daunting.

Only 3% of dance students are invited to join professional companies.

And Manish started late, at the age of 20, when most students have been training since they were small children.

There is a lot of catching up to do – and the odds are further stacked against Manish because of his background.

India has no ballet tradition, and he faces constant pressure to earn money to support his family.

His father is a taxi driver barely able to make ends meet. “Dancing is a hobby for rich kids,” he tells him.

The relatives criticize Manish’s parents, shaming them because their only son isn’t employed.

He is invited to study internationally, a remarkable triumph for Manish and Yehuda.

His career is about to launch when he suffers a major setback: an injury that requires surgery and a lot of time to heal—a dancer’s worst nightmare.

Manish completes rehabilitation from his injury and trains hard in preparation for auditions outside of India.

But the pandemic is upending everything.

Suddenly he has an offer in New York City…but can he take it?

“Call Me Dancer” is a story of hope, heartache, and hard work.

Together, Manish and Yehuda transform each other’s lives, searching to uncover who and what they are.

Yehuda seeks a purpose and a place to call home.

Manish dreams of dancing on the world-stage but struggles to break free from the confines of his own economic and social circumstances.

Directors, Leslie Shampaine and Pip Gilmour, intentions for “Call Me Dancer” are that the arts can change lives and can act as an instrument for erasing boundaries – be it racial, religious, socio-economic or national.

Ballet master Yehuda Ma’or approached me to tell this story because I am a former professional ballet dancer and he knew I would bring an insider’s point of view, sensitivity and understanding to this story.

I wish to convey the passion and inner joy that dancers feel and that allows them to push past pain to become as good as they can be.

I want audiences around the world to be moved by the telling of this story and to appreciate the enormous potential of this athletic art form to bring people together.

You catch the trailer on the highlighted link here for “Call Me Dancer”.

And you can get more information about “Call Me Dancer” through First Hand Films, where you can find ways that you can fund the film.

Also, this article is a collaboration between Daniel plus Lauren and Patricia Ann Parenti.

Daniel Quintanilla & Patricia Ann Parenti

the STOLEN GARMENT shows off Korean Spring/ Summer 2022 collection at New York Fashion Week

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

The Body Of Korea

New York Fashion Week last week in New York City brought the first signs of life returning not only in the five boroughs, but around the nation and the world as we emerge from 18 months of lockdown thanks to the COVID19 pandemic, along with Summer 2021 hanging around longer outside our window today with unseasonal temperature and humidity, it’s also a great time to aim for a fully functional Spring and Summer 2022 with “the STOLEN GARMENT” and it’s Korean fashion collection, created by Jungwoo Park, who’s inspiration stems from a homeless person wearing a garment stolen.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

“the STOLEN GARMENT” specializes in hammered silk, with all crystal buttons on its jackets made up from digital prints, there’s also cotton twill pants with waist band dipped in the back, the front of these pants has detailed stitching.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

“the STOLEN GARMENT” and it’s poly satin coats have zippers on sleeve unlined, but they’re bounded with inside seams; jewelry with “the STOLEN GARMENT” are made up of sterling silver with crystal balls under the aegis of the “Geometric Study Of Jewelry”, and it’s twisted circle bracelet is very lightweight with its unique silver twisted design.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

Mini Bags with “the STOLEN GARMENT” are made by hand crochet and macrame nylon cord strap with plastic beads crocheted right into the strap, the rectangle handbags also have a magnetic in cork closure for quick and strong close so style is not compromised just by closing your bag, it’s also meant to keep your items secure, and it’s priced from $580 to $1,500.

“the STOLEN GARMENT” specializes in unisex clothing where both men and women, and it’s yarns are 75 percent recyclable, showing off the full throttle of sexuality on both men and women, and it’s small, medium, and large size options make “the STOLEN GARMENT” a very special thing to wear that makes you look good.

You can buy all the great pieces “the STOLEN GARMENT” has to offer at http://thestolengarment.com.

Daniel Quintanilla & Patricia Ann Parenti

Fashinnovation reveals why women support men over women in business

Courtesy: Fashinnovation

What’s The Root Cause?

Fashinnovation’s 5th Annual Worldwide Talks today uncovers an overlooked truth about what keeps women down leadership roles of fashion, media, and in the world of business, it’s other women mainly of their peers, as well as younger or older, who pledge their support of their male counterparts to head the companies they work for, simply because of women fearing other women they may have to answer to, the female mind’s instinct of jealousy and cattiness kicking just like it would on the social scene outside the workplace.

Therefore, men have been writing the narrative of how a woman should succeed in the corporate world, as well as steer the wheel of how women are marketed in fashion, business, and all other industries where women are used; it’s mainly women who comprise the fashion industry in designing clothes, working the floor, and promoting their brand, women also are the buying power of fashion whether it’s their own money or not.

The only way women can be put into more leadership roles is have 100 percent support from other females also in leadership, as well as those above and below them, work on rising above the fear a woman may have about another woman in their position, share the fears they may have, sometimes share their intentions, and this will eventually lead women to head their companies, and now write the narrative about women.

Daniel Quintanilla

Fashion Mingle hosts ERIGO‘s S/S 2022 collection at New York Fashion Week

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

Back To Catwalk

Fashion Mingle on early Tuesday evening kicked off New York Fashion Week with one of the first in-person events to take place since before the COVID19 pandemic shut the world down, Fashion Mingle down in lower Manhattan held a runway event along with a party also as it hosted ERIGO’s Spring and Summer 2022 collection of hoodies, pants, jackets and tops in bright colors that start cold as early Spring, then warm up for Summer.

Comprised of young and talented designers, ERIGO global and conscious inspiration come out in looks such as black and white hoodies over sky blue pants, light beige monochromatic blazer and pants over pops of electric blue top, neon green trouser pants with wide pockets over black tank tops, neon green hoodies over blue biker shorts, and monochromatic orange button down shirts and pants, there’s also contrast of black and neon green going on with sweater and pants.

As green and white also blend in with the 90’s Hip Hop look of bra top and baggy pants, and orange and yellow blazer plays on blue athleisure bra top and leggings set, highlights of this event were made up of prints in words and sports figures on hoodies and sweaters, as well as symbols and words of Mike Tyson boldly stating the toughness and creativeness of this collection.

Solid colors side by side or standing alone dominated the ERIGO sweater scene with its play on unique colors found in the runway and dance performances throughout this party as ERIGO and Fashion Mingle made an all out effort to welcome New York Fashion Week back in full force to a fully vaccinated crowd so eager to celebrate NYFW in New York City again without it being virtual.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Daniel plus Lauren has been a vital participant in Fashion Mingle Mastermind Sessions throughout the pandemic covering COVID19 survival, civil unrest, and sustainability, collaborating with Daniel plus Lauren on this NYFW comeback from COVID19 made possible by Fashion Mingle and ERIGO is Patricia Ann Parenti, who’s gotten a head start on SS 2022 trends with Informa Markets, along with SS22 lingerie, activewear, and beachwear at Curve trade show.

Daniel Quintanilla

Vivienna Lorikeet debuts 2021-2022 Couture Collection in New York City

Courtesy: Vivienna Lorikeet

A Plus On Curves

As history would tell it, the plus size audience of the fashion industry has always been underserved, neglecting it of any high-end or high design fashion options, relegating it to anything not above tasteful, just pieces to help one just to roll with the punches, but designers such as Vivienna Lorikeet have made the plus size, curvy woman a couture collection that is absolutely stunning.

Vivienna Lorikeet is one of the most notable emerging brands currently breaking into the NYC/US market from Melbourne, Australia where the collection was born.

Designer, Vivienna Wang is the Creative Director and Founder of the company.

Courtesy: Vivienna Lorikeet

The collection is uniquely special due to the diverse variations of style and silhouette available throughout.

Vivienna uses classic couture garment construction techniques combined with modern trend forecasting and most importantly…mastering the art of the silhouette.

Courtesy: Vivienna Lorikeet

The collection consists of mostly hand-beaded, embellished, and intricate mechanical body-con design techniques.

One piece can take months to finish and can consist of up to six professional seamstresses and couture specialists as part of the Vivienna Lorikeet design team.

The most important aspect of this brand however is the fact that this is a couture collection that also caters to ‘curvy’ women and specializes in perfecting the ideal hourglass shape.

Vivienna Lorikeet believes in embracing all forms of the female body and with today’s market, size is becoming more and more assorted as the demand for luxury plus size clothing continues to grow, yet unfortunately remains unfulfilled.

Courtesy: Vivienna Lorikeet

Many brand labels and designers have tried desperately to create luxury, trendsetting plus size clothing, however we haven’t seen anything like the collections that are delivered by the Atelier of Vivienna Lorikeet.

Vivienna truly has amassed the art of cultivating truly dynamic ‘curvy’ pieces that can definitely be classified as ‘showstoppers’.

Vivienna has spent years working to hone the ability to refine couture pieces that women, whether a size 2 or a size 16 can both wear.

This is accomplished through her ability to alter the shape of the garment, as she believes that the key to achieving success within this market is to truly comprehend on a conscious, emotional, and intellectual level the body type you are working with.

Thus being the reason many of her pieces are made-to-measure.

Courtesy: Vivienna Lorikeet

This collection may be one of the first COUTURE lines that we can say have actually successfully broken into the ‘curvy’ ‘plus’ market and is now creating a huge buzz with various editors, influencers, celebrities, and retail buyers within Manhattan and throughout the United States.

All of Vivienna Lorikeet’s gowns are one of a kind and hand-made from head to toe, they are absolutely incredible, and are now available in the Showroom of The Private Client Division by James Murray.

Shop the collection of Vivienna Lorikeet at www.viviennalorikeet.com.au.

And you can follow Vivienna Lorikeet on Instagram.

Daniel Quintanilla

Lauren Conrad rings in LC Lauren Conrad September 2021 at Kohl’s

Courtesy: Kohl’s

Love ❤️ Fall

Never have we ever seen a year like 2021 where September has become the best month of the year, with in-person learning taking place for the first time in 18 months since COVID19 forced us to go virtual, Broadway’s big return, and the excitement of the holidays experienced with family again, so Lauren Conrad kicked off the Labor Day Weekend on Friday with her newest September 2021 edition of LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s where it’s all about comforts featuring light cozy sweaters, loungewear, and soft joggers.

Courtesy: Kohl’s

Experience Fall 2021 as Lauren’s in a look of Ruffle Cardigan and Feel Good Mid-Rise 5 Pocket Skinny Jeans that leads onto a set of Ruffle Cardigan, High-Waisted Shorts, Ruffle Double V-Neck, 56mm Shoebird Cat Eye Sunglasses, Wedge Sandals, and Heart Bag; Lauren also sits in on Fall with LC Royal Yoke Peasant Top in Chancery Green and LC Smock Waist Mini Skirt also in Chancery Green.

Daniel Quintanilla

Kristin Cavallari’s new Dry Farm Wines limited edition ‘Cavallari Collection’ wine

Courtesy: KristinCavallari Instagram

Hold The Morning After

Kirstin Cavallari kicked off September this past Wednesday with her very own namesake wine collection from Dry Farm Wines called the “Cavallari Collection”, where you can experience the joy of a buzz, or more than a buzz with whatever occasion you’re having this Labor Day Weekend, as well as Happy Hour, Friday Nights, or many Halloween and holiday moments coming in the rest of 2021.

Kristin loves her “Cavallari Collection” because Dry Farm Wines cares about where the grapes come from, how they were farmed, and the quality of the soil, Kristin is such a fan and believer in what Dry Farm Wines stands for and I’m honored to be part of this family, it’s lab tested for purity, made with lower alcohol, sugar free, and keto and paleo friendly.

With the 3 boxes Kristin had delivered of her “Cavallari Collection” Kristin says it’s perfect for date night, picnic, and self care night, and it’s Organic down to the T, but Kristin is a legit fan because there’s zero hangover the next morning, ruling out headaches and nausea.

Daniel Quintanilla

Amanda Kloots celebrates marrying Nick Cordero after ‘Waitress: The Musical’ Broadway post-COVID19 comeback

Courtesy: Amandakloots Instagram

Lifetime Union

September 3, 2017 is a very special day for Amanda Kloots, it’s when Amanda married her beloved and late husband, Nick Cordero, which Amanda made sure she remembers today as this day 4 years ago was absolutely the best day of her life, Amanda cherished the moment where she shared her first look, and first kiss just moments after tying the knot to Nick, as well as their first dance, Amanda will always remember the angel that is now Nick, and and the love of her life.

The biggest pre-wedding anniversary gift Amanda received happened Thursday night when “Waitress: The Musical” came back after Broadway’s lights were out for 18 months thanks to the COVID19 pandemic, when “Waitress” Creator, Sara Bareilles, and the casts of “Waitress” took to the stage following their performance to a sold out crowd to honor Nick Cordero, who was part of the original cast of “Waitress”, all paying tribute to Nick with “Live Your Life” on the menu board, plus casts and crowd singing “Live Your Life” following a speech from Amanda.

Daniel Quintanilla

‘Hadestown’ returns as part of Broadway’s post-COVID19 comeback

Courtesy: hadestown Instagram

The 1st Rose 🌹 Back

It’s been a long 18 months since we’ve seen the 2019 Tony Award winner, “Hadestown” take center stage thanks to that little thing we call COVID19, but now that vaccines have poked millions of arms, it’s time to pull the curtain up once again at the Walter Kerr Theater in New York City’s Broadway, as it did tonight with a truly roaring return that’s much been long anticipated since late May when it was announced that “Hadestown” would make its triumphant return prior to Broadway’s official comeback on September 14.

And just one block up from “Hadestown” on 48th Street at the Barrymore Theater, “Waitress: The Musical” by Sara Bareilles, also tonight marked its first performance since the start of pandemic with a tremendously sold out crowd, roaring cheers, and a standing ovation which at the end of its first performance include a very touching trouble to Nick Cordero, who died from COVID19, and will forever be on the “Waitress” menu board with the words “Live Your Life”.

Daniel Quintanilla