Lauren Conrad’s adventure run workout 

Run with fun

Labor Day can be so quiet for so many reasons, a day off is one of them, or that it’s the unofficial last day of summer before it goes back to basics for the next 9 months.  But anyhow, a quiet day in downtown Philly’s also a perfect opportunity to go on a great run, which humanity and dew point are at good levels.  Lauren Conrad’s team today relied on Doctor Hunter Vincent for ways to get ready for the greatest run of your life.

First, warm up for 10 minutes so the blood flows in your muscles getting your ready for your workout.  Next, 25 lunges per leg on grass or sand, run as fast as you can for 5 minutes, 20 single leg wall squats per leg, another fast 5 minute jog, squat jumps, easy recovering jog, break dance push ups, 30 second sprints for 5 minutes, and 25 burpees.

Tech Wallpaper

As part of Lauren Conrad’s Inspired Idea series, we once again see new wallpaper from featuring creations from Lauren’s graphic designer, Emily Poulin.

Emily’s work today is early bird wallpaper where they get all the coffee, followed by life is like photography where you develop from all the negatives, and you’re a star.  All 3 wallpapers can be downloaded for both your phone, and your laptop/ desktop.

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