IMG Releases Report Evaluating The Power Of AFTERPAY AUSTRALIAN FASHION WEEK

Courtesy: AAFW

(SYDNEY) 7 November 2022

Today, IMG released the findings of an independent study in partnership with Launchmetrics measuring the power of Afterpay Australian Fashion Week (AAFW). The report concluded that participating on the official schedule during AAFW increased a designer’s media coverage throughout the Asia-Pacific region and extended brand visibility across European, Middle Eastern, African, and American markets.

“As the cornerstone event for awareness, growth, and cultural recognition, Afterpay Australian Fashion Week gives both established and emerging designers the opportunity to forge new pathways in local and international markets. This comprehensive report demonstrates that there is no better platform than Australian Fashion Week for designers to build brand awareness, cementing AAFW in Sydney as the most influential fashion event in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Natalie Xenita, Vice President-Managing Director of IMG Fashion Events & Properties, Asia-Pacific.

Courtesy: AAFW

To gauge Media Impact Value™ (MIV®), Launchmetrics used a proprietary algorithm to measure the impact of placements and mentions across different voices in the fashion, luxury, and beauty industries. Key findings of the report include:

  • AAFW generates USD $9.8M in MIV® across 40 countries.
  • By region, the United Kingdom, United States, and Italy produced the most coverage for AAFW beyond the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Top performing brands earned greater overall MIV® and placements during the month of May (2022) compared to their average performance during any other month of the year.
  • Designers that showed at other times of the year or not at all in 2021 all generated higher MIV® and placements when showing in 2022, demonstrating that the global spotlight on AAFW delivers heightened global media attention.
  • During the month of AAFW, brands experience surging MIV® and media placements in comparison to any other month of the year on average.
  • AAFW generates increased media placements and activity for brands at every level, with established designers generating three times more coverage and emerging designers generating twelve times more coverage during the month of AAFW in comparison to any other month of the year or when choosing to show off calendar within the same month.
  • AAFW sees up to 58% more share of total MIV® from the Asia-Pacific region compared to New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and Copenhagen Fashion Week, solidifying AAFW’s position as the most prominent Fashion Week in the region. 

Please find a link to the full report HERE.

Courtesy: AAFW

AAFW is an IMG event supported by the NSW Government through its tourism and major events agency Destination NSW. In addition to Destination NSW and Afterpay, AAFW is made possible through the support of sponsors ALIVE, City of Sydney, DHL, Disaronno, ebay, Glenfiddich Whisky, Hendrick’s Gin, LG Laundry Appliances, Made by Fressko, Porsche, Redken, San Pellegrino, SKYE Suites and Wynn’s Coonawarra Estate.

AAFW will take place 15 – 19 May 2023 at Carriageworks. The digital destination of Fashion Week is, where fashion fans can stream AAFW’s runway shows and programming, live and on demand. Followers can also experience the best of AAFW by following @ausfashionweek across Instagram and Facebook, @AUSFW on TikTok and Twitter and through the official event hashtag #AAFW.

Daniel Quintanilla

COTERIE & MAGIC SS23 trade show as told by Patricia Ann Parenti

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti
Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


I’ve been going to this trade show since its inception and it has stayed true to its roots of high-end contemporary fashion for women all these years.  Both American and foreign brands showed their collections for Spring/Summer 2023 with some styles for immediate. This is the sister tradeshow to Magic New York. I wrote this blog on shoes because I’m a shoe lover with too many pairs of shoes and boots to count. I wanted to give my readers some new brands to shop from that are high quality. The best part is if you see a style you like, you can go to the website and maybe order it.  if it’s not out yet send the vendor a photo of mine and ask them when it will be available for purchase. WWW.COTERIEFASHIONEVENTS.COM 

Trends: Hats -the cowboy or western hat in felt is the newest trend this season. Boots – cowboy boots reign still but are newest in genuine leather or vegan leather in colored metallics . Shoes – clogs, retro sneakers and mega platforms just like the ones that were popular in the glam rock and disco era, only with higher heels.Bags – tote bags are becoming less slouchy and more structured. JEWELRY – big chunky chains continue but with mixed metals. Clothing – matching jackets, pants and skirts that become modern tailored suits that aren’t tight but loose and slouchy. Bodysuits are new and the answer (they cover your butt) to all those mini and micro miniskirts being shown. 

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

BEAUTIISOLES by Robyn Shreiber

I had the pleasure of interviewing the founder of the brand, Robyn who started the line because she always wore pumps and was a ballroom dancer. After many trips to the Podiatrist, she started the line. The collection is made in Italy with comfort in mind. All leather shoes have leather linings, 6mm padded innersoles and have either leather or nonskid soles.  All this along with a wider toe box than most shoes make these shoes you can wear standing all day long.  Details are feminine with blocked heels, bow trims on mules and slides. One thing I loved about the boots is that the calf isn’t wide because these are meant to be worn with skirts.  Most boots nowadays are meant to have room to tuck your jeans or leggings in but the top of the boots is too wide to be worn with any skirt. Lots of the styles have pointed toes and are inspired by the shoes of the 1950s. Some other glamorous styles are short lace up booties with gold studded trim on the upper edge or snakeskin leather with rhinestone trim. Sizes 5 – 12.  Retail priced $355.00 and up. To purchase these shoes,  WWW.BEAUTIISOLES.COM 

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


A made in Italy collection of feminine, lady like shoes that are inspired by the early 1960s and old Hollywood glamour by the founder and creative director Betzabe Gonzales whom I interviewed. This line was the Rising Star 2022 winner for the accessories category for the Fashion Group International. The collection is of high quality leather with leather soles. Strappy sandals with extra cushioning at the footbed are in bright color satin fabrics with pearl and rhinestone embellishment and others have handmade suede flower trim that adorns the outer contour of the shoe to display your feet. Other styles include raffia pumps with wrap ankle straps embellished with rhinestones as seen in my photo. Another style in my photo is a jute rope wedge that is 5″ high with a 2″ platform in leather and mesh fabric. The heel height of the pumps and sandals is between 3 ½ – 4 inches. Sizes are 5 to 12. Prices $350.00 – $950.00. To shop WWW.MIABECAR.COM

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


A tradeshow at NYC Javits Center that took place on September 18 -20, 2022 along with its sister show, Coterie. Both are part of the Informa family of tradeshows. This show caters towards the young contemporary woman and it features lots of emerging designers. Lots of embellishment in the form of studs and rhinestones is seen on clothes.  Now that people want to go out and be seen because Covid is over they want to look glitzy. 

Accessory trends: Bags – small shapes with top handles or chain straps in metallic leather of vegan leather. A couple of new styles I saw lots of were a camera case purse and small drawstring bag, both are perfect for going out at night . Camouflage prints in a quilted nylon fabric continue to be trendy in oversize bags also.  Jewelry – is all about the big gold chain. Another trend I saw was enameled charms on gold chains worn layered. Colored chains in plastic are going forward for Spring/Summer 2023.

Clothing trends: Denim – see the photo above for all the latest trends because the mannequins speak for themselves.😁 One thing I noticed was very little ripped jeans being shown and no one walking around had them on. Pants – bell bottoms and wide leg pants that were high or regular waist ruled. Blouses – puff sleeves continue. Skirts – A -line, fringe and miniskirts are the major trends. Suits – pantsuits rule with double breasted long jackets.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

exe’ by Tsakiris Mallas

Their slogan is “we do different” and that they certainly do. Trendy and more trendy are what this collection is all about. Lots of embellishments including rhinestone trims, colored metallics and faux snakeskin all in vegan leather. These fun and different designs are interpretations of some of the biggest shoe designers in the market. I love these fun and different shoes in colorful prints such as stripes and graphics. Lots of 5″ chunky heels with 2″-inch platforms for the younger woman who goes out to the clubs at night. For those of us who can’t wear extremely high heels anymore the collection has wedges, strappy sandals, flats and sneakers too. 

The company is based out of Greece with 54 stores there. If you’re lucky and live/visit NYC they have stores: Brooklyn, 8421 5th Aveune in the Bayridge section, 718-333-5474; Queens in the Forest Hills area, 71-11 Austin Street, 718-793-7698 and Astoria 31-43 Steinway Street, 718-728-6320. Prices range from $100.00 – $150.00. WWW.TKMSHOES.COM for retail shopping. For wholesale contact Susan Somers Sales,

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


A classic collection of leather shoes made in Bogota, Columbia in the owners’ family’s atelier that originated in 1998. The shoes are made by Artisans that are considered an extension of the family that owns the factory. When the owners’ children moved to NYC, they created this collection of cream and black shoes that complement the clothing worn by women in NYC in 2016. These are high quality shoes and boots with leather uppers, textile linings and rubber or compound soles that are perfect for walking city streets. The footwear is sustainable, comfortable with eccentric design. Sizes range from 36 (US size 5 – 5 1/2) to 43 (US size 12). The collection starts at $140.00 for shoes to $340.00 for boots.  Being that the shoes are leather they will last you many years if you clean and polish them when needed. Unlike “pleather shoes” they won’t peel just sitting in your closet from humidity. Nowadays I would rather buy a few pair of these classic leather shoes/boots then 20 pair of trendy pleather shoes that peel in their cardboard box after 1 season of wearing😢

They have a store in Brooklyn, NY 41 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY, open Monday – Thursday 11am – 6pm and Friday – Sunday 11am -7pm. You can also shop online WWW.STIVALINEWYORK.COM

Patricia Ann Parenti

‘SIX: The Musical’ replaces entire casts while production still in progress

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

A Beheading Reboot

Much like the reputation of England’s King Henry VIII precedes him for centuries on centuries about his constant recycling of wives by death or divorce, the U.S. production of “SIX: The Musicial” now on Broadway announced a major change today, not an execution of “SIX”, but a historic and what could be a first-ever move for any Broadway production, “SIX” will have a brand-new group of 6 ladies taking over “SIX” in December, fictionally Henry The VII’s wives who are vying for a shot in the pop music group that’s the musical’s namesake.

When word came the OG ladies would be stepping down as of December, everybody thought “SIX: The Musicial” was closing, but Twitter quickly cleared up that only the OG ladies would be leaving, and “SIX” would not be closing whatsoever, the OG’s have vowed to make these last weeks the best time possible at the Lena Horne Theatre where “SIX” is on Broadway in New York City.

“SIX” itself has had a storied 2 years both in the U.K. and U.S. combined, “SIX” in the U.K. had more than its share of stops and starts due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021, then came “SIX” here in the U.S., where it finally opened in July 2021, followed by receiving 8 Tony nominations at this year’s “Tony Awards”.

Daniel Quintanilla

VIVACIOUS HONEY’s Thanksgiving Day fashion for a big meal


Cozy After Stuffing

We’ve been there, and we’re going there again this Thanksgiving Day in less than a 3 weeks, we’re going to be eating a massive amount of food when we attend or make our own Thanksgiving Dinner, and it’s gonna be hard to breathe or even move afterwards, so white-hot YouTube Fashion Guru, VIVACIOUSHONEY, picks out 4 Thanksgiving Day outfits that are chic and comfy.

The first outfit you’ll see is a midi or maxi skirt for ultimate comfort, this 2-piece brown top and skirt must is perfect as your abs fill up where also a stretchy waistband is intuitive, the second outfit also does brown crop top with plaid pants, but the go-to must be pants with a side zipper paired with a cardigan so you can hide your unzipped side, outfit number 3 is a sweater dress or an oversized top where non-form fitting is truly your best friend on Thanksgiving, and the fourth and final outfit is a super-stretchy jumpsuit that brings coziness to the max.

However comfy you want to be dress this Thanksgiving Day, brace yourself for the 13.5 percent price increase of Thanksgiving Dinner from last year thanks to inflation, but Daniel plus Lauren has an old “Charlie Brown” idea for an affordable Thanksgiving Dinner, and you can still be stylish and stuffed eating pretzel sticks and jelly beans.

Daniel Quintanilla

Negris Lebrum Puts the Deadly Impact of Gun Violence on the Global Stage

Courtesy: Negris LeBrum

The Message

In a world of “thoughts and prayers” and the heartbreaking impact of gun violence, international luxury brand Negris Lebrum (NL) sent a strong message to the world: No more guns. Opening its fall runway shows with a cream sweater and matching knee-high socks displaying the image of a machine rifle with an “X” through it, the brand is urging fashion insiders, stakeholders, and consumers to do their part to eradicate gun violence. The new collection premiered on October 22 in Houston and in September during New York Fashion Week (NYFW).

“Gun violence is a global human rights issue that threatens everyone in every country, state and nation across the world,” said NL Lead Designer and Creative Director Travis Hamilton about the opening look immediately after the show. “Our brand has been grounded in history and social purpose and our customers know this. Sending this look down the runway not only displays trend and fashion but gives them something to talk about. We always want to be in that conversation.”

Following the strong opening, look was a parade of colors, prints, and sequins capturing the excitement of the upcoming Spring and Summer season and the strength of the brand. The line showcased iridescent colors, floral-printed sequins, red silk chiffon and satin silks. Named “Black to Basic,” the collection marked the 10th anniversary of showing at NYFW and the growth of the brand.

Fashion designers and houses across the world continue to use their garments as ways to symbolize societal change. A form of art, fashion has been traditionally used by artists to convey ideas, beliefs, and opinions. Hamilton’s newest design is no different. The foundation of the brand has always been rooted in the Negris love story. Each collection is defined by the boldness of the color black which reflects the brand slogan: Lenoir est Joli.

Pairing cool, exciting, and new with meaningful, resonating, and opinionated, NL speaks to current societal issues while appealing to seasons and overall fashion industry forecasts.

One way, in particular, is through the pairing for high-quality knee-high socks. Included throughout the new collection, NL sock designs featured logo monogram print, matching fabric colors, and other innovative prints. The brand provides custom options for consumers – men and women – that simultaneously can tell a bigger story and message.  In fact, each “No Gun” sweater can also be paired with matching with a monogram gun with a red X through it.

This pairing takes the look directly from the runway to the streets.

“Lovers of our brand are lovers of society – people who stand up for what is right and speak for others,” continued Hamilton. The brand was inspired from an incredible love story that began in the 1940s, between a beautiful French Creole woman, Negris, and a handsome black man, Sam LeBrum. Society frowned upon their union making it difficult for them to be together. In the end, the two were brought together by a force so strong – love. Through fashion, their story is still being shared with the world. From then until today, our mission and urgency have never changed and as we grow we will continue to show this to our consumers providing them with ways to make their own statements whomever they are and wherever they come from.

Daniel Quintanilla

Inflation hits Thanksgiving dinner 13.5% higher from 2021; a Charlie Brown style dinner could drastically cut costs

Courtesy: IRi/ Peanuts

Hot 😠 🥵 Peppermint

Barely hours after Halloween ended, IRi released a pretty grim report Tuesday about the next holiday on the docket, Thanksgiving, you can expect to pay 13.5 percent higher than last year for your Thanksgiving dinner taking place 3 weeks from today for all ingredients, side dishes, meats, and desserts involved, and yes, you’ll be paying big for the turkey too, but there’s a solution that could help you save big money for that yearly meal, just turn on your T.V., or turn out your childhood memories, and look to the holiday experts of the Peanuts gang, Charlie Brown especially, about how to put a good Thanksgiving dinner together, as if you were just paying 5 cents per side.

Forget all the foods that come at a tremendous cost, look at the shocking image of a scared Charlie Brown with an angry Peppermint Patty, they’ve got foods that will save you a ton of money at the supermarket, it’s carb based, but it’ll fill you up quick, with a little fat dairy condiment on the side.

White Bread: You can’t go wrong with the most filling piece of food on the planet, it satisfies your appetite, and it holds you over for hours, and it’s better toasted.

Butter: Not everyone likes their toast plain, and jelly along with peanut butter has gotten costly too, butter’s pretty high, but it goes good with the theme, and it’s the only spread needed for your hot toast.

Pop Corn: There’s nothing like adding a little crunch to your meal, having a nice big bowl of pop corn no matter what flavor on your table is always fun to spread around, and you can always go for seconds.

Pretzel Sticks: Pretzels come 2 ways, soft, and hard, but hard pretzels are more affordable and you can buy them in tremendous bulk, have many bags of pretzel sticks ready to go for your guests, they get hungry quick.

Jelly Beans: Finally, the ultimate finisher to this Charlie Brown Thanksgiving economical meal, Jelly Beans may be lingering around your house leftover from Halloween (more so than Candy Corn), or even Easter, they’ll come in handy as a great dessert, and finally signal to your brain that your full, you could never go wrong with Jelly Beans, no matter the size or brand you buy.

And if you wanna get some alcohol in there at an affordable price, load up on good, cheap bottles of wine or vodka straight, and beer for a little variety that’s mid-priced and gets you buzzed, happy, and chatty in no time.

Daniel Quintanilla

MAGIC Announces 2023 Event Calendar for Trend and Young Contemporary Women’s Fashion Markets

Courtesy: MAGIC

New York, NY (November 3, 2022)

Informa Markets Fashion, organizer of MAGIC, today announces its 2023 schedule of events. Fusing scale with curation to drive commerce, creativity, and connections, MAGIC joins a global audience of retail buyers and brands to bring together the fashion industry to discover trends, build community and accelerate the market. With three unique and distinct MAGIC wholesale fashion events, retailers and fashion experts explore and reflect and build upon the atmosphere of the communities and local market-specific regions they serve.

MAGIC Las Vegas will return to the Las Vegas Convention Center February 13-15 and again August 7-9, 2023, for its keystone fashion event featuring the largest, most comprehensive marketplace for men’s and women’s trend and young contemporary in the categories of modern sportswear, footwear, accessories, home, gift, and beauty available in the US.

Hosting a full roster of educational sessions, social connection touchpoints, experiential activations, as well as celebrity and fashion expert appearances, MAGIC Las Vegas is the most anticipated fashion industry event, a deeply rooted community, and a place brands and retailers call home. MAGIC Las Vegas will also feature a musical guest performance to be announced later this year. Registration for MAGIC Las Vegas is live, register here.

Courtesy: MAGIC

Bringing the spirit of MAGIC to New York, attendees can experience the East Coast home for women’s trend, young contemporary, modern sportswear, footwear, and accessories. MAGIC New York, the bi- annual east coast event is slated for February 21-23, and September 19-21, 2023, co-located with COTERIE New York at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City, inviting attendees to shop hundreds of domestic and global brands, explore private label options, and purchase next season plus immediate products. MAGIC New York is the shopping opportunity in the US’ renowned fashion capital, where the East Coast market can explore the latest trends, discover margin-building products, and connect with like-minded industry thought leaders, influencers, stylists and fashion insiders. Registration for MAGIC New York is live, register here.

MAGIC will be present at SXSW in Austin, Texas, March 10-11, 2023, with a featured networking cocktail event, aimed to provide industry connections and fuel discovery in adjacent markets. Stay tuned for more details to come over the next few weeks.

After a strong debut, MAGIC will return to Nashville from April 26-27, 2023, at the Music City Center. Projected to double in size from 2022, MAGIC Nashville provides access to the key Mid-South retail market and will display a curated assortment of brands and products at price points from accessible to moderate with top-selling categories including women’s modern sportswear, young contemporary, and trend apparel, as well as footwear and accessories. Delivering the experience MAGIC is known for with a Nashville twist, new and influential retailers – from boutique and specialty stores to big box, online, and key regional retailers – explore the latest trends, discover margin-building products, and connect with a new community of established and emerging players. With growing demand and Southern regional focus, MAGIC Nashville will deliver an agenda of curated activations and networking opportunities inspired by Nashville culture to fuse relevant industry topics with the iconic Music City capital.

For more information including registration, future 2023 date announcements, business resources please visit:

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Ivy Cove’s 30 Best Christmas Gifts For Men That He Is Sure To Love

Courtesy: Ivy Cove

Xmas For The Y

Shopping for men can be difficult! Am I right? But it doesn’t have to be. There are so many cool items on the market these days for every guy in your life whether you’re looking for your dad, husband, brother, in-laws or son. We’ve put together a list of our favorite gifts for men whether your budget is $50-$500.

Courtesy: Ivy Cove

From a new dopp kit, slip on mules or leather bag for work, travel or gym, to unique luxe items like a cigar humidor, watch case, travel flask set or golf set with a hidden flask, there is something special for every guy on your list (including the guy who has everything!) that he is sure to love.

Courtesy: Ivy Cove

Ivy Cove is a newly launched, luxury leather goods and accessories brand with a variety of accoutrements for men, women, travel, home, lifestyle, and even pets and babies! Every item is handcrafted with eco-friendly, sustainable materials like 100% responsibly sourced leather, so you can feel good about each purchase. 

To shop the men’s collection:

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Lauren Conrad celebrates Halloween becoming ‘Alice In Wonderland’

Courtesy: LaurenConradCo Instagram

🫖⏱️🐇 🕳️’s Deep

There are 3 stages of November 1 you know your at today, one is that January 1 feel after another Halloween goes in the history books, two is those Halloween decorations go right in plastic tubs with Christmas decorations standing by, 3 is where Daniel plus Lauren is at, setting their sites on cooking yet another Thanksgiving dinner later this month, if it’s not those 3, then here’s another stage of November 1 you’re at (Daniel plus Lauren also too), Halloween Hangover, wanting just one more piece of Halloween as Mariah Carey claims the next 75 days till Christmas, we’ve got the Halloween Hangover right here, and it’s all thanks to the one lady who inspired the creation of Daniel plus Lauren, Lauren Conrad, ten feet tall.

Lauren finally revealed her Halloween costume of 2022 on Monday by taking the rabbit hole approach, dressing up as “Alice In Wonderland”, ready for that important date she’s been planning for quite some time now, tea time, with many of her all important friends.

Lauren beautifully navigates the bedrock beneath street level while growing tall by the minute wearing true “Alice In Wonderland” attire, Lauren wears classic blue puffy short sleeve dress with white drapery stitched in front, it’s also accompanied with white knee highs and black ballet flats, then the cherry on top comes in black with the exact black bow tie headpiece as a finishing touch to this “Alice In Wonderland” look that Lauren Conrad apparently made herself.

If you want even more Halloween Hangover, or just want to feel all the best moments Halloween has to offer, relive the NYC Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, an exciting, fun (rainy too), and scary good live event in Manhattan that only Daniel plus Lauren can experience it.

Daniel Quintanilla

New York’s Halloween Parade proves the rain is no match for scary good time

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Full Blast Party

If there’s not a year where everybody in all of New York City got back together after 2 years of lockdown and limited capacity, it’s this one tonight as the 49th Annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade marched from Tribeca working its way up to midtown Manhattan with throngs of revelers and participants dressed up in the most creative and most sexiest costumes to celebrate this year’s theme of freedom, in what’s always the greatest city in the world.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Freedom dons the parade route whether you’re a true scare enthusiast that is Halloween, or you turn to pop culture like “Stranger Things”, “Euphoria”, or the Billboard Hot 100 playlist so you can have the most unique and dynamic costume in all of Manhattan, or on a bigger stage such as social media to get as many likes as possible.

Apparently, this is not just an individual thing you do, friends on friends on friends join in the parade either at 6th Avenue and Canal Street following along until 23rd Street, or you’re one of the many floats from schools, organizations, and such that are the parade who emphasize the theme of Freedom, then again you could be in 2 class of people like making a donation to march in front of the parade with the Grand Marshal of 2022 who is
The Brooklyn United Marching Band with Special Surprise Guests, marching with Artistic and Producing Director, Jeanne Fleming.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Now, if you’re one of the lucky ones in the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, you’re one who got to ride on top of a black school bus with like-minded parade participants who instead of marching, they opted to join the VIP Bus which was filled with every costume character you could spot, access to where the cool kids hang out also involves making a donation to make this fine parade possible, and it’s a small fortune that not only helps, but does not hurt.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

And as always, Daniel plus Lauren got in on the Halloween action, marching in the Halloween Parade for the first time ever, strutting up 6th Avenue in an ASOS Black Satin Mesh Dress, where DPL Journalist and Founder, Daniel Quintanilla, mimicked the newest white hot pop music icon that tore up the Billboard Charts in 2021, if it’s “Good 4 U”, and you’ve got a “Driver’s License” with a can of gasoline, you guest it, Olivia Rodrigo.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Yes, New York City with its lovely borough of Manhattan have done it again with the 49th Annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, rising above the challenges of the past 2 years, celebrating the freedom we have in expressing our inner selves on this Halloween 2022, where we are allowed to tell the world that we can dream too, taking it to another level where it leads to the greatest things possible, and giving it to you not later, but right now, because Halloween can only be done one way, with you here, in costume, makeup, and you ready to party.

Daniel Quintanilla