Lauren Conrad: Messy Roommates and Flowers You Can Eat

IMG_9573Messy Roommates

I’ve never been one to say that I’m a perfect roommate, but I do more than my best at the very least.  I’ve been the clean one, the one that’s walked away, or the one that gets kicked out.  Aside from me, Lauren Conrad today recommends ways for us to deal with roommates who have a hard time keeping the living quarters tidy. Believe it or not, Lauren doesn’t suggest kicking and screaming at your roommate or threat of eviction.  Lauren ask us to approach the situation first, be nice about it, and come up with a solution, even if it’s just keeping their personal space a mess and the rest of the home clean.

Flowers You Can Eat

We all know flowers, they’re very pretty and represent lots of emotions including love. But you never thought you could eat them, Lauren did some research coming up with saffron, hollycock, carnation, nasturtium, viola, pansy, sunflower, rose, chamomile, and marigold as many choices you can use when baking a cake or making a cocktail.  You all know chamomile for its wonderful tea on winter, and sunflower for oil and seeds.  Now imagine ingesting a rose with your salad, your fruit, or even your cereal, or milk and cookies.

Daniel Quintanilla

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