Lauren Conrad’s chic on jumpsuits

IMG_6564Versatile Jumpsuits

The image you see here may not be jumpsuits as this new blogger is concerned with using images other than his own to avoid copyright issues or in progress of finding free images all the time, but this beautiful shot of Times Square back on early Valentine’s Day near 4:30am at a temperature of 5 degrees will do just fine.

Other than that, Lauren Conrad has another edition of her Chic of the Week today giving us Cara with her versatile navy jumpsuit filled with red & white garden-sized roses up and down the piece.  Lauren’s team over at were in search of a piece that can be worn way after summer ends taking it all the way up until winter.  Cara pairs up her jumpsuit with tan wedges, tan cross-body bag, and gold & brown jewelry which are tasseled necklaces and earrings.  Cara says she loves jumpsuits that transition from summer to fall, and are extremely lightweight, and can be paired with a jacket.

Friday Favorites (8/19/16)

Lauren’s picks this week include paper poppy wall flowers from Appetite Wallpaper, a Vogue Coloring Book, doggy makeovers, Rosella wall murals, and inspiration from the olympics.

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