Lauren Conrad’s mint chip Belgian waffles done healthier (slightly)


Just a few swaps, you won’t even notice

This is exactly what it is, I have found a way to make the Belgian waffles Lauren Conrad has today in her recipe box way healthier, without interfering with taste whatsoever. Though, I have no issue with a treat every once in a while or the recipe itself, but you may have the urge to go a healthy route.  Now, the flour you may or may not have an issue with. But if you do, you can always switch to an all-wheat unbleached flour, or a gluten free flour if you happen to find one.  White Sugar is not your friend, so go with honey, agave, or coconut sugar to keep the waffles sweet.  Always use cage-free eggs as those eggs are more fulfilled than a regular egg, and grass-fed dairy is a winner as you can find a grass-fed buttermilk, and I recommend Kerrygold butter, you may go with salted or unsalted depending how healthy you want to go with it.  And speaking of salt, get rid of the table salt or even the sea salt with Himalayan pink salt as it has more health benefits for the body.  I have no issue either with dark chocolate blocks as long as they are unsweetened, since the block will be blended in with the waffle mix already.

Next up is the the chocolate sauce which inspired me to write this piece in the first place.  I was surprised, and delighted about coconut oil being used to make the chocolate sauce combined with dark chocolate chips, chunks, or block.  But always used 100% unsweetened dark chocolate, and add honey, or agave, or coconut sugar as your sweetener.  Viola, you have Mint Chocolate Belgian Waffles with Chocolate Drizzle done healthier without losing its taste.

Cosmetic Application

Lauren Conrad gave us a new primp tip today on the pros and cons of using a brush, sponge, or fingertip when applying your make-up.  Brushes are great for airbrush looks and blending, and you don’t have to use too much make-up product when applying. Sponges too get an A+ for a blended out and flawless look, but sponges soak up all the product to achieve their reputation.  Now if you want to go full-on with make-up, use your warm fingertip to get a super-concentrated look, and for super-blending.  In the end, it takes practice to master brush, sponge, and fingertip to achieve the look you want.

Daniel Quintanilla

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