June splurging & saving with team Lauren Conrad


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Going All Out For Summer?

Lauren Conrad’s Jessi Burrone today gave their monthly look at what to save & splure on just as summer unofficially began, and will finally begin 7 days from now.

Jessi starts out with ruffle skirts spluring $325, or saving at $29.99, boater hats costing one $89, or saving on it for just $16, and gladator sandals for $97.95, or the LC Lauren Conrad gladator sandals for $34.99.

Next are the peplum tops either spluring at $88, or saving some bucks half off at $42, and the ever-popular floral shorts priced at $68, or a pair of slightly lower priced ones coming in at  only $40.

Summer Beauty That Won’t Break The Bank

Team Lauren Conrad today with help from FabFitFun told the world about a brand-new beauty and lifestyle package filled with beauty products, gemstone, passport cover, luggage tags, and much more.

And those that place their orders now will get $10 off, using the product code LC, but order at once, as this package will sell out quick.

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Lauren Conrad’s chicest swimsuit pairings


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The Perfect Match

Lauren Conrad’s crew today came up with a style guide that has the hottest swimsuit and cover up pairings one will find just to die for as the summer commences.

Let’s start with the casual and sporty, from LC Lauren Conrad high neck bikini top and high waist bikini bottom in tropical palm, and halter crop top & hem capri pants in sandshell.

Simple & Flowy are LC Kohl’s one-piece swimsuit in hunter green and tropical open front cover-up, and Fresh & Bright are bandau bikini top & bottom in stripes with cover up caftan.

Chic & Sexy are scalloped one-piece in ordine leaves with Eberjey Sol Devon cover up dress, Trendy & Fun by Mara Hoffman one piece & J. Crew eyelet beach dress, and Classic & Breezy with J. Crew bikini & LC Kohl’s maxi cover up.

Gym Bag Must Have Items

Today’s Tuesday Ten are a list of things one needs to keep in their gym bag, like hair ties, energy bar, fitness tracker, cute headphones, water bottle, cute shoes, dry shampoo, makeup remover wipes, headband, and towel.

Ice Cream Baby Shower

Team Lauren did some party planning on Monday with Claire Thomas of The Kitchy Kitchen providing all the essentials needed like ice cream, edible decorations, booze, and so forth to have a wonderful ice cream social to celebrate baby.

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Lauren Conrad’s favorites for week #2 in June


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A Week Closer To Summer

It’s officially almost summertime, and Lauren Conrad today brought along the week ending Friday Favorites for a little more excitement needed to start the weekend.

Lauren spotlights a black and white lace look that’s from Damsel in Dior, then you have a soft and feminine style bridal hairdo made possible by the Wedding Sparrow.

Remember one thing about those people out there who don’t tow the line, “Darling, You’re Different”, carry along a whipstitch mini tote, and make sage & floral smudge sticks.

The LC.com Edit

Lauren Conrad and the team today collectively shared their week’s finds of LC Lauren Conrad Beach Shop cover up, and Steve Madden Grace Slide sandals, which Lauren loves.

More finds include Paper Crown Tempe Top in Palm Print, LC Kohl’s Cold Shoulder ruffle dress, mermaid doll from The Little Market, and New York Times Bestseller “Present Over Perfect”.

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Answering nutritional questions by Team Lauren Conrad


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Today, the team of Lauren Conrad got together to ask resident nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque, 5 questions they’ve been dying to ask concerning they’re well-being, as well as their sweet tooth.

Kelly’s first business ordered was dessert, Kelly recommends a high-quality sugar free freezer fudge from her own recipe, first food of day recommended is smoothie with a ratio of protein, fat, and fiber with low sugar, smoothie goto is a spa smoothie.

Now if you want energy, but you don’t want coffee, go natural with matcha or guayusa supplying natural energy, not a buzz, healthy skin requires omega 3 fatty acids and B vitamins, and don’t eat before you workout because it breaks down fat faster.

The Trampoline Workout

Team Lauren Conrad today too gave us 5 reasons why we must try out burning calories on the trampoline, which can be a proper alternative to running, yoga, or even barre.

Benefits are the muscles feel the burn as you’re jumping up and down, it’s low impact but joints get tired before the muscles do, it makes you better at other workouts, detoxifies body because body’s shaken up, and it’s fun.

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Kendall Miles stands out from the rest with her unique shoe collection


Courtesy: Dara Smith

Shoes Make The Sexy

Today, Daniel+Lauren introduces the world to Kendall Reynolds a.k.a Kendall Miles, who’s new shoe collection was something yours truly could not get enough.

As the sub-headline describes, it all starts with the shoes if a lady seeks to turn a man on to something wonderful either right on the spot, or later in the night.

Daniel Quintanilla: At what point did you realize you wanted to be in the fashion industry?

Kendall Reynolds: From a very young age, I loved shoes, shoes that had that sculptural silhouettes and were made of sumptuous leather with handsome, skillfully wrought hardware.  I began drawing shoes in my college apartment on a simple sketchpad and when I had developed what I thought could be considered a collection, I showed my mom and asked her to help me start a business.  With my family’s support, we recruited an international team with deep expertise in the luxury shoe industry and a broad understanding of the global fashion market.

DQ: I love the mission you put forth in creating a collection that’s strictly couture, and has a pricing point that defines the richness and kind of woman you aim to attract.  What is it about this philosophy that makes you feel connected, and why?

KR: I wanted to produce luxury shoes that exude feminity and elegance with refined sexuality.  It was important for me to hone my skills using traditional methods that rely on the fine handcraftsmanship.  These techniques have been refined over generations and require great expertise that can’t be found anywhere else.

DQ: What is it about Kendall that attracts A-List celebrities, and what shoe do they gravitate towards most?

KR: Celebrities appreciate high-quality, innovative designs which they’ve found in Kendall Miles.  I’m so happy that many have been so supportive thus far, and honored that they see the potential in me and the brand.  The favorite shoe has definitely been Pout.  They have tended to gravitate towards the statement pieces, and Pout features a removable bag, making it incredibly special and unique.


Courtesy: Dora Smith

DQ: All of your shoes have their own name and distinct attitude behind the style of shoe it is.  Where did you draw inspiration for each shoe?

KR: Naming the shoes is one of the last steps I take, and is one of my favorite parts of the process.  Before I begin thinking of names, I must first see the prototypes and start learning each design’s strengths.

DQ: It’s a toss up between Attitude, Michelle, and Pout as my favorite shoe.  What’s your favorite in all that’s offered?

KR: Red Masque, it was one of the first designs and will be sold within my SS17 collection.  It’s available in red and black, and features snake with pheasant feather detailing.  It’s a perfect statement shoe that pairs well with any outfit.

Daniel Quintanilla: What’s the future hold for Kendall Miles, and her amazing collection?

Kendall Reynolds: The future is geared towards getting in the door at more boutiques and department stores.  My designs will continue to be well researched, innovative, and evolving with new materials.

Daniel Quintanilla

The LC Lauren Conrad Maternity Collection is here


Courtesy: Kohl’s

Oh Baby, You Look Gorgeous

Today, Lauren Conrad introduced a new element to her LC Lauren Conrad collection, pieces catered to the one expecting, and has a glowing baby bump to show off.

Lauren’s looks from Kohl’s involve pintuck peasant top with belly panel leggings that are in blush, followed by a marshmallow crochet tank with belly panel leggings in olive this time.

There’s also a cold-shoulder pleated dress in red wine, pleated fit & faire dress in samira bloom, cold-shoulder empire dress, and a long-shoulder light burgundy dress coming soon.


Courtesy: Kohl’s

Baby Gets Front Page

Lauren Conrad also announced today that she made the cover of Parents and Fit Pregnancy Magazine showing off the baby bump that’s glorious on Lauren.

Celebrate All The Fathers In The World

Team Lauren Conrad today revealed their Father’s Day gift guide for 2017 offering up tie bars, dad keg mugs, sunglasses, leather key fobs, stripe socks, cocktail guides, belts, coffee, candles, and watches.

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Salma Hayek’s pearls at Gucci cinema screening

<> at Metrograph on June 6, 2017 in New York City.<> at Metrograph on June 6, 2017 in New York City.

Courtesy: Getty Images

Finding Pearls That Steal The Show

Salma Hayek work an Anabela Chan hand-set solitaire pearl ring to the Gucci & The Cinema Society screening of Roadside Attractions “Beatriz At Dinner” Tuesday night in New York City.

Anabela Chan is a London and Paris based award-winning jewelry designer and artist, who arrived at jewelry from a prestigious background in architecture, fashion and art.

This year, Lady Gaga, Rita Ora and FKA Twigs have all graced red carpet events wearing her enchanting, statement pieces.

With awards from Vogue Talents and The British Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council, Anabela was named by Harper’s Bazaar UK as ’The Jewelry Designer you need to know now’.

Her unique jewels and objects d’art are presented at some of the most exclusive gallery boutiques in the world including Christie’s London, Land Crawford Hong Kong, Luisa Via Roma Florence and Moda Operandi New York.

Daniel Quintanilla

Lauren Conrad releases styles for June


Courtesy: LaurenConrad.com

Let’s Get The Hotness Started

Lauren Conrad today once again reminded us that spring has left us till next year, and summer is finally here with Tuesday Ten’s June style tips.

Lauren starts out with an overall chic ensemble with a delicate lace blouse, pink prints on top and long dress, and blues from the off-the-shoulder blouse with high waisted shorts.

Lauren next goes onto mix & match bold patterns, embellished embroidery on blouses, white on any piece one can grab, and dressing like one’s on a tropical getaway.

Summer’s also a perfect time to goes for nautical on tops, finding a dress with sail boat prints, and hemline crop tops coming out pefect on a two-piece set.

LC Lauren Conrad Goes Maternal

On Monday, People revealed that Lauren Conrad has a brand-new LC Lauren Conrad line at Kohl’s, exclusively specializing in maternity dresses.

Even though Lauren Conrad wanted to wait until she knew what being maternal was like to design a maternity line, Lauren said it was much easier than she thought.

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Lauren Conrad identifies her baby shower look


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What Do You Wear For Baby Tell?

Lauren Conrad today told not only about the wonderful baby shower that friends and family threw for her a few weeks ago, but what she wore to event celebrating baby.

With catering by Lauren Lowstan, Lauren’s attire was the Ulla Johnson cotton maxi dress paired with sunnies and sandals that Lauren wore also to her baby shower.

Now if one cannot find themselves affording $345 for Lauren’s baby shower dress, the good news is that Target produces an affordable version for just $29.99, plus accessories are affordable too.

It’s Beach Body Season, Time To Shape Up

Team Lauren Conrad today along with resident physical train, Dr. Hunter Vincent, has combo exercises working multiple muscles to keep heart rate up, and improve efficiency.

With simple breakdown of execution, exercises include reverse lunge with lateral raise, single leg bicep curls, sumo squat with tricep extensions, steering wheel squat holds, pushup plank presses, and mountain climber DB rows so bikini looks better & better.

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Christophe Danhier invites Daniel+Lauren for a look at jewelry collection


Courtesy: Christophe Danhier 

Only The Best…. Will Do

On Saturday, yours truly paid a visit to Christophe Danhier here in Las Vegas, Nevada to witness his incredible jewelry, diamond, and gemstones that are made, and handled with the utmost care for high-end beauty.

Here at the Wynn Las Vegas & Encore Resort where nothing below five-star quality is accepted, Christophe Danhier makes himself right at home with his 18 karat gold jewelry ethically using gemstone and diamond sources.

Christophe Danhier has been in the jewelry business all his life, but it’s only been the last 15 to 20 years that Christophe has gone into business for himself, working with department stores and independent boutiques, as well as Japan, Russia, and Europe.

Christophe opened up his jewelry boxes beginning with his Prism collection consisting of sapphires rose cuts that come in green, yellow, orange, pink, and purple, as well as champagne and white diamond rose cuts.

Christophe also includes his Evolution line of rings coming in supernova, galaxy, and pulsar consisting too of rose cuts done in a cyclical and special finish, as well as black opals, shplarites, and ninth quartz.

Christophe’s best-selling line for about 10 years, consist of 10 to 15 different color combinations in his line of 18 karat gold rings having green, purple, while, orange, and yellow sapphires, there’s also black opals from Australia, and sapphires set upside-down.


Courtesy: Christophe Danhier

The Tempo collection is what Christophe had next where stones are set and snapped in a basel set where some rings are surrounded by gold, while a three tiny purple sapphire ring that’s an apple a ring are not surrounded by gold.

Next up was the Candid Eye collection where the stones are cabochon on gold-plated rings making it possible to see a deeper color, and a brighter color on the cabochon itself.

In the Tossed collection, Christophe has a combination of sapphires, rose quartz, white diamonds, moon stones, and amethysts set on rose and white gold rings of 18 karat gold, Christophe is known for creating color combinations of 3 to 6 colors on one style.

Christophe also has the Complication collection consisting of rings wrapped around lines of multi-colored sapphires & rubys, as well as wild flowers with sapphires, black diamonds, and white diamonds.

There is also a rare stone called spinel that comes from Perma, Benin on one of Christophe’s rings surrounded by diamonds, where it’s mined with hundreds of rubys, and it’s not too often that a spinel stone surfaces with rubys.

And Christophe has a ruby like stone called a red tourmaline, which also is set on a ring surrounded by white diamonds, consisting of a deep red-purple combination, as well as an MFS with peridot and diamonds around it.

Christophe made sure yours truly knew about the eternity bands (square rings) in blue sapphires, pink sapphires, champagne diamonds, white diamonds, black diamonds, and gray diamonds.


Courtesy: Christophe Danhier

What Daniel was impressed by with by the eternity bands are the heavy weight of the ring itself, Christophe Danhier he doesn’t believe in making a lighter piece of jewelry just to meet a lower price point, it’s all about making fine jewelry that’s comfortable to wear.

Along with an array of earrings also having sapphires, diamonds, moon stones, quartz, tourmalines, Christophe Danhier also has the Northern Star collection consisting of blue sapphire and diamonds, with a necklace that resembles a star, but more so the sun.

Again, a few of the necklaces and earrings come from either the Candid Eye collection made the same way as the rings, or are very similar to rings like the snapped gemstones with gold & diamonds surrounded by it on other collections.

Daniel was also impressed with the slight heaviness of earrings that had moonstones on it, because it was wided out like most earrings, or made tiny for the sake of a cheaper piece of jewelry that would normally have a tiny diamond or gemstone on it.

Christophe Danhier also had Japanese akoya pearls, London blue topaz, and diamond pieces that are earrings, and black opals with 16 karat diamonds that’s apart of the Northern Star collection.

Then, there were rose cut diamonds and full cut diamonds, and a center-cut piece of an Australian black opals, where black is not even the color, black opals come in many colors, whether their light or dark.

And the final piece was a necklace decorated with the center piece of a rare black opal coming in a 22 karat stone, and the Japanese akoya pearls being the same ones Kokichi Mikimoto used for his collections, also considered the best type of pearls in the world.

Christophe Danhier is by far a one-of-a-kind diamond, gold, and sapphire collection stopping at nothing to produce high quality fine jewelry, and not giving into the pressure of producing cheaper jewelry in order to cut costs, or cater to a lower clientele.

Christophe Danhier also does shows in Hong Kong, China, Japan, and Italy, as well as the Jessica trade show here in the United States in the past, but recently has done trade shows with The Couture Show here in Las Vegas except for this year due to scheduling conflicts.

If one has an opportunity to invest in a fine piece of jewelry that not only comfortable, but produced with the utmost high quality, one must take a look at the Christophe Danhier collection.

Daniel Quintanilla