Finneas dedicates @nivassoc #SaveOurStages #SOSFest ‘What They Say About Us’ performance to #AmandaKloots #Elvis #NickCordero #COVID19

Courtesy: FINNEAS – Live From Teragram Room

To A Great Man & His Family

Amanda Kloots, the wife and widow of Nick Cordero, also the father of their son, Elvis, came across on her Instagram story early today a moment by singer/ songwriter, Finneas, who dedicated his song, “What They Say About Us”, to Amanda, Elvis, and Nick, when Finneas performed it on Friday during the NIVA Emergency Relief Fund “Save Our Stages Festival” on YouTube.

Finneas wrote “What They Say About Us” based on the life of Nick, Amanda, and Elvis, with Amanda saying how beautiful Finneas’s tribute to Nick was while being moved to tears.

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Lauren Conrad and husband #williamtell take #liamjamestell out on #nature @LaurenConrad #laurenconrad

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Find Yourself

Lauren Conrad and her loving husband, William Tell, took their first-born son, Liam James Tell, out on a last-minute family road trip, where Liam got in some much needed time in the greatest outdoors of them all, nature.

For the last couple days, Liam’s parents gave Liam the greatest gift of all, a of couple days of being taught about the wilderness, and guided through the beautiful forest that grace the soil of our nation, just as long as it’s managed and maintained to stay lush and beautiful forever.

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Kristin Cavallari’s #icecream dessert with #cookie #recipe from #TrueComfort @KristinCav #kristincavallari @PenguinRandom #penguinrandomhouse @UncommonJames #uncommonjames

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Ice Cream Dreams

Kristin Cavallari made a homemade dessert tonight to cap off not only the weekend, but a Sunday dinner Kristin made for herself and her 3 children, Kristin’s dessert for the kids tonight was good ole fashioned ice cream, with a cookie recipe out of “True Comfort” which Kristin made with her kids and their favorite ice cream flavors.

It stemmed from a big night of cooking for Kristin as Kristin made leek chowder and butternut squash soup with smoked salmon, black pepper, and chives topped for what Kristin declares soup season.

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Kristin Cavallari declares it #soup season with #TrueComfort #butternutsquash #salmon @PenguinRandom #penguinrandomhouse @UncommonJames #uncommonjames @KristinCav #kristincavallari

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Soup Temps

Kristin Cavallari push the fall button late today deciding it’s the season for soup, so Kristin went onto make a “True Comfort” recipe of butternut squash soup with smoked salmon, pepper, chives on top.

Kristin got the soup cooking and Sunday dinner off without a hitch as Kristin too was making “True Comfort” leek chowder and the smoked salmon that went into the butternut squash soup, plus chili for the kids, which Kristin confessed later on was making hot dogs for her kids.

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Kristin Cavallari’s #butternutsquash #leekchowder #smokedsalmon out of #TrueComfort @PenguinRandom #penguinrandomhouse @UncommonJames #uncommonjames

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It’s Dinner Time

Kristin Cavallari settled down today to wrap up the weekend making recipes out of her “True Comfort” cookbook, Kristin’s revved to make Butternut Squash, Leek Chowder, and Smoked Salmon from out of her whole food, full fat, vegan, gluten-free and dairy free cookbook.

Kristin also is making a batch of chili out of her crock pot for the kids in case they don’t eat the squash, salmon, and leeks, Kristin’s stylist today also made Shakshuka out of “True Comfort” for the second time.

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Kristin Cavallari’s #stylist @JustineMarjan #justinemarjan cooks up #TrueComfort #shakshuka @KristinCav #kristincavallari @PenguinRandom #penguinrandomhouse @UncommonJames #uncommonjames

Courtesy: KristinCavallari Instagram

2nd Helping

Kristin Cavallari’s amazing stylist, Justine Marjan, was so impressed with Kristin’s Shakshuka dish out of “True Comfort” the first time around, that Justine made it a second time around today with nothing but the word “YUM”.

Shakshuka is a mix of egg, beans, veggies, and sauce that make up what Kristin’s “True Comfort” is all about, whole food with even full fat ingredients that make for extraordinary recipes.

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Lauren Conrad #sunkissed in #LaurenConradBeauty #ecofriendly #makeup @LaurenConrad @LC_Beauty #LaurenConrad

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Sun Goddess

Lauren Conrad’s new natural makeup beauty collection, Lauren Conrad Beauty, is not only a clean beauty cosmetic, but also a revitalizing skincare and body collection with Vitamin C, Lauren’s latest look with LCB today has Lauren’s beautiful features sun kissed and wind swept.

Another lover of natural beauty at the source is YouTube beauty blogger, Natalie Barbu, who lives by the beauty of Lauren Conrad Beauty, which is also sold at Kohl’s.

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Kristin Cavallari’s #snugglebug #jaxonwyattcutler #halloween #skeleton @KristinCav @UncommonJames @shoplittlejames #kristincavallari #uncommonjames #littlejamesclothing

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Child Love

There’s never a bad moment when you can take your children and give them a great big hug, it helps your kids a long way in the short term and long term in their rough times, that’s what Kristin Cavallari did with her second-born, Jaxon Wyatt Cutler, today with a snuggle hug.

Jaxon Wyatt also had a great opportunity to pumpkin gaze on Saturday as Jaxon glanced at a finished carved pumpkin carved out as a spider while wearing Little James Clothing Cactii Jogger Pants as Kristin and her sons carved out their pumpkin.

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‘In The Heights’ @intheheights #intheheights #doreenmontalvo passes away at 56 years old, not from #COVID19

Courtesy: Variety

Broadway musical and movie actress, Doreen Montalvo, who’s most recent movie-musical project was “In The Heights” and in the upcoming Steven Spielberg directed film of “West Side Story”, has died at 56 from a sudden ailment, reported Saturday by Variety.

Stage credits includes “In The Heights”, “On Your Feet”, “American Mariachi”, “Mrs. Doubtfire”, “Giant,” “Flashdance,” “Mamma Mia,” “La Lupe” and “Curvy Widow”; Doreen’s most recent film work, “In The Heights”, directed by John Woo, was originally due out in theaters back on June 26, 2020, but has been pushed back by 51 weeks to June 18, 2021.

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Lauren Conrad @Kohls #kohls notes #nataliebarbu #love for #LaurenConradBeauty @LaurenConrad @LC_Beauty #LaurenConrad

Courtesy: Kohl’s

Clean & Effortless

Kohl’s today officially notes a famous YouTube beauty blogger who loves Lauren Conrad’s Lauren Conrad Beauty eco-friendly makeup which went on sale at Kohl’s back on October 9, it’s Natalie Barbu, who likes her makeup uncomplicated.

According to Natalie, Lauren Conrad Beauty is clean and uncomplicated, clean makeup and skincare designed to effortlessly enhance your beauty, Lauren also stresses clean beauty is what Lauren commits to with Lauren Conrad Beauty.

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