Apple goes all the way with new iPhone 7

Courtesy: Apple (screenshots by Daniel Quintanilla)

Tim Cook and the Apple gang today announced big changes with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus at the Apple event in San Francisco, CA.

The iPhone itself will get a fine sleek new design now including marquis colors of black and jet black align with an internal redesign including seals and adhesives that make the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus water and dust resistant.

The biggest rumor everyone wanted to know about was made true today as Apple announced it’s no longer having an headphone jack built in the iPhone, they did however introduce wireless airpods coming out in late October priced at $159, as well as built in stereo speakers.

And the biggest change with the iPhone yet came with their camera now as high as 12MP with wide-angle and telephoto cameras both on iPhone 7 plus, and the FaceTime camera gets upgraded too up to 7MP HD for spectacular selfies.  Apple also got world class photographers to judge this new iPhone 7/ 7 Plus camera saying this new camera’s amazing that it’s comparable to a single camera like Canon or Nikon, and this new camera literally does a billion things at once in 20 milliseconds.

More iPhone upgrades include a new home button that does more than it did before, 4.7 Retina HD display with wide color gamut, A10 Fusion chip, LTE Advanced up to 450 Mbps, iOS 10, and 2 hours more battery life making it the longest battery life ever in an iPhone.

The Apple Watch gets a new series as high as 3 that has improved water resistant technology after a test of more than a billion simulated swim strokes 24 hours a day for several weeks pushing water out in its speaker system, and compacted ceramic on one of its watches making it 4 times stronger than stainless steel.  

The Apple Watch now has plenty to rave about in their apps, because Pokemon Go is now apart of their family of apps in the Apple Watch, as well as extended cooperation with Nike for an improved Apple/ Nike running app, more lifestyle app options, and a very important 911 app in case of an emergency.

In app news, Apple was proud to announce in partnership with Nintendo the latest and long-awaited addition to their apps, that is Nintendo’s crown jewel being Super Mario Bros in a new app called Super Mario Grand, a game app that’s easy to play while you continue to do a million things at once.

And finally, the Apple Music Festival for their 10th anniversary event in November will include a stellar lineup that includes Elton John, One Republic, Robbie Williams, and Britney Spears.

Daniel Quintanilla 

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