Kristin Cavallari finally reunites with Audrina Patridge & Heidi Montag on ‘Very Cavallari’

Homecoming In The Music City

Nashville ,Tennessee is known historically for being a country music mecca of the world, crossover acts like Taylor Swift, Shania Twain, and Kasey Musgraves give Nashville even more reason to visit, plus Nashville has seen unprecedented growth with its population, making downtown a surprisingly hot destination, where Kristin Cavallari set up shop for Uncommon James, and where Thursday’s episode of “Very Cavallari” carried the long-awaited “Hills” reunion of Audrina Patridge and Heidi Montag with their former second chief-in-command after OG, Lauren Conrad, left.

Kristin, Audrina, and Heidi all caught up while reflecting back on their time on “The Hills”, the trio even went partying in the music city after reuniting for awhile, but it was Kristin’s recent friendship demise with Kelly Henderson that got Audrina and Heidi talking, Audrina met up with one of Kelly’s friends saying that Kelly only did “Very Cavallari” as a favor to Kristin for 2 seasons, but Kristin argues that it gave Kelly a boost in her career because of it.

Up and onward with love, it starts with Justin and Scoot exploring their future, talking to a love therapist on what the next steps should be, Justin discovers that it’s okay to be cheesy when it comes to love, because it’s the biggest, the only, and most important thing you have when you’re in love with someone you’ve been seeing for awhile now.

Love continues on with Brittany and PJ taking their dating to the next level, after putting together a just-delivered futon, and talking things over, Brittany and PJ make it official becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.

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Review: Nightfood Ice Cream gives you late night cravings, and puts you to sleep

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Enjoy, Then Snooze

Nightfood gave me the opportunity to review an ice cream of theirs that’s proven not only popular, but the main objective here is Nightfood is formulated to help you sleep better, a health conscious individual like Daniel plus Lauren who’s always hitting the weights and balancing their macros couldn’t wait to take on Nightfood, and was pleasantly surprised by the balance of carbohydrates, fats, and protein, plus their unique flavors.

My flavor last night obviously was milk and cookie dough, right around 10:35 p.m. EST as yours truly finally settled down and needed to balance their carbohydrates with protein and fat for the day, yours truly committed to just having half a pint, but ended up eating the whole thing, and guess what happened after eating the pint, nothing, what was missing was being obnoxiously full after a pint of typical ice cream before bed, or sugared up before bed, or feeling a super-induced coma which would lead to bad, shorten sleep later on in the night, plus a belly turned upside down.

Along with the lack of fullness after eating a whole pint of Nightfood, yours truly 25 to 30 minutes in around 11:15 p.m. EST got tired, sleepy, and ready for a full night’s sleep (which did happen by the way in the realm of 6 to 7 hours), not even the allure of “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” could keep my sleep at bay, it was light’s out at 11:40 p.m. EST.

This morning felt real good waking up, after 6 to 7 hours of sleeping all night and barely waking up once during it, sleeping nearly 6 hours did it, but another hour leading up to around 6:40 a.m. EST sealed the deal, and finally getting up after 7 a.m. EST got my day off right, and my day so far is pretty good and well-rested.

It’s not only the sleep that yours truly just got that makes Nightfood Ice Cream good, but it’s the balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fat in an excellent way that excites Daniel plus Lauren the most, it’s far less sugar per serving, only 360 calories for an entire pint, more fiber, added minerals and digestive additives, and no artificial sweeteners or erythriol normally found in regular ice cream.

Every ingredient found in Nightfood lives up to being that late-night food that won’t hurt your short-term or long-term goals, so you could eat the whole thing, plus it helps you sleep, and a full night too.

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Lauren Conrad’s denim LC Lauren Conrad 2020 trends of right now

Courtesy: Kohl’s

Wear What’s Hot

With each new year brings new trends, trends in health, exercise, hangouts, and clothing styles, but 2020 has barely started, let alone nowhere near a quarter of the way ending, so let’s start easy with one trend that Lauren Conrad loves, it’s denim, a fresh go to style for the last one to two years, which Lauren devotes wholeheartedly to today with help from her LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s.

It’s always good to extend your reach for your love of denim beyond the status quo of denim jackets, so Lauren places special love on cropped wide leg jeans that are extremely comfortable, and can be worn with anything, the big win so far in 2020 even beyond the democratic primary are flared denim jeans which Lauren loves because flared denim have the ability to enhance anyone style in a heartbeat, and rise above the rest with high rise denim jeans that flatter any body type while great with cropped sweaters or a French tuck.

Just being a mom is an extremely hard and stressful task, so you need every comfort possible, which is why mom denim jeans will always be the piece to rely on that are stylish with their loose fit and straight leg, and the last trend today is non-denim, coming in luxe and cozy fabrics like velvet and corduroy which diversify your options.

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Asia Fashion Collection (AFC) catwalks the 7th time at New York Fashion Week

Courtesy: Hunter Arthur

The Best From Home

The purpose of the Asia Fashion Collection is to discover and nurture young designers who are from Asia. Organized by Vantan Inc. and PARCO. Co. Ltd., AFC FW20 debuted Monday night at New York Fashion Week showing both menswear and womenswear.

Seven brands revealed their collections during the runway show. All of the brands and designers are from Asian countries.

1) KTOKA by Shiki Cara Kataoka – Japan @ktoka_garments

2) VEGAN TIGER by Yang Yoona – South Korea @vegan_tiger

3) ito by Kurumi Ito, Taisho Takenaka – Japan @iiitttooo

4) zizi shi by Chaohua Shi – Parsons (born in China) 

5) chalisa by Chalisa Anekvorakul – Thailand @ccchalisa

6) SEANNUNG by Liao Sean Nung – Taiwan @seannung_official

7) aNANA tih sayim by Nana Miyashita – Japan @ananatihsayim

Over 360 guests arrived consisting of press and buyers from all over the world attended the show and applauded each up in coming designers from Asia.

Notable attendees include:
Business of Fashion, WWD español, WWD Japan, Harper’s Bazaar Italy, Glamour, Grazia, VICE,
Dazed, Instyle Thailand, Salvatore Ferragamo, Estee Lauder, Covergirl, Briogeo, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks fifth avenue, Moda OPERANDI, Macy’s, MTV, Fashion TV France, Fashion TV Latin America, Fox News, Huffington Post, Kamiah Adams (Spouse of NBA player Bradley Beal), Erin Gibbs (Fox News), Amir Arison (Actor, Director), Cognac Wellerlane, Chris Lavish (Fashion Week, Jason C. Peters, Ka Wa Key, Official Rebrand, Kanako Takase, Amin & Amir Butler’s (@butlertwin_)

About Asia Fashion Collection (AFC)

An incubation project produced and supported by Vantan Inc. and PARCO, in cooperation with other Asia-based partners. AFC is passionate about widening the reach of the fashion industry by fostering the growth of the continent’s most promising up-and-coming designers.

AFC’s Judge includes: Kaname Murakami (Editor in Chief, WWD Japan), Masaya Kubota (Director of First Business Affairs Department, BEAMS), Daiki Nakane (TOKYO BASE STUDIOUS Brand Director/ Buyer), Chihiro Sekine (Women’s Merchandiser, Isetan Mitsukoshi), and Fumiya Yoshinouchi (Editorial Board/Director,

About Vantan Inc.

The history of Vantan began over 53 years ago in a small garage in Ebisu, Tokyo. Led by a team of visionary professionals, Vantan now provides a wide range of programs in the Creative Arts. These include fashion, hairstyling, makeup artistry, cosmetology, graphic design, film, photography, game design, animation, manga, sound design and culinary arts. With over 195,000 graduates to date, Vantan’s unique approach to hands-on, business-oriented education has solidified it as a vanguard institution.

Notable alumni includes: Kunihiko Morinaga (Designer/Owner, 2019 LVMH finalist ANREALAGE), Kanako Takase (Makeup Artist), Daiki Suzuki (Owner/Designer, Engineered Garments)


Since the establishment of Ikebukuro PARCO in 1969, they have actively sought to showcase culture in all forms. Though they deal primarily in fashion, they are also involved in music, visual art, drama, and have brought a splash of color to consumer culture, as a whole. These initiatives have established PARCO as a creative space, allowing them to attract a great number of people with enormous talent. Together they are enlarging a circle of creativity that’s paving the way for the next cultural movement.

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Lauren Conrad releases new February LC Lauren Conrad Kohl’s collection

Courtesy: Kohl’s

A Little Spring In February

That’s right, with all the dreary weather we’ve seen here in the east coast, and the groundhog predicting an early spring, we need all the warmth we can get, not everywhere is LA, Florida, or Hawaii, where there’s warmth all the time, Lauren Conrad stepped in today to put a little spring into our winter, with a new collection of LC Lauren Conrad that focuses on light fabrics, fresh prints, and gorgeous hues to go with the polka dots, florals, ruffle hemlines, and moto jackets Lauren has this February.

With LC Lauren Conrad over at Kohl’s, Lauren’s first look offers up a moto jacket in Juniper Bay with puff sleeve midi wrap dress and heels coming soon, there’s also moto jacket in bare linen with ruffle shell in Ana pink dot and ruffle midi skirt in pink dot, plus another of the last look with ankle boots in taupe, and the puff sleeve midi wrap dress and heels without green moto jacket.

Lauren has 2 looks of the same dress from LC Lauren Conrad that are the ruffle shell in willow blooms in black with floral wrap skirt and Alexandrite high heel sandals in black.

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Lauren Conrad celebrates William Tell’s birthday

Courtesy: Lauren Conrad Instagram

It All Starts With The Man

Lauren Conrad did something touching with her husband, William Tell, today on Instagram, Lauren wished William a happy birthday in all of his glory with their adorable kids.

There he is, William being Lauren’s favorite guy, who Lauren and the kids love so much, with William showing the utmost love there is.

William does his daddy and loving man duties by holding Charlie Wolf Tell by his infant head, while Liam James Tell wraps his arms around his daddy’s neck.

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Kristin Cavallari can’t step back from successful Uncommon James on ‘Very Cavallari’

Seeing Height Through

It’s always a wonderful thing when your products you created are selling like hot cakes, and it generates into high revenue which is good for one’s bottom line both in business and personal especially, but it can be hard to step away from something that’s doing well, which Kristin Cavallari has a dilemma with in Thursday’s episode of “Very Cavallari” on E!.

As Kristin gets ready to open up yet another Uncommon James store this time in Chicago, Illinois, Jay recommends that Kristin take a step back since there’s so much uphill growth which could leave Kristin going nonstop for the next few years, but Kristin is super reluctant from stepping aside and watching other people run Uncommon James as their own, which Kristin bares the name and creation of.

Meanwhile, Brittany tries to move on from her ex by dating P.J., which Brittany goes into detail about how difficult it is, Brittany also discovers that her ex has moved on tremendously by taking his new girlfriend to places where Brittany and her ex use to go.

Also, Justin wonders about taking the next step with his husband about moving to Nashville, Tennessee and buying a house, Justin admits having cold feet, having fears about the future, but buckles down and puts an offer in on a home.

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Kristin Cavallari teases ‘Hills’ reunion on ‘Very Cavallari’

We Got Love

Yes, there’s been a whole lot of drama going down lately on “Very Cavallari”, but this week’s episode is not even the biggest story, the big story on “Very Cavallari” tonight was what happened after the show, it was the teaser to next week’s episode where Kristin Cavallari reunites with a couple old friends from “The Hills” who are none other than Audrina Patridge and Heidi Montag.

Both Audrina and Heidi pay Kristin a visit to Uncommon James in Nashville, Tennessee where the former 3 amigos have some catching up to do, Kristin first spilled the beans on an upcoming reunion with the former ladies of “The Hills” who are now the leading ladies of “The Hills: New Beginnings” a couple week ago, with many excited about next week’s event.

The tease briefly goes over Lauren Conrad’s reasons for leaving “The Hills” back in 2009, making room for Kristin Cavallari to come in and shake things up, but Kristin ultimately says the bonds she formed with both Audrina and Heidi will last a lifetime.

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Lauren Conrad stirs up pink lemonade champagne spritz via LC Lauren Conrad


Let’s Love A Good Drink

The big number is 9, 9 days now till Valentine’s Day, a day where love is indeed celebrated, love between 2 people who have made a commitment to each other, sharing their likes, dislikes, emotions, feelings, and intimacy, it all begins setting down or going out for the night of love, but if your choice is staying in, there’s always a good drink to kick love off, today’s drink of choice from Lauren Conrad includes a pink lemonade champagne spritz with help from LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s.

To make this pink lemonade champagne spritz, you must start out with an LC Lauren Conrad Iridescent High Ball Glass at Kohl’s which lives up to its name with enough height and width to fill up on a lovely libation, it’s round principle structure is given away by its octagon sides giving note to the widen slanted ball two-thirds down.

Now for the pink lemonade champagne spritz, choose the champagne of your choice, as well as pink lemonade, chamboard, and lemon shavings for garnish, make sure you fill half of each glass with champagne, followed by a fourth of pink lemonade with a splash of chamboard and lemon shavings to enjoy.

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Official Rebrand ‘WHAT IS A MAN’ at New York Men’s Day

Courtesy: Official Rebrand

We Are Who We Are

This New York Fashion Week, Official Rebrand’s latest collection and CFDA debut lands at New York Men’s Day.

As a non-binary designer, with a predominantly gender non-conforming cast, MI Leggett’s collection brings gender-fluidity to the NYFW conversation in an intensely personal way.

Set to a visceral soundtrack by Sessa Tate, the collection WHAT IS A MAN explores and expands traditional menswear through the view that the concept and category “man” is fundamentally unstable.


Official Rebrand WHAT IS A MAN presentation

Location05 | 450 West 31st Street 7th Floor Studio 3 – NYC

Monday, February 3rd 2020


Grounded in the celebrations and struggles of gender queerness as well as the designer’s observations of and experiences with the social ills wrought by normative gender expectations, WHAT IS A MAN challenges the position of masculinity as a specific ideal to which one must aspire, or a hegemonic force to which one must succumb, based upon assigned gender and sex at birth. The collection proposes a masculinity that is a fluid and porous mode of self-expression.

Official Rebrand garments are created exclusively from upcycled materials and therefore reject the patriarchal treatment of the Earth’s natural abundance as resources to be extracted for profit, and aims to instead express fluidity through nonviolent material transformation.

About the designer

Since launching Official Rebrand in 2017, MI Leggett has shown work at independent shows in Berlin and New York Fashion Weeks, at New Art Dealers Alliance Miami. Their words and work has been featured in The New York Times, WWD, Bloomberg, i-D, Teen Vogue, Paper, Vogue Italia, Hunger, Antidote, Milk and other outlets.

About OR?!

Official Rebrand (OR?!) revives discarded clothing, breathing new life into what was once considered waste. Through painting and other alterations, artist MI Leggett’s “rebranding” process proposes a sustainable alternative to the competitive consumption encouraged by industrial and social norms. OR?!’s transformative process also celebrates the fluidity of identity, dissociating garments from gendered categories and reintroducing them without arbitrary social constraints.








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