Lauren Conrad introduces LC Lauren Conrad rug collection #LaurenConrad #LCLaurenconrad @Kohls #Kohls

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Plush Is Comfort

Though, it’s not business as usual with COVID19 disrupting our routines, forcing us to work from home while managing life at the same time, that doesn’t mean Lauren Conrad and her LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s are slowing down today as Lauren announces her new LC Lauren Conrad Rug Collection.

With this new LC Lauren Conrad Rug Collection, you’ll get nothing but comfort while creating a new look with the versatile gray diamond rug, or completing a room makeover with the tribunal medallion rug, or an appealing addition to your home in a multi antique rug, and the blush geo rug that brings it all together.

In addition to the bedding, accessories, handbags, shoes, and clothes from the LC Lauren Conrad Collection at Kohl’s, the LC Lauren Conrad Rug Collection definitely brings depth to any room in your home, adding an extra element to your living room, bathroom, or bedroom.

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Informa trade shows to host #webinar on surviving #COVID19 #coronavirus repercussions #SmallBusinessSupport #FashionResources

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Weathering The Storm

Informa, the good people that bring you the one and only trade shows from the Javits Center over in New York’s Hudson Yards that are the NY Women’s, Project Men’s, Coterie, and Children’s Club, all came together Thursday to announce an important webinar happening this Monday at 1 p.m. EDT being a small business survival guide on getting through COVID19.

In a first of hosted webinars, these sessions will discuss strategic retail planning, financial assistance programs, current options for business loans, production and inventory scheduling/ planning, and local initiatives available for small businesses nationwide.

Since stay at home orders and non-essential business has been ordered to shutdown along with bans of large groups of people, events like the NY Women’s trade show in May were cancelled, as well as all work not a priority right now are not operating.

Suddenly, many businesses are in serious trouble, especially small retailers who are losing money from no business, so it’s imperative the fashion retail community come together to give as much support as possible.

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New York Governor’s Ball canceled due to #COVID19 #coronavirus @GovBallNYC #govballnyc

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Control Is A Luxury

The Governor’s Ball Music Festival that’s another iconic event that takes place in New York City, got its walking papers today when it announced that this 3 day event originally set for June 5 to June 7, is canceled, as COVID19 changes life in the present, and future.

Organizers saw the writing on the wall that a postponement was impossible, given the logistics, planning, and availability needed to still pull off the ball in 2020, organizers did however see the big picture concerning the safety and well-being of fans, artists, staff, vendors, and partners, making all involved priority one.

Since there’s no NYC Governor’s Ball this year, organizers are going full speed ahead about planning the event’s big comeback in June 2021, and looked forward for everyone to return at that time.

The Governor’s Ball is yet another casualty in a long line of events postponed or cancelled, The Tony Awards that happen to take place on June 7 were also postponed Wednesday, but no new date was announced.

Plus, literally all of New York City’s out of work, as well as the whole country, as unemployment claims shot up to highest numbers in history, as it was announced today with claims at 3.3 Million.

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Unemployment claims soar to a record 3.3 million thanks to #COVID19 #coronavirus @USDOL #unemployment

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Prepare For Impact

The United States Department of Labor delivered staggering numbers today that initial unemployment claims reached 3,283,000, now the highest amount in the history of record, beating the previous record of 695,000 in October 1982 when inflation and interest rates were staggeringly high.

On average, unemployment claims were at 282,000 before stay-at-homes orders and non-essential businesses ordered to close took effect, but a jump in claims upended that average by 3,001,000, causing the record number in a given week.

Sources close to Daniel plus Lauren have said that all of New York City is a ghost town, nothing is going on, no tourists are coming in, and every business you can name that’s non-essential are not operating, or just simply closed, fashion for one is greatly affected, locally and globally.

Other sources say that 90 percent of the country, let alone New York City, work non-essential jobs, and this new financial crisis we’ve entered into will have devastating effects on the population, who don’t know when they’re next paycheck is coming in, or what kind of jobs will be available.

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Kristin Cavallari begins text alerts to @instagram followers @KristinCav #kristincavallari @UncommonJames #uncommonjames

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You Heard It First

Kristin Cavallari announced a new way today for all of her fans on Instagram to get the latest news about what’s going on with Kristin, and her latest projects, it’s texting, where you now get to sign up for text alerts just be going to Kristin’s bio on Instagram to get connected.

It’s a more intimate way for Kristin to connect to her family of Instagram followers, who will be first to know on the everyday adventures Kristin is up to, as well as the latest with Uncommon James.

Kristin Cavallari is definitely keeping her loyal fans engaged in spite of stay-at-home orders thanks to coronavirus, in a effort to stop to spread of the disease, Kristin today also got in a workout with BFF, Justin Anderson, as a way to stay active, and not stay on the couch.

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Tony Awards postponed indefinitely because of #COVID19 #coronavirus @TheTonyAwards #TheTonyAwards #broadway

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Courtesy: Tony Awards

Tony Can Wait

It was inevitable, and now it’s official, The 74th Annual Tony Awards have been postponed with no new date as of yet, and it’s all because of one reason, concerns over coronavirus, the health and safety of the Broadway community are more important than the awards themselves with the official award show organizers.

While the Tony Awards are held off until it’s safe to go outside again, the closure of Broadway since March 12 has halted not only stage shows, but any possible period of consideration where productions are happening, and the committee for the Tony’s decide on which shows to nominate.

Broadway has seen its share of benefits lately since actors and crew are out of work, plus the passing of Terrence McNally, who died from coronavirus on Tuesday.

The only saving grace now to any new type of Broadway content is calling for the release of “In The Heights” onto VOD instead of waiting till it’s out in theaters, which got postponed indefinitely also.

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Kristin Cavallari’s workout under #quarantine by Rise Movement @KristinCav @uncommonjames @growwire #COVID19 #coronavirus

Lockdown Sweat

Kristin Cavallari is not letting stay-at-home orders caused by COVID19 keep her down on the couch, Kristin today posted a workout she was doing with BFF, Justin Anderson, thanks to the @risemovement, doing all kinds of jumping, arms, push-ups, and so on to stay in tip top shape while staying at home with the kids, and husband, Jay Cutler.

Kristin confesses that her workout will knock you to the floor, and keep you working hard as you have no choice but to stay inside in this coronavirus pandemic.

Kristin meanwhile is doing her best to stay positive, what Kristin misses out on the most is leadership meetings on Mondays with Uncommon James.

It’s also been a week since Kristin Cavallari announced that she’s temporarily closed all her Uncommon James stores for safety concerns, but the website is up and running, and can be used anytime.

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Terrence McNally dies, becoming first #broadway life claimed by #COVID19 #coronavirus

Courtesy: Variety

The affect coronavirus has had on Broadway, let alone the population at large, is mind boggling in itself, now it hits home even more, Variety reported Tuesday that Terrence McNally, has died from COVID19 in his Sarasota, Florida home, he was 81.

Terrence’s ties to Broadway go deep, he was a 4 time Tony Award winner, having significant commercial success, as well as commercial failure, seeing the sword on both ends, Terrence also was a lung cancer survivor, also suffering from COPD.

So far, Terrence McNally is the only one to have died from coronavirus in the Broadway community, no other stage actors have come out saying they have COVID19, only an usher tested positive for the disease, prompting Broadway to shutdown.

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New York’s MTA transitions to Essential Service only due to #COVID19 #coronavirus @MTA @NYCTSubway #newyork #stayhome #flattenthecurve

Courtesy: MTA

Let’s Keep It Real Here

As New York City and State have become the epicenter of the coronavirus, and stay at home orders are in place, New York’s MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) announced a significantly reduced schedule on Tuesday that started early today for the entire bus, subway, and surrounding town train systems, but keep service functioning for absolutely essential workers only.

It’s the MTA Essential Service Plan, which allow morning and evening peak service to still continue to operate as normal for healthcare workers, first responders, and other essential workers to get where they need to go, without the usual density on a normal rush hour on both ends, which will be helpful for MTA staff and riders.

Most of the subways will operate on a Saturday schedule, reducing services on some lines to every 20 minutes and every hour overnight, some lines will abandon their express services and operate all local trains only, and other lines will not operate entirely, prompting riders to use alternate trains.

MTA buses will reduce their service tomorrow by 75 percent, and railroad services of LIRR and Metro-North this Friday will reduce service by 68 percent.

MTA service reductions also come as daily ridership has plummeted, by about 85 percent, thanks to non-essential businesses forced to close, and a stay-at-home order put in place, all to stop the spread of COVID19.

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Maria’s By Alida Boer between waters with Santiago Atitlan #handbag

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Infinite Evolution

The stages of life are normally discovered on your own, there’s one way of doing things, then you find out new ways to do something, but it’s best to to discover a place where you know the old and the new at once, it’s found in Maria’s by Adila Boer with the Santiago Atitlan handbag.

Santiago Atitlan is a Tz’ utujil Maya speaking community located at the Lake Atitlan’s South Shore, the town presents a complex mix of the traditional and the modern, a collision of the old and new.

The ancient huipil was mainly white with a few red narrow stripes or purple in the plot, background color can be blue, lilac, pale green and white, with purple, black, or nonexistent stripes.

The huipil of Santiago includes highly intricate and realistic embroideries of turkeys (universal symbol of wealth), exotic flowers and birds of the region.

Inspired by the beautiful Guatemalan flora and fauna, our Amarantha Strap wallet mixes leather with textile patterns, the larger size of the Amarantha is perfect for carrying your additional essentials with its multiple card holders and zippered exterior pocket, with an adjustable shoulder and wrist strap.

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