Lauren Conrad: Star Intern & Engagement Photos

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I know when I did my 2 internships in my senior year at Temple back in 2002-03,  I did everything possible to be a good intern, and learn everything that I can to help me build my resume for years to come.  Lots of hard work involved, and a little fun along the way.  We’ve all been interns somewhere before we made it big in our careers, Lauren Conrad obviously put her time in way back when.  So today, Lauren’s helpful advice includes you acting like you’re up to the job which means 11o% starting with the interview, punctuality, overdressing the dress code, and doing a good job of course.  But never, ever, ever feel like you’re entitled to a job position at the place you’re interning, be humble and grateful about your time you have at the company, and look elsewhere for the same position you’re interning under if your internship’s not hiring at this time.  Take all your valuable gained experience and build it from there, and making friends on a professional (and personal) level are great leaps and bounds when doing an internship.

Engagement Photo Tips

I personally have yet to encounter the tasks behind getting engaged, planning a wedding, or even a honeymoon.  However, I never dreamed there was so much involved just to put the engagement photo together, pretty much like prom pictures once removed where you hire a photographer to do your own self portraits showing off your sexy.  Anyway, gives light on your engagement close up after you’re fiancee gets on bended knee putting a ring on it.  Photographer Becky Schwartz recommends a couple’s candids be a natural active posed candids where you two are embracing each other.  Becky also takes time to get to know her clients a little better so man and/ or woman can be more open to having their pictures taken.  Along with incredible locations, Becky advices you go all out and dress your best for memorable engagement photos.  And to help illustrate how fine a woman should be for these photos, Lauren Conrad’s Paper Crown collection steps in with the Sonoma Dress, the Goleta Dress, and the Joilet Dress.

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