Kristin Cavallari monopolizes on her new found freedom @KristinCav #kristincavallari #msmonopoly @hasbro

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A Woman’s World

Kristin Cavallari spent a little time today catching up on some board games with her kids, one of them is Ms. Monopoly, a female version of the popular classic board game, Monopoly, Kristin points out that men collect less money than women do, no matter the job, or where you land on the board.

At the corner of the board, a woman collects $240, while a man only collects $200, Kristin and children playing are astonished about a woman getting more money than a man does, there’s another case when a woman gets a promotion, they get $150, while a man who does the same job only collects $100.

Kristin has discovered new found freedom as of late, Kristin announced almost a month ago that she is divorcing from her soon-to-be ex-husband, Jay Cutler, after seeing the true colors of Jay.

Sadly, Kristin’s new chapter doesn’t include doing another season of “Very Cavallari”, which Kristin announced on Tuesday that she is pulling the plug on, but was extremely grateful to E! for granting her the adventure.

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Laura Bell Bundy reveals she had #COVID_19 #broadway @LauraBellBundy

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The Show Must Stay Home

Laura Bell Bundy, who’s known for her lead in “Legally Blonde: The Musical” back in 2007, as well as “Hairspray” and “Wicked”, is the latest Broadway star to have COVID19, but Variety today reveals that Laura’s recovering from the disease that’s been declared a pandemic.

It all took place on March 12 with what Laura thought was a hangover the morning after a night of drinking, clearly were symptoms of coronavirus which Laura didn’t get tested for till 8 days later, which of course Laura tested positive for.

Laura’s symptoms got worse, Laura checked herself into the hospital to get more tests done which all confirmed Laura had COVID19, Laura thereafter said she turned to Eastern Medicine and treatment for COVID19 to eventually make a full recovery.

Laura Bell Bundy, along with Sara Bareilles are a few of the lucky ones who have been recovering from COVID19, Nick Cordero at the moment is still fighting tooth and nail to stay alive after being amputated and receiving a temporary pacemaker.

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Fashion Frameworks webinars with MICAM Americas to address footwear in #COVID_19 #shoes @informaplc

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Adapting To New Normal

Fashion Frameworks introduced a new webinar today in association with MICAM Americas to talk about the shoe industry as “MICAM Americas Presents Sole Energy”, and realistic and candid look of footwear under the conditions of COVID19 and beyond.

Pivoting is the ultimate trend spreading in every facet of fashion imaginable, footwear is no exception as shoe brands and retailers have put all their resources and capital into virtual, digital, online, and social media in the best way they know how, without hurting their customer base.

Footwear along with clothing have seen dramatic increases in their online sales since COVID19 has forced upon stay-at-home orders nationwide, especially New York, new revenue streams are more vital than ever since brick and mortar stores are closed, and no massive stream of revenue from online sales can make up for the revenue lost from the lack of revenue from going to the store, places that bring a special shopping experience since it’s personal.

Just like with clothing and accessories, footwear has seen sales increase for comfort footwear, shoes needed for going on essential errands or an essential job, and just going about one’s house as people are now choosing to stay home no matter restrictive easing there is, and the fact that COVID19 is still out there.

The biggest fear brands and retailers still have now after several weeks of COVID19 is acceptance, hoping and praying that the normal they use to know will come back overnight, but that’s not possible since nearly 40 million are unemployed, a robust economy won’t be seen for at least 2 years, and treatment and vaccine are yet on the horizon.

No doubt about it, brands and retailers need to be ready to open up their physical stores again once it’s deemed safe by the CDC, and it’s deemed safe by your customer base who will finally see that it’s absolutely 100 percent safe to go out and live life again.

But for now, pivoting to digital, virtual, online, and social media is essential for brands and retailers to survive, not sit around and let their revenue streams get hemorrhaged further, leading to extinction, so now is the time to not treat digital presence as an ugly step child, it’s just like starting a new business, you have to all your time, capital, and resources into it succeeding, and coming out on the other end better than ever even as that COVID19 treatment and vaccine are successful.

And here’s a valuable tip about Instagram from one of the key panel members, just doing in Instagram alone with your pictures and story experiences is not enough, take advantage of IGTV, where you can create videos about your products, and you’ll definite see a jump in your sales, but do it right, and have the right people in place to do it right.

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Lauren Conrad reveals official looks of Little Co. by Lauren Conrad @Kohls #Kohls #LCLittleCo #laurenconrad

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Baby Grows

Today is a big day for Lauren Conrad and her LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s, it’s the first day you can buy Little Co. by Lauren Conrad, a children’s extension of LC Kohl’s, and there’s no better time to get the certified looks right from Lauren herself to inaugurate the new baby and toddler collection Lauren offers up.

Little Co. by Lauren Conrad is infant and toddler apparel, affordable pieces made of 100 percent cotton, OEKO-TEX certified, ranging in sizes 0 to 24 and 2T to 5T, it’s gender neutral, mix and match, playful, and practical.

Lauren’s looks include the organic ruffle sleeve jumpsuit, ruffle dress & headband set, organic graphic bodysuit, and organic graphic tee with organic roll-cuff knit shorts.

Pairs also include organic ruffle sleeve bodysuit with bubble bodysuit, organic graphic tee with roll-cuff knit shorts, and organic ruffle tee, and organic Henley romper.

A well embodied pair of looks include ruffle dress & headband set with graphic tee and roll-cuff knit shorts, and ruffle dress & headband set with bubble bodysuit and graphic bodysuit, Lauren also goes into great detail about Little Co. by Lauren Conrad as it today took social media by storm.

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Little Co. by @LaurenConrad #LCLittleCo ready to buy now at @Kohls #LCLaurenConrad #Kohls #LaurenConrad

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Little Things To Greatness

Lauren Conrad’s new little kid edition of LC Lauren Conrad called Little Co. by Lauren Conrad has finally gone on sale today at Kohl’s, where now you can shop online for outfits for your little guy and girl at home with drive-up service, and you can even return to Kohl’s stores in person in some states where reopening procedures are in place.

One can hardly miss the cute selections offered by Little Co. LC, like the baby girl organic ruffle sleeve bodysuit that’s a playful touch to key wardrobe pieces with snap closure, soft hand feel, sewn-rolled hem, and breathable fabric.

Baby will also like the organic Henley romper crafted for big adventures, cute and comfortable, 3-button placket, sleeveless, inseam snaps, and slub construction with all the breathable fabric your little one will love.

When you buy Little Co. by Lauren Conrad, you can be assured that it’s the little things that matter the most, a new collection of baby and toddler clothing that’s playful, practical, and completely adorable.

With mix-and-match pieces made out of 100 percent organic cotton, Little Co. by Lauren Conrad will be a new favorite for all mamas and their minis.

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2.4 Million more filed for #unemployment, nearly 40 Million #unemployed due to #COVID_19 @usdol

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The United States Department of Labor released more substantial grim numbers about unemployment, 2,438,000 more claims were filed for people who are out of a job, the fact that 501,000 less claims were filed from last report doesn’t help the staggering number of over 39 million unemployed thanks to COVID19 in over 9 weeks.

Adding to that 40 million unemployment number, only 25,073,000 are receiving insured employment benefits, with 15 million yet to collect on unemployment benefits out of the 40 million so far, due to state unemployment offices being severely backed up with claims they’ve yet to process, which will lead to more large unemployment numbers weekly nationwide.

The Congressional Budget Office reported Wednesday that real output with the economy is projected to be 1.6 percent lower at the fourth quarter of 2021 than at the fourth quarter of 2019, and economy recovery to pre-COVID19 levels won’t be seen for at least 2 years.

Small businesses closing up shop if pivoting to a virtual model is not an option, but those businesses that are hanging by a thread must communicate with those they need to get help from in order to survive.

And if there’s going to be any type of speed to rise above these unemployment and economic numbers, then we must do whatever possible to fight against this pandemic.

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Nick Cordero takes turn for the worst after waking up from #COVID_19 coma #wakeupnick @amandakloots #broadway

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The Fight Continues

Sadly, Nick Cordero is not having a good day today in fighting the disease that is COVID19, Nick’s wife, Amanda Kloots, on her Instagram story gave the unfortunate update from her car about Nick’s condition, asking for your prayers now more than ever, and had every reason not to hold back tears anymore.

While pleading for Nick’s fans to send mega prayers right now for a very special man, Amanda did reiterate that God continues to grant miracles on every corner, so it’s just another fork in the road for Nick’s recovery.

More than 8 days ago, Nick woke up from a coma after being out for quite some time, losing his legs to complications from COVID19, and having a temporary pacemaker inserted to elevate blood pressure.

Plus, Nick recently had another tribute for him by the cast of “Rock Of Ages”, with many stars dedicating songs to Nick, who was also part of this casts along with “Waitress: The Musical”.

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Kaitlyn Vincie & Jacquelyn Noelle next celebs wearing @UncommonJames @KristinCav @KaitlynVincie #uncommonjames #kristincavallari

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The Vibes Are Strong

More and more celebrities are making Uncommon James the jewelry line they want to rock out in, the latest ones on the UJ Instagram story today are FOX Sports personality, Kaitlyn Vincie, and famous Tik Tok personality, Jacquelyn Noelle, each wearing their own necklace from UJ.

On Kaitlyn, her necklace is the Casta Compass Necklace, a pendant with arrows pointing in multiple directions which means that where your life is going is all up to you, guided by charm and edge, lobster clasp, cubic zirconia, and 14 karat gold-plated brass.

And for Jacquelyn’s necklace, it’s the world famous link necklace which is effortless, chic style that’s versatile and goes with any outfit imaginable, it’s also 14 karat gold-plated brass, and length at 12.5 inch with 2 inch extender.

Kaitlyn and Jacquelyn are not the only stars wearing Uncommon James, Kelsea Ballerini right from the Grand Ole Opry wearing the Queens Necklace and Little Stud Earrings.

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Kristin Cavallari takes price loss on Nashville home #nashville #realestate #COVID_19

Courtesy: Nathen McEvoy of Showcase Photographers

Market Realities

Kristin Cavallari, along with soon to be ex-husband, Jay Cutler, are forced to drop the sale price on a Nashville home they once lived in until the summer of 2018, they’re purchase price was $5.3 million when bought by the two in 2012, and it was up for sale for $7.9 million when moving out, now market forces mainly from COVID19 have put the sale price at $4.95 million, $350,000 below original purchase price, reports Variety today.

During happier times when the home was first up for sale at $7.9 million in 2018, Kristin and Jay wanted to stay in Nashville, and were in the middle of shooting the first season of “Very Cavallari”, while enjoying the success that Uncommon James was bringing Kristin since launching it.

Fast forward to now, Kristin and Jay are getting a divorce, they’re about to move out of their current home while Kristin finds a new home for herself and her 3 children, and Kristin announced on Tuesday that “Very Cavallari” will not continue.

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Curve New York addresses brand money blues post #COVID_19 @curvexpo #lingerie

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Strings For Survival

Curve New York went to task today addressing the continuing struggles both brands and retailers are facing in order to be in business another day in COVID19, with a webinar on “Budget Blues? : Strategies & Financial Planning Post Pandemic”, short, near, and long term actions to see the future.

In COVID19, as your brand was gravely affected by stay-at-home orders and social distancing, which in turn steeply dropped your sales, your biggest dilemma now is trying to survive, near term is talking with your landlords, creditors, and debtors to starve off payment since you’re cash-strapped, also getting a hold of what cash reserve you have, short term is pivoting from physical to virtual so you’re customer base knows where to find you when they want to buy, plus changing up what items you push in this essential time, and long to seek out grants and loans to keep your employees on board, as well as planning for a new virtual business model, as well as the moment when you open up physically again.

If you haven’t pivoted to virtual just yet, and you are still in limbo, keep in mind that virtual business has been in the works for more than several years now, where places like Macy’s and J.C. Penney have turned their attention to online, like smaller brands and retailers have too, so now many are forced to face this new virtual reality, and if you haven’t digitally pivoted yet, do it now.

But first and foremost before any moment of pivot or sandbagging your landlord and debtors to hold on to your cash and create your next chapter, you must communicate, communicate your dilemmas to see if you could get any type of extension, communicate with your customer base for whatever support they can give to keep you alive, and producing a good quality product so you can earn why your customer base’s patronage is important.

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