Lauren Conrad’s August with LC Lauren Conrad


Courtesy: Kohl’s

Still Summer, Start Falling

Lauren Conrad unveiled another line of newbies today from her ever-popular LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s which keep the summer in mind while there’s a little season left, but gets ready for autumn that’s fast approaching, which means it’s transition time in fashion.

Lauren begins with what’s become a popular staple with LC Kohl’s being the print fit and flare dress, this piece Lauren’s modelling comes in floral black, a black canvas filled with a steady vine that plushes light green leaves and dark green leaves and tiny light/ dark pink blossoming flowers.

The next look for summer to fall from LC Kohl’s are Lauren’s print flounce sleeve top, super soft ankle jeggings, and pink tassel drop earrings for anyone that’s looking to add new staples to their closet collection, Lauren too proclaims that bell sleeves and blue jeans will always be her staples.

Pizza Once Removed

But instead of designated gluten free products, Lauren Conrad’s Allison Norton today goes entirely into nature when Allison opens up the recipe box once again to make a cauliflower crust barbecue chicken pizza, a pizza that’s gluten free only because there is no flour doughy crust.

To make this cauliflower crust, you need fresh cauliflower or cauliflower rice, shredded mozzarella cheese, an egg, dried oregano, crushed garlic, garlic salt, and olive oil with instruction, plus toppings of red onion, cut up chicken breast, barbecue sauce, cilantro, shredded mozzarella cheese, and grated parmesan cheese for a nice treat.

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Kylie Jenner wore Anabela Chan & Kallati for Kylie Cosmetics 21

3AC6D9F9-0C6B-4549-9362-8149D6CBD38235148996-C101-4B2B-85B4-0058FDFCD7D4Courtesy: D’Orazio & Associates

Rings & Rings

Kylie Jenner wore Anabela Chan sapphire rings and a Kallati diamond ring for her Kylie Cosmetics 21 Collection campaign.

Known for her love of cosmetic products and makeup, Kylie Jenner launched Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner in 2016 after the global launch of her wildly successful liquid lipstick plus lip liner duo, the Kylie Lip Kit.

After Kylie revealed the Kylie Lip Kit to the world, her fans wanted more.

Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner is Kylie Jenner’s new launchpad for sharing her best kept beauty secrets to her fans.

Kylie is currently working in the Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner Lab on a handful of new, top secret products she’s creating to help give you that perfect “Kylie look”.

Anabela Chan is a London and Paris based award-winning jewelry designer and artist, who arrived at jewelry from a prestigious background in architecture, fashion and art.

This year, Lady Gaga, Rita Ora and FKA Twigs have all graced red carpet events wearing her enchanting, statement pieces.

With awards from Vogue Talents and The British Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council, Anabela was named by Harper’s Bazaar UK as the jewelry designer you need to know now.

Her unique jewels and objects d’art are presented at some of the most exclusive gallery boutiques in the world including Christie’s London, Land Crawford Hong Kong, Luisa Via Roma Florence and Moda Operandi New York.

Rich in design expertise and craftsmanship, Kallati, is a fourth generation family owned and operated fine jewelry manufacturer specializing in stunning, sophisticated and sought-after fine jewelry treasures featuring collections boasting incredibly lavish gemstones and brilliant diamonds.

Passed down from father to son, from mother to daughter, Kallati is all about family heritage and is built on core values of loyalty and trust.

The Kallati family has always been known for trust and loyalty, and that continues to be what motivates us to serve our customers so well today.

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Facts about Lauren Conrad one doesn’t know


Courtesy: Kohl’s

What’s Not To Learn?

You all know Lauren Conrad for her time on “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills”, the clothing lines Lauren’s produced like LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s, 2 trilogies of books, and websites that are fun and useful, but there are 10 facts today about Lauren you may not know.

The first thing Lauren hates is the color purple, Lauren will not wear or decorate anything in this red and blue mixture, Lauren doesn’t eat dairy because she’s allergic to it, Lauren is named after her mother’s maiden name who’s name is Lawrence, it rained on most of Lauren’s honeymoon, and Lauren loves a good pun.

Lauren surprisingly hates working out even though she post lots of workout post, but only does it with a friend, Lauren collects vintage apples at flea markets and antique shops, Lauren hates rudeness, Lauren’s old piece of clothing in her closet are her old ballet leotards, and Lauren keeps a $2 bill in her pocket for good luck.

Ask Lauren Anything

In today’s edition of Letter from Lauren to start the new month of August, Lauren makes the next 31 days about the public asking Lauren about anything that’s called Ask Me Anything August.

Lauren will also spread the love to her lovely Team LC members as will present a quick fire Q&A session where one can leave a question about anything in the comments or on Instagram, and look out for pieces like tasty pineapple salsa, and what Team LC looks for in an intern.

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Lauren Conrad’s things to do before summer’s over



Get To The Beach Before It’s Out Of Season

Yes, we’re crossing that time where it’s getting dark earlier by the day, and the sunrises are back within the 6 a.m. hour, and it’s a day away from August, it only means that summer’s almost over, so Lauren Conrad and crew’s Tuesday Ten today challenge you to take up lots before Labor Day.

First, avoid the oven at all costs so you can eat cold meals like salads from all different plants and animals (the original couple to gossip about in school), shop for fruits and vegetables that are only in season, go surfing, walk barefoot anywhere you can, and read up on poetry.

Next, in those places you can walk barefoot, go too an entire weekend without driving, start a gratitude journal of 3 to 5 things you’re grateful for, go to an outdoor concert, color up your tresses, and make a no-bake dessert.

What Makes Your Face Look Good?

In a simple breakdown of facial care, Lauren Conrad and crew today compare and contrast chemical exfoliants with physical exfoliants, there’s obviously a world of difference to be looked at, but only one has great benefits in the long run.

Physical exfoliants are very affordable, but you must keep up with it a couple times a week, and avoid ones that have fruit pits and shells, chemical exfoliants are expensive, but are great if you suffer from acne, rosacea, and eczema, they reach deeper into the skin, they either can be done at home, or done professionally every six weeks that give outstanding results.

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Lauren Conrad short hair styles times five



Barely Touch The Shoulder, Please

Lauren Conrad made a Monday out of styling one’s short hair in 5 ways, because there’s just that urge to cut due to the hot weather, or to give those long locks a break, or be inspired to seek a shorter and cleaner look.

Lauren starts out with the deep side parts look for those who part in the middle that want more volume in their lives, adding waves to a short is not only easier but add curls and texture in an instant, and braids make the bob fun while keeping hair out of your face.

The next 2 start with a pulled back look that makes difficult tiny pony tails possible while having a fancy look to your lob, and then there’s the classic stick straight look with its effortless middle part style, and one step sliding straightener method where you’re just 3 minutes from beautiful.

The 90’s Closet Is Wide Open

Within the past couple of years, the 1990’s have made a comeback onto the fashion scene, and Monday was no different for Lauren Conrad and her team as they introduced their latest fashion craving, being the ever-popular mini-skirt that ruled the nineties all the way.

Mini-Skirts comeback in renditions that are Madewell Stretch Denim A-Line Mini Skirt, Urban Outfitters Frayed Wrap Mini Skirt, Topshop Denim Miniskirt,  Reformation Bianca Denim Miniskirt, Eclair Pink Floral Tie Waist Wrap Skirt, H&M Denim Skirt with Embroidery, Urban Outfitters BDG Re-Made Denim Mini Skirt, and Free People Femme Fatale Pull On Skirt.

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Kristin Cavallari sets it straight at Uncommon James on ‘Very Cavallari’

Courtesy: E! Entertainment YouTube Channel

It’s What A Boss Does

Not hiring Shannon’s best friend, Taylor, pretty much made life a little more unpleasant for Shannon, as Kristin Cavallari demonstrated Sunday night on E!’s “Very Cavallari”, Shannon was vividly upset about Kristin decision, so Shannon called a meeting with Kristin.

In the meantime, Kristin’s hubby, Jay Cutler, got Kristin ready for the fact that they are moving to a new home, filling Kristin in on learning how to operate a tractor, a tractor because Kristin fears that they are going to be raising chickens in their new humble abode.

On the lighter side of Kristin’s life, Kristin excitely awaits a phone calls from her best friend, Kelly, who tells about her date with a Canadian guy, even though there’s no definite details about the romantic night out, Kristin and Kelly are both excited about Kelly’s new dating life ahead.

Back over to the drama at hand, Kristin finally deals with the issue of hiring best friends in the work place, Kristin didn’t hire Shannon’s friend, Taylor, because there’s a chance for clicks to form, leading to more drama over the course of time, so Kristin’s bottomline is if the drama doesn’t stop, then they’re not going to be working for Kristin anymore.

Courtesy: E! Entertainment YouTube Channel

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Lauren Conrad shares favorites that remind of the past



They’re Not Old, They’re Timeless

Lauren Conrad took her Friday Favorites today to reflect back on the most beautiful looks that Lauren has ever encountered, and still has a soft spot in her heart for those outfits, plus a do-it-yourself that not only is too cute, but colorful and healthy.

Lauren starts out with a DIY homemade basket bag idea from Paper & Stitch, and Lauren gets to the colorful delicious dish that are rainbow cabbage wraps filled with sesame seeds, cucumber, orange pepper, yellow pepper, green leaf lettuce to hold the avocado, and hummus dip for important dipping.

Lauren’s favorite Friday moment this week comes with the best braids for short hair, Lauren is in the spotlight because Kristin Ess did this little braid for Lauren which is all too cute, and there’s a children’s book called “You Belong Here” which gives little ones reassurance where they, and animals belong.

The Edit

Lauren Conrad and the girls today rounded up their weekly picks that include Lauren’s finds of UO Ashley Button-Down Tie-Back Jumpsuit, The Little Market Tiny Tassel Necklace, and the girls have Goop Savory Sweet Potato Pancake with Arugula Salad, and The Little Market Blue Opal Yellow Gold Necklace.

More on the edit list include WAYF Mahari Cutout Midi Dress, BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Straightening Iron, “The Universe Has Your Back” by Gabrielle Bernstein, Tokyo Milk Hand Cream Trio, LC Lauren Conrad Tie-Sleeve Swing Dress, and the “Hysteria” Podcast from Crooked Media to jumpstart the weekend.

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**Post-Game** BLANC Magazine Summer Soiree

Blanc Magazine Summer SoireeYWPv5pHA

Blanc Magazine Summer Soiree
NEW YORK, NY – JULY 24: Indira Cesarine attends the Blanc Magazine Summer Soiree on July 24, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images)
Blanc Magazine Summer Soiree
NEW YORK, NY – JULY 24: Jonn Nubian attends the Blanc Magazine Summer Soiree on July 24, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images)
Blanc Magazine Summer Soiree
NEW YORK, NY – JULY 24: Ena Ikoli and Wise attend the Blanc Magazine Summer Soiree on July 24, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images)

Blanc Magazine Summer SoireeBlanc Magazine Summer SoireeBlanc Magazine Summer SoireeBlanc Magazine Summer SoireeBlanc Magazine Summer SoireeBlanc Magazine Summer SoireeBlanc Magazine Summer SoireeBlanc Magazine Summer SoireeBlanc Magazine Summer SoireeBlanc Magazine Summer SoireeBlanc Magazine Summer SoireeBlanc Magazine Summer SoireeCourtesy: Noam Galai/Getty Images

It’s Not Possible Without A Good Team

While Daniel plus Lauren attended Tuesday evening’s BLANC Magazine Summer Soiree with home grown pictures from yours truly, there wouldn’t have been a wonderful summer soiree without Terry Doe, and the team behind him, putting this party together, gathering official images and statements about the night.

On Tuesday July 24th, the luxury fashion, art, and music publication Blanc Magazine held an exclusive Summer Soirée at the stylish Sky Deck at Cachet Boutique Hotel.

The invite-only event was a celebration of the summer season and  served as a celebration of the glossy’s newly published HEAT issue, which features model and entertainer  Miss Fame (RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7) as the Cover Star.  

The event also served as the luxury glossy’s re-introduction to the fashion industry and mainstream media.

Joining Blanc’s Founder & Editor In Chief Teneshia Carr and partner Hisashi Miyao were New York City socialites, influencers, and notable downtown scenester’s including socialite Emma Snowdon Jones, Contemporary artist Danny Minnick, notable artist, gallerist, and Untitled Magazine EIC Indira Cesarine, actress & entrepreneur Malgosia Garny’s, Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Founder Wendy Diamond, GatherNYC Co-founder Rupert Boyd, notable abstract artist Oussamah Ghandour, publicist Terry Doe, Niightlfe darling Patricia Marci, Botticelli Shoes owner and partner Taryn Crampton, Wilhemina model’s Stephanie Clarker and Beatrice Walker, and Singer/Songwriter Frank Bell.

Under the gorgeous Manhattan skyline, guests enjoyed delicious bites from Cachet Boutique Hotel’s exclusive restaurant Eden Local, whilst being served beverages from leading French Rosé brand Listel, as well as Pampelonne Sparkling Wine.

Guests were also treated to custom-made vegan desserts with specially  decorated BLANC signatures exclusively from Love Love Edibles, whilst listening and dancing to live music  from celebrity/nightlife DJ and fashion influencer Mike Nouveau.

Featuring cover stars Miss Fame (RuPaul’s Drag Race) wearing Marc Jacobs, as well as Jamaican model Wayne Booth on dual covers, the HEAT issue showcases the reflections of this heat we carry, originating from the fires of creation, and through the lenses of others.

Among those featured within the issue are: model Aweng Choul; husband and wife design team Michael and Nicole Colovos; Korean-born, London-based designer, Eudon Choi; American singer/songwriter, actor, dancer and model, Maxwell George “Max” Schneider (known professionally in music as MAX); British singer/songwriter and record producer, Neo Jessica Joshua (better known as Nao); Armenian songwriter Azniv Korkejian (aka Bedouine); Californian artist Matthew Palladino; Ukraine born artist StanislavaPinchuk, and Mathew Ball, principal dancer of The Royal Ballet.

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Lauren Conrad into the mustard yellow


Courtesy: Kohl’s

Tasty, & Fashionable

Lauren Conrad along with her wonderful ladies got into a brand-new fashion craving today, switching up from a blush color which Lauren continuously loves, to a wonderful kind of yellow that’s mustard yellow, not only found next to the ketchup, but also found on LC Lauren Conrad.

Mustard Yellow stretches beyond LC Kohl’s with a stem of pieces from Free People Takin’ A Chance Midi Dress, Madewell Naida Slide Sandal, LC Lauren Conrad Floral Faux-Wrap Dress, Anthropologie Tied Linen Jumpsuit, Reformation Amsterdam Dress, Mar Y Sol New Mia Crossbody Bag, and LC Lauren Conrad Print Flounce Sleeve Top.

The mustard yellow spreads further on the plate with Urban Outfitters Capulet Rosie Gingham Ruffle Short, BaubleBar Abacos Tassel Earrings, Studio 33 Bougie Circle Cross Body Bag, LC Lauren Conrad Tie-Sleeve Swing Dress, Treasure & Bond Printed Silk Square Scarf, Vince Camuto Sebatini Sandal, and Topshop Stripe Tie Front Cropped Collar Shirt.

How Do You Machine Wash A Bikini?

Lauren Conrad’s Ilana Saul got into the summer spirit today talking about swimsuits, not to buy the latest one which many have already bought (or still are), but the best way to was your one-piece or two-piece, without the normal washer procedure.

Now don’t wash your swimsuit on a regular wash cycle, use the gentle cycle but don’t put it through the spin cycle, use mild dish shop and/ or plain old white vinegar instead of laundry detergent, use great big beach towels to pad your swimsuit while washing, and always hang dry your swimsuit.

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Lauren Conrad’s wedding morning bridesmaid pajamas


Courtesy: Divine Bridal Shop

Matchy-Matchy To Start Off A Marriage

If there’s no better way to kick off the morning of a wedding than having a hangover from a bachelorette party the night before, then it’s waking up with your bridesmaids in pajamas, that’s what Lauren Conrad’s Allison Norton did today to make her bridesmaids feel appreciated.

Allison seeks out to find the cutest pajamas out there, starting with Lake Pajamas of their cheerful and colorful striped prints, Serena & Lily with their pinstripes, J. Crew for their fleur-des-lis print in red and white, and Plum Pretty Sugar of beautiful robes and short sets.

Next up are the Eberjay PJ’s that are super soft in their pastel colors of pale blue, Roller Rabbit with their beach cover up prints of green and pink pajamas, and the Esty Shops are where Allison’s bridesmaids wore big beautiful prints of rose canvas, rose prints, and the bride in white because…. she is the bride first off.

A Midsummer Night’s Wardrobe

Inspired by William’s Shakesphere’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, Lauren Conrad and her crew today take those inspired pieces to create their latest wardrobe craving of thyme, growing violets, luscious woodbine, sweet musk-roses, and eglantine.

Lauren’s gang inspired midsummer includes Rebecca Taylor Marlena Floral Crop Pants, LC Lauren Conrad Bell Sleeve Top, Gal Meets Glam Collection Isabella Floral Stripe Cross Back Maxi Dress, Alexandre Birman Floral Strappy Wedges, Topshop Floral Cold Shoulder Top, Clare V. Ditsy Floral Foldover Clutch, Anthropologie Chasing Rainbows Floral Earrings, La Vie Rebecca Taylor Madeline Top, Anthropologie Springworthy Bandana, Topshop Embroidered Floral Bikini Top, $45 & Bikini Bottoms, and Kate Spade Wayne Heels.

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